My favorite part was 0:00 to 28:11. Loved the video.
Justin Carrier
they should do a vw mk1 build, it would be sick
That moment where Marty see's Leaf Springs for the first time! Even in the 80's they were still using leaf springs! my god :)
should have kept it red, the paint actually looked REALLY good for what it was. that vette actally had some good potental to be very clean but they took it a different direction.
7:58 "We don't have any tools"
Marty uses power tool
that was one ugly corvette and now its :D
ollie bulmer
"It's a v8 tho" fucking dumb Americans
I can see this car actually looking good if you took the time to work on it.
Haider Abid
Love you guys
AK Noob
Looks more like Mad Max type of car :D. Like it/
That 8 into 1 exhaust set up is simple yet sounds so radical!
Glenn Jordan
Awesome, but they could of made the sides on
the wheels better or left them the way they were.
Haven't seen any of your vids in fucking forever I remember you guys barely had 100k you guys are amazing and still very entertaining.
Removed Barley42
would this be a corvette that has the 350 or is it different engine
"There's a Reciprosaur over there..." @19:07
Bigdog11ss 1
Those cars are so cheap I want to build one like that
Jacob Wolfe
Better see this car in Fast 9 even if it's just like in a parking lot in the corner of the screen and you have to pause it to see Marty and Moog chilling in the car
Matt Buchanan
You guys have an awesome job. Totally envious ;)
matt lemon
I know c4s suck, but I still cringed when he was cutting the quarter panels lol
Foxtrot G
So Hollywood is just a bunch of rivers
Mighty Archimedes
дядя стёпка
the car wasnt in the Film 😂😂😂😂haha lol
Havoc. Jr
Tbh I'm glad I subscribed cuz now I can see Wt u guys r up to
where the hell did you get that car that is that fucking dirty
Muhaimin Yusof
It looks more to a off road car
Why are wings illegal in Australia?
Love the look the one exhaust pipe looked different
Sansman X
"They use the audio that we do" they might, but I never heard an Mercedes SLS with a V10 other than in that movie.
Cooper Mitzel
This is so disgusting. I love it.
Irony Central
The badge sitting under the wing really clashes with it. Other than that, this is the most beautiful '84 'Vette there's ever been.
RR 10
There are actually some pictures of widebody Corvette C4s on Google so I guess this isn't the first ever widebody Corvette C4
Headshot 1 Shot
what screw are you guys using for that fender extension?
Jed Elbert Milan
Austin Cannan
what is this guy on? ...good luck finding a c4 that runs and drives for 300-400.......
my dad has that car ill show him this he will love this
Tibor Klein
That's the ugliest exhaust pipe I've ever seen.
Clint Sarmiento
did it make it to the movie?
that car looks bad ass, accept for the single muffler :/ i like the 4 muffler style
car crasher
the ice charger
Danny OBrien
I'm offended my dad has an 87 corvette it's cool lol well cool for a toy
This exhaust doeasn't really fit. it looks horrible.
Nate Richardson
Honestly that car would be so fun to drive.
Chase Satterfield
wtf is that buzzing noise
Ben Deco
The paint looks great.
The best example of rice I've ever seen.
Neighborly Doods
One of the dopest modded vettes I've seen, wish they could of found a duck tail wing instead of the giant wang they got going on. Still dope asf*
Lucas Ullmann
how much did it end up costing?
that video was bloody awesome
pretty sure is was a dog chew toy, pig skin i think!
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