the goat is here
Yay! You used the proper plural of lego!
Jordan vlogs boyes
How did he know!?!?!
fernando martinez
So curios can we have a real life spider man
Haha joke on you my mole is on the right part of my WAST, haha
Adrian Ezell
HOW DID HE KNOOWW?!?!?!??!?!?
Garlande Powell
It depends on religons how old dinosors is NOT a fact
cc wonder
raptor w/ tail
SuperBlastoise69 69
Clash Legend Gamer
HOW DID HE KNOWWWW?!?!?!!!!??????!!!!
Ignitortube Le
Operation Raptor squad is a go!!!!!
Ruth Safonova
11:19 notice how all the videos on the left are all game theory videos
Ruth Safonova
ahem 9:04 old- Earth time
Mike Bush
I have a cockapoo
M. Lahti
Barry Martins
Roomba hybrid
Iwo Official Vlogs
I have that game and I has bin blind all the time!!
Evan Folliard
How did he know !!!!!!
Clayton Bauer
But I'm not in middle school yet☹
Keiran Harroun
Spider goat!
CodeDawgDoesTubing For You
Teryk Tilley
The super sausage squad
Fredy Centeno
HOW DID HE KNOW your a mind reader
Chris Wilkerson
And they shouldn’t have done the LEGO game, just the movie.
Chris Wilkerson
This should have been done on film theory.
Austin Romine
In my school you learn biology in 7th or 8th grade 6th you learn about minerals and space.
Mohammad Mrad
Not kiding i have that mole 😂
Ruthiel Alastor
Earl the Editor has great comedic timing. Awesome stuff. Hi, Earl! 🙌
Ruthiel Alastor
Menas Ma
The T-Rex was called "Horny T-Rex...."Also I vote for the T-Rex
I learned about DNA in 5th and even more
Mysteries and the unexplained about Aphmau MCD Cole
RAWR! Rawr. Rawr?
Aj. Scroggins
hate Games movie how do you know watch me when I sleep candy Halo ;-)
nick side
are you stalking me?
Popcorn Thief
Don't worry MatPat, I'm a nerd too
Theo Lyle
Cormac Bowden
I have a cockapoo
feufolli du-craft
Okay, before you sing the spidergoat song,
Those genetically modified goat don't create spider webs like a spider.
They are just producing an additional protein in their milk, which then have to be treated and shaped, it takes multiple hours to have five centimeters of spider web.
Dancy Furrball667
the lizard he show is a green anole.(i know this cause i own one).
Cheesy Blog
my mom asked why I screamed and ran downstairs its because I saw a mat a saur
Mans Not Hot
I has a micro ferret 2 in fact
Crastan Zelda
I have a mole on one of my cheek guess which one?
Jeremiah Lan Franca
Spider Goat! Spider Goat!
Doctor Wonka 05
my dog is a hybrid between a colee and a Labrador
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