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Home Again Trailer #1 (2017): Check out the new trailer starring Reese Witherspoon, Lake Bell, and Michael Sheen! Be the first to watch, comment, and share trailers and movie teasers/clips dropping soon @MovieclipsTrailers. 

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Life for a single mom in Los Angeles takes an unexpected turn when she allows three young guys to move in with her.

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Zooks sFX
She should get a new manager, why the held did she say yes to something like this holy....
Gagan wishal Nadipalli
Recipe for disaster
A new lustful, pagan adulterer, sin promoting film.

What will encourage you to choose the way what will eventually destroy your life and at the end, get you in the eternal lake of fire, Hell, where you will have no whater, where you will have your flames what will burn you, where you will have your own worms what will eat you alive, where the demons will have your ownself and hate, torture you because you were created in God's image.

Till you have the chance, go read the Bible out loud! And pray on your knees to Jesus. Because he is the Son of God, the God of Israel, the Christ about what the prophets talked.
Tarron Nez
Watched this movie last night, I was laughing the entire time. Good flick 🤷‍♂️👍
Cameron Michael
My wife really wanted to see this, so we went this past Saturday. This movie was absolutely terrible! Extremely boring and unrealistic. If you really want to see it, just wait till it comes out on demand.
Steve Case
I understood every stupid line spoken in the whole thing. Too bad it was a situation comedy with no funny dialog.
Reese Witherspoon banging 3 younger dudes? I'M IN !
Fay Holm
she acts with a guy in her son's age ... how childlike ! ...
Dynami Ortega
Okay I am the only one who wants to watch this
Sports and Entertainment News
while looks like Reese has went from asking for 20mil to this. She had a good run. This looks like a middle aged chick still trying to be hot. She doesnt quite pull it off like Jenn Aniston but I'd still go for it prolly lol
That one Girl
Faina Korovina
Home Again Trailer #1 (2017) | Movieclips Trailers
solomon Bc
Desperate men. Sad.
Random Reactions
I'm seeing it in theatres tomorrow!
Olivia Abeziz
Going to watch this with my mom and grandma, not that excited
Ah white privilege if this was a black woman and three black guys the internet would crash from all the negative reviews
Kenny Jones aka relientkenny
this movie shouldn't be in theatres it could easily be an Amazon movie
ShuYang Lin
Come in for the music
Malik Jobs
I am so confuse what movie is about ? Anyways I got invited for "Screening " I think I will pass ..anyone else want it ?
They really need to step their promo game up
Vemael 555
Depicting adultery as heroic! Cheating may seem harmless to immoral lefties, but it often causes permanent psychological issues and deep scars to the offended party who is betrayed, which can haunt a person throughout their lives, and even lead some to commit suicide. Those who commit adultery and who break marriage vows (or vows in general), sacred or secular, demonstrate a complete lack of honor, and often destroy families, wounding souls, and generating instability in society and the social fabric.
Classic Nancy Meyers movie.
All white cast
upper middle class life
all about the lady
centers around her life that really isn't bad, no serious problems
and always feature black music.
I always found that funny.
Helium Valentine
This makes 40-someting women look really lame
That boy is so dreamy.
I exited! It looks great and interesting!!!
Shows how far a pretty face person can get with no acting ability and females in Hollywood complain about the buisiness when they just need a pretty face to get paid.
shawn eldridge
Oh my goodness this is so awesome Reese Witherspoon. Plays in the new movie this is so totally awesome. And it's supposed to be comes out on September 8th which I cannot wait I am so excited and so hyped up for it. Yes Reese is an outstanding amazing fantastic totally awesome amazingly a great actress of all times love her movies. I'm going to see if I can order my tickets in advance for this movie home again. I know she's going to do fantastic role in this movie. What can I say Reese amazing and fantastic actress. Reese does an outstanding job plus the fact that she does a great job playing her character she brings out the best in her characters when she does her roles. Plus as soon as this comes out on Blu-ray disc I'm going to be right there to buy it. Reese Witherspoon 100% from the bottom of my heart I just want to say thank you very much for continuing and bring in such great movies characters and roles in these movies. You are truly an fantastic amazingly awesomeness actress. Plus I just want to say God bless you and I cannot wait until your next movie that you do. Also like to say this all your fans love and enjoy watching your movies you are such an amazingly outstanding fantastic actress who definitely rocks big time.
Ranahya Ragin
Melissa Beth
seriously? smh
So what's the plot? Terrible, poor Reese, she should have a better eye for films (cough Hot persuit cough)
Kevnish Kev
Margad Hashbat
These comments are so mean. What's wrong with Resse Witherspoon. She is slaying at 40. She is a great actress. She is such an inspiring, beautiful women💪❤
Juliette Thomson
Is this based off Michael Sheen's current situation? Lol
nicole tina
Pico is super hot so I'm not complaining
Call Me Gaffer
Its a womans chocolate and hanky movie. Its rubbish.
S T U D I O 6
Home Again [HD] Mᴏᴠɪᴇ ( plus.google.com/u/0/+FileVIDmov/posts/GRBnHPQBb2q )
Heba Yasmeen
Why are you guys complaining about the movie? there is literally such a beautiful man sleeping in her bed and hanging out with her, Id be hyped asf
Ken Coleman
I'm excited for this. It reminds me of rom/coms in the vein of Amber Benson's "Strictly Sexual."
Miriam Ayala
Let me guess the plot... she's falling in love with one of them, then her ex husband comes back and she has hidden feelings, and after a lot of dumb crap, she and her ex ended up together. (How original... didn't see that coming) 😒
Maybe I'll watch at some point... eventually...

When it requires no effort to do so.
Shazia Khan
only for nat
Naman Rana
Feel good movie for women :p
This should be retitled: Three per Hole
My Little Pony: The Movie Full Movie-2017
Stefano Giaimo
Apparently, portrayal in Hollywood of women's​ rights and equality isn't enough. Now they need to portray women's debauchery as something normal and for us to expect it be like another Tuesday...
get it girl:P love Reese, looks like fun flick to watch at home
arkham sky
This looks like it was filmed on a TV budget
This trailer feels like one of these boring stories we overhear in the subway.
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