Stephen Colbert Goes One-On-One With Trump

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In his exclusive and totally not-edited conversation with the Trump, Stephen asks the President about his first 100 days in office.

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This is satire, right?
Brother Malcolm
"I will touch that" 😂😂😂😂.
Michael Shannon
Nick M
Colbert would not have made this about Clinton
Johnathan Carman
WOW FAke really you wish you had the opportunity to interview trump only to have your very own truths come out winthin the show than and there in the show live.
Fahad Khan
Random trump fan: This video is fake and edited!
Me: I didn't know Sherlock supported Trump.
Adam Mcgrath
I'm a trump supporter but this is hilarious anyways
Joe Blow
Steve what a fucking asshole a Bolshevik Jew dick sucker
Timothy Leimer
Well I was hoping for an actual interview lol.
zhonghe zheng
he does look like a jew
Xi Mu
I remember when Colbert was funny. Those were the days!
Liberal city Ronin
You know the people that run their mouths and talk down to people with sarcasm and condescending remarks trying to make themselves look like intellectuals when their just good memorizers of the dictionary and professionals at grammar but they actually have the IQ of a peanut like Stephen Colbert.Yea.....those people never been punched in face and had weak parents.
Jugey Bean
Same old stuff from another leftist shill host. Do people actually think this editing involves any wit or talent? I genuinely do not find this funny
Tyler Joseph
Colberts nothing but a shit eating sheep. He has the worst late night show in history. Just does what his libtards tell him
Phillip Birdsong
Colbert was a Republican when he was on Comedy Central. What a sell-out.
Angel Ortega
The sad thing is that this is true.
Abdulaziz Al-amri
Is this a real interview??? ...It seems faked
Brenda Matthews
Colbert uses people for his gain. He isn't even funny. Can't understand how anyone could watch him.
papajoe el papi
love it
Shawn Smith
hahaha - seen it many times, still love it
Mibocaj Utagum
Even Trump can't make Colbert's comedy great again. Sad.
As a Republican Trump supporter, I find this absolutely hilarious!
Not funny, shut up Colbert, don't watch anymore.
gky west erl
come on guys , you democrats have to accept and respect the free and democratic decision of AMERICA,
donald trump is not a dictator ,he has been elected by popular vote ,So american citizens have chosen him as president .thats why you gotta respect him becasue he is the president of all americans (no matter if you are democrat or republican).And he is totally better than OBAMA.
Dennis Dunford
Colbert is a jerk! He thinks of himself to be an American but is just amother windstorm from the left who has learned how to win the popularity of fools!

Kermit the Frog
Why Stephen looks like a human alien ?
Lol pretty funny
Jatt Jeona Maurh
How did he get trump to do that?
Ralph Lopez
Love it!!!!
This is so fucking dumb.
victoria ciolek
My family loves Stephen Colbert and his making fun at DT's expense..they are hilarious!
Uncomfortable to Watch
Colbert please explain again about why you used to burn the American flag in college protests. Your answer that "it was a long time ago" doesn't cut it with Vets like me!
Joseph Barclay Ross
Thee's a difference between political satire and vicious character assassination. Google: "Colbert Pizzagate" to see the kind of moral fiber Stephen Colbert has.
Lord Shankspeare
"I will touch that"-Bill Clinton
Joel Gillard
stephen colbert has literally nothing to talk about other than trump and lord of rings. sack this boring cunt!
Tchii's Piano School of Music - pnoens
salim alam
Scott Hu
Fake news
He used to be funny on daily show, now he is a complete tool for the political left. so sad, colbert used to have steam. now he is a sad hack collecting his fat pay check.
Todd Bradley
This ain't funny.
Perfect Clickbait
ShaneO Radiosho
wtf is wrong with these talk show people. still trying ???? its over shit heads.
Sonia Garcia
Trump reminds me of the late Wally George. 😂😂😂
Nicholas NRG
Stephen Colbert seems to have a secret crush on Donald Trump. His show is all about him nowadays. He won't shut up about him. He is so madly in love with him that he would fake meeting him for this video!
Finally, Trump is telling the truth in one interview!
reiwell del
For everyone who thought this was real. kys.
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