Harry Styles Debuts NEW Song "Ever Since New York" & Performs "Sign Of The Times" On SNL

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Harry Styles made his debut as a solo artist on SNL this weekend, and the man did not disappoint.

Harry’s kicked off his set with his already-released and top-charting single, “Sign of the Times”, which he nailed with all the confidence of an old pro. In fact, we definitely felt some Mick Jagger vibes from some of his onstage antics...
Yup, Harry has officially proven that he’s a natural born rock star and frontman. Side note: I’m completely loving the 70s throwback feel of his suit, especially since it somehow makes him look even more British.

Harry also debuted another track from his upcoming self-titled album, called “Ever Since New York”. Fans have been eager to hear the lyrics to this one after many speculated it could be about his ex, Taylor Swift, but I’ll let you guys be the judge on that theory holding up…
Okay I don’t even care what that song’s about, I’m officially obsessed with Harry as a solo artist and cannot WAIT for his whole album to drop May 12th!

Alright guys now I wanna know what you thought of Harry’s performance on SNL, and what do you think of his new song, Ever Since New York? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below, and after that be sure to subscribe for more News Feed. Thanks so much for watching, I’m your host Jackie Iadonisi and I’ll see you guys next time! 

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Natasha R.
ever since new york doesn't sound like a song about T
Elizabeth Mendez
I love his songs!!!!!! They are amazing❤️🔥🔥🔥
Marja B
LMAO. YOU speculated about Ever since New York. Not the fans.
I love the new song & the Album is going to be Amazing! He will be even more of a success with what he's dabbling in while on "the break."
Max Bennett
I hate sign of the times
Andreea S
The King everybody 👏👏👏
Simone Weber
Preordered the Album yesterday😍
JACK D' LAD {Eye On The World}
There is a VIDEO on My CHANNEL Called "SEXTAPE" About KIM KARDASHIAN ! The VIDEO Tells the WHOLE STORY, Sooooo FUNNY !!! Check it out !
Harry Styles Debuts NEW Song "Ever Since New York" & Performs "Sign Of The Times" On SNL
Salvador Navarrete
about his wife
Lilly Rostamali
He seemed so nervous and it was so cute but he totally awed all of us. He was absolutely amazing. And can we talk about how he can literally rock anything he wears. Like a pink silk shirt with ruffles and he still slays. Damn.
I think he was amazing. Love his songs. Harry is always amazing
Tim S.
Clevver n*ws = dan wattpad 2.0
Tim S.
Okay now it's literally proven to me that y'all are bringing up info out of your asses or either don't want to embarrass yourselves and admit that the song was not even close to a h*ylor song. But keep insulting Harry's intellect talent and the fans' brains I guess... poor journalism is what this is anyway
Gianelli Quispe
ever since new york is not about Taylor, damn this is so annoying everyone speculating its about Taylor. Grow up.
to anyone who is giving or has given him shit for not hitting some of the high notes... give him a break. it's a damn tough song to do live, and it was his first performance in over a year. on top of that, it was his first solo performance, it was on snl, and with millions of people watching. just imagine that kind of pressure. he still delivered an incredible performance with so much passion and emotion and no he didn't do perfect but in my eyes he absolutely killed it. amazing.
Kylei Ealy
It's not about snake swift
Nina JB
He was doing an amazing job and I'm already so excited for his album:) It's going to be perfection♡ I liked him with one direction, but I think that I love him so much more as a solo artist, bc I have the feeling that we now really can see wath he is abel to do with his voice an with himself as a person♡
Gabriella H
Not everything harry does is about Taylor🙄
nelly branth
Harry's Good as a person................ ♥♥♥♥
That Guy
Not everything is about fucking Taylor swift. They dated like five years ago for only a few weeks and yet you are still talking about. New York City is a city many people write about. Get over it.
Shawn Moore
harry can you come to my birthday
Mackenzie Warner
It was great, I cried, I screamed, I died, I have "OOooOH TELL ME SOMETHING I DON'T ALREADY KNOW" stuck in my head!
Amazing Life
What kept me up all night my babe is growing UP!!!! I remember when Niall had to teach him how to play the guitar love ❤️ HARRY DUHH.
It Ain't Me
Flawless Person
it's about Louis . Larry for life 😍😍 i know i'm crazy 😢😢
Alisha Chaudhry
I love Harry's songs! Can't wait for the album to release
Amina Zenad
sott is kinda good although is not my type but his second song "ever since new York" is a true disaster 😣
am not being bitter if it's good ppl gonna like it no mutter who's singing.
the song is trash.. his performance was below the expectations..he's clearly not comfortable.
wish him luck. Hope he'll deliver some good shit in the album
Brandi Suz
Don't think its about Taylor, wish people would stop with that. it feels like a much deeper meaning than a 7 second relationship. He did such a good job. I know he's probably his own worst critic, you could see he was disappointed by the high notes on SOTT, but it made the performance seem more authentic.
Ella Warner
Butch Consunji
And. . . .Liam is the next and last one of the group hahaha
Lee Lee Styles
I was so upset bc he seemed really upset when he messed up but I'll tell you what .. he handled all that pressure so well . He truly killed it . nobody's perfect , but that little perfect imperfection was beautiful , reminds me of how confident he always wanted to be , and how strong he is going and singing this long and difficult note . i hope he doesn't feel bad or anxious about performing SOTT , because he is REALLY the bravest , the sweetest , the funniest and just the best . we love you Harry 💚
Tiasa Tilak
A friend asked me "What are Harry fans called ?" and I said, "Directioners; the same name for Niall Louis and Liam fans" !!!!
Anika Khan
you guys are late af
Clay Brice
I don't think Ever Since New York is about Taylor.
The days when Niall was teaching him guitar played off 😂😂
#Saturday night live # harry styles
when I saw him on my tv on snl
I thought harry did awesome and the minute I heard ever since new York I cried my eyes out
AnunnakiFox III
hahah he's such a cute babe, he was so nervous💕
happy me
is it just me that thought there was something wrong with face like when he was singing :/
I work in a bakery
He did so well and who agrees that he looks good
Balwant Bassi
I'm a huge harry Stan but not feeling these songs. They are pretty but thought he'd do better! With all the media, star producers n finance backing it's a poor debut. Louis outsold WTF
ashley estala
145 like ☺☺☻
Sylvia Styles
wait...does harry know how to play the guitar??😞😞😞
Hafsa Abdallah
He did a great job although he was nervous and the skits were so funny 😂
Erin Grace
I don't feel like it's about Taylor. Harry is not the type to bring back drama. Although he said everyone writes from personal experiences, (which he does) I don't really think he really write about one person in particular more about feeling overall

I love the song and can't wait for the album
elan shines
Savannah McFarlin
Erin Grace
Yes bae slayyyyy 😂💕
Mahim Chakma
is it gonna flop like "chain to the rhythm"?........
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