8 Things The World Needs to Know About Markiplier

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Mark Fischbach, better known as Markiplier, is one of the biggest YouTube stars in the world, with over 16 million subscribers. But while all his fans are familiar with his high energy reactions in his Let's Play videos, there's actually a lot more to him than just shouting and playing games. Here are eight things the world needs to know about Markiplier...

Regular guy | 0:20
He taught Jimmy Kimmel the ropes | 0:42
He's afraid of mannequins | 1:09
Margarita Man | 1:50
He took a hiatus | 2:16
Misery loves company | 2:52
The Snapchat incident | 3:13
It's just a banana | 3:40

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What other YouTubers would you like to learn more about?
Zaire Daniella Yap
daniel died at my birth day what a shame may his soul rest in pease
TheAnimeHero Baka Kawaii robot boy
Hay I heard your birthday is June 28 mine is June 27 wow
Angelie Walker
Turn on captions in the banana video. It gets a whole lot interesting.
Melissa Perry
your a dork
You guys forgot about his charities and his Make-A-Wish Foundation involvement. He was actually awarded the Make-A-Wish Foundation Celebrity of the year Award a few months ago.
Ramon Galvez
Watched one video of this guy once, and then never again. How this guy is popular is a mystery.
lol fuck this creepy clown
Xyno Cide
Nobody needs to know shit from someone who calls himself "Markimoo"
saul gonzalez
liked everything about him before he got popular than got to personal with his chanel and lost me
Daddy Jeff
I can't escape Dexter can I? He's everywhere
Evelyn Basar
"regular guy" "NO REALLY??"
Why did 2 million of us watch that stupid banana video?

Because subtitles
Bee Bees
Normal guy? What is that sub post to mean
I'm not so fond of Markiplier, but even I'd still side with him over some broad sending nudes. He's no perv. Not even closeted.
The banana video is made awesome thanks to fans subbing it. Check it out with closed captions.
MemeLord 602
I'd like to stop being recommended trend videos of things I already know about big youtubers
Rick Nash
If you look at the mark contemplates videos turn on subtitles it's funnier that way
g36 z
he said appealing when the bannan was on the screen
Alexander Antonin
I always pronounced his username "marr-kiply-er"
Alexander Antonin
Fear of dolls is called pediaphobia, for some reason.
TeMmIe dA TeM
Yea I've heard of that guy killing himself, but I didn't know he was marks friend.. :(
Bring me Peter pan
Uh so this chick "accidentally sent" a topless picture? How is that taking advantage of a fan then
Xanite Guy
The banana Video has Subtitles, and they are amazing.
whaddaya mean the banana isnt a-peel-ing?
Freshly Memed
Snapchat... a "popular" app XD they replaced Vine for a app that Facebook and Messenger can do? It has a used napkin as its logo lmao

But mark as taco king was the only thing i didnt know here, and the snap chat attention whore can go drown in margaritas
Ha ha it's not just APEALING 😐
Brodie Walter
why does the world need to know about the "snapchat incident"?
Dex you sound like you hated this lol
justin Mna
Dude, that banana helped me get through a lot of tough times...
Try turning on the captions in the banana video, you're almost as bad as the wall street Journal. Only caring about the oddly significant things and not like oh I don't know, saying what a great person the guy is. Markiplier gets money from youtube but he is not selfish with it. In his "Try not to smile" video he donated $1000 to Hope for Paws after watching a video of a dog that was abandoned. He runs charity streams all the time for multiple charities, raised over $1,000,000 for all of them combined. What do you do? Try to get famous for googling things about youtubers and then posting the things that nobody even cares about? Like his legs? Get better at googling. I don't even like Pewdiepie but I could 100% do a better video than you because I'll include things people care about like his charity works and not this bull shit nonsense. Like his fear of mannequins, totally unrelated. The snapchat thing? You're telling me you're a guy and no girl ever sent you pictures of her boobs? Mark's a guy and even if that happened the way she said it, who really cares? Don't send your tits over snapchat dumbasses.
Kat's Parade
You gotta turn on the captions/subtitles for the Markiplier Contemplates a Banana for 5 Minutes video. It's hilarious.
Cerys Dragon
This a good list
Fan girls be like
Mark in vid:um big news I got a girlfriend

Then ww3
they call me someone no one knows
i watch his "Markiplier does something for 5 Minutes" because the captions explain what he's doing
I have a doll phobia to ...it's making me paranoid
Eden Mor
I really dont watch videos from you, but if youre trying to get views from pointing out his friends death thats messed up. Like other people are saying, you should be saying things about his charity livestreams. but the snapchat story and the friend thing is messed. personally would take the video down and repost it.
CooperT Maestas
Believe you I do not believe you
The subtitles is what made the banana great.
Don't you dare insult Mark Fischbach-Doom
Banana is love.
Banana is life.
Azra Free
8 Things we need to do for you to stop making content?
Red Fang
Sounds more like 8 fun facts instead of things the world needs to know to be completely honest.
You need need need to watch the banana video with subtitles! They are glorious!
rifqi miladi
what is this again?
Emerald Heart
anything APEELing!?
Really?? Mark can upload anything wow. Turn on the captions for the banana you dumby. Delete this. Plus the snap chat incident? really? Also, mentioning Daniel in a sense that "mark took time off" to me is rude. Where were his charity events in this?? Look on his channel he has raised millions. Don't make a vid unless you know what your talking about.
- parasite bot
wow, I really hope mark doesn't see this.
Andrea Manna
Honolulu, Hawaii..... 😠 If you watch a lot of Markiplier, then you know what I mean.
I can do the foot thing lol
snowkid XD
Jeff Goldblum
8 things the world already knows about markiplier
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