Learn Color with balls/ The Wheel On The Bus with Tayo The Little Bus Baby Nursery Rhymes Song

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Kids learning time and pretend playtime with the Tayo bus play tent and with lots of colorful balls. The Wheel On the Bus song!

Super Heroes and Cars
Enjoyed the watching your video,So cute ! We really liked! my friend !!😆
Candy World
nice video
Louise Grubb
Nice guys
jazeera denise
why its wheel not wheels
Cartoon Kids Club
awesome video ! 😮🏊‍♀️🏎️🚵‍♀️
Debbie Rigby
I love it😇😇😇😇😁
siang ling
Wow so fun
Tiger Kids Academy
The Wheel On The Bus Yeah yeah I like your song
ชัยทัต บุญอุปละ
The best จะได้ป่าวไป
Fun with Sophia
wow..great video!
FunTime With Secoy
💙💚💛💜 Awesome 💜💛💚💙
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Quite good
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Funny video👍🏻
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Toys Just 4 You
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hey great video liked and subbed :)
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awesome video ! 😮🏊‍♀️🏎️🚵‍♀️👯‍♀️👀💘💚🐕🐯🐆🐄🌺
piyush pani mishra
very nice
Kinder Fun
Love it. Thank you
Josivan Ferreira
Love You Kids
Kid's TV
super cool video :)
Jonathan abner Abner A S
i love cartoon tayo
Citra Kreativita
Woowww, funny kids
Malchiel Williams
They're so cute:)
Said said
me a encantado
Тедди Полицейский Медведь - Мультфильм
That's great !!! )))
Toy Collection D.K
Great video !
Funtime izabel
fun video for kids learning colors..!
BIG LIKE from us.. :)
baby media
so cute
Bad Baby Family
My daughter and my son really lllllllllooooooveeeeeeeee your vid. Thank you.👶🎥❤👶🎥❤👶🎥❤👶🎥❤👶🎥❤
Tiger's Toy Bag
We love Tayo the little bus! I wish we had more of his toys. Wheels on the Bus is one of our favorite songs!
Johny Shows
They are always so happy!
Kids Superheroes Real Life Videos
Love you kids...👶🎥❤👶🎥❤👶🎥❤👶🎥❤👶🎥❤
Excellent video friend!
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