DANGEROUS Caiman Catch!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote finally encounters and catches the one reptile that has eluded him for years, the Spectacled Caiman! 

Related to Crocodiles and Alligators these smaller Crocodilians are notorious for their surprising strength and aggressive nature. Of course these attributes only added to Coyote’s fascination! Unfortunately when the moment finally arrived for the team's muddy encounter things didn’t quite go according to plan…

Get ready to witness one Dangerous Caiman Catch! 

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Daniel Tapia
Coyote cool video what is your Career i want that job !
Michelle Bryson
when r u going to put the worrior wasp video on u tube
Madeiko The Kitten
Hey Coyote, if you see this, tell me:
Is the Caiman, Alligator, or Crocodile more aggressive (or are there varying levels of aggression at all)?
Also, are there any other tell-tale differences between a Caiman, Croc, and Gator (besides size and the characteristics mentioned)?
nathan billy
Did he just assumed that caiman gender!?
Emil Gentolizo
So is a caiman like an off-brand crocodile?
Emma Cowden
Coyote, Can you please please please make a 360 video PLEASE????

Like if you agree
Eddie 7800
Coyote just molested a caiman XD
i watshed the video with the aligator and crocodile before... those two you did not taped,.. why?
Is this guy actually qualified in any way or is he just a bloke with a death wish and too much money?
Max's Adventures! By Max
Why does the Caiman Have teeth coming out of its nose
Random Ryan
what animal feeds on them
Golden Panda
I love you coyote!!!!!
Angus Lyons
Um does Coyote know that he is risking his life for youtube and for us 😯😐😱😭😬🤔
Mohamed Maisaan
Laughter 1357
Coyote: Hi I'm Coyote Peterson and today I will be stuck in a room without wifi for 24 hours
Veronica Hakim
He does click bait okay
david allen
fight a lion
Tuler 56
It's like alligator wrustling
Asgaya Tsisqua
When I first saw that caiman I was like what the hell is that?!
Gamemaster 08
7:49 - 7:52 evil laugh!
Squishy lover 500 101
It looks like he is covered in freakin poop💩💩💩💩💩🐊🐊🐊
klo ploon
"he touched my junk the hell is wrong with this monkey"- Caiman 2017
Carlos Kanahashi
I love you cayote your so cool can you survive more wild animals🐊🐊🐊🦂🦂🦂🦂🕷🕷🐜🐜🐜
Hey Coyote, what's the greatest animal you've ever caught?
Tyler Bridges-Daniel
My dad found a green snake and you guys can find so go to Brunswick Bomgardner Road my plan is just Love you I love you ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hee hee I found the baby Stella doing Yeutter in the whole entire world
Fletcher Ward
Are caimans more dangerous than crocs or gators
Anyone else sure that caiman didn't intend to bite anymore after Coyote stroke its head? He seemed to be observing the situation, maybe trying to figure out what was happening. Maybe been caught and measured before, knew he just had to bide his time.
Alyssa Main
I dare him to catch a massive crab he could ever catch
Aaron Campbell
Aaron Campbell
can you please do a cat bite?
Ryan thelion14
Get bit ya baby one that would be awesome
Usama Khan Lodhi
What does sexed mean
Mr Emerald
Wer do you live?
Thewoflantor 2
Brave wilderness , pritimive techonlgy, codys lab, and How to make everything.
Thus they rebuild society.
ShadeShadowKid !
You're so kind to the animals :3 I appreciate that
ShadeShadowKid !
ShadeShadowKid !
Bobby Bob
"We have already sexed the reptile but just for my own purposes i want to know how long it is" 😂😂 coyote obviously wants to compare 😳😂
Katie Anderson
Coyote can you please go to Nepal and do an episode on red pandas you would make my life so much better. I literally will die for these animals and I really want to see you see one. I hope you read my comment and do this episode. ❤️😋🦄
Dat Gamer Wolf
This channel is so professional... I can't believe it's not on TV
ViVi Jøestar
He fingered a Caiman...
It's okay because it's for science.
You should do an Australian one where you catch native animals!
mdj seven
You guys are awesome
Real Stafe G
Mark : getting chewed in half by a shark
Also Mark : Am I Alright? Did he get me?
Thats so cruel to tape the mouth shut.
Franco M
Wow it looked like if it was going to bite you coyote
Arella W
Coyote how did the caiman feel
Lj Ednoc
Coyete:GOT EM
"He's raping me".
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