3 AWESOME Life Hacks!

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3 AWESOME  and Simple Life Hacks!
Welcome to my channel. My name is Vitaly, and I love science!
My task is to inspire children to explore the interesting science. Here you will find lots of unexpected experiments; crafts improvised with minimal costs; interesting observations, the secrets of unusual phenomena, as well as long-term projects!

Hassan Elouannani
Hassan Elouannani
Hassan Elouannani
Jessica Brooks
Tinysoldier 92 your an idiot
selena sso
Mark Williams
The wierd Talk
And why in the world would some one put chocolate in a condom I won't trust it🤢😶
Rafey King
Rafey King
nice bro
M games
you are crazy :)
Firget... FIRGET
I did..........
Gunfox Gaming - MCPE and More!
Haters: Omg your so stupid!
It's not like you're a prize yourself so shut up and stop being jealous that he has more subscribers than you.
Andra M Petre
wow ce cancer
who's behind the mask
nutella is nasty
J Nixx
Total Bbbbuuullllssshhhhiiiitttttt👎👎👎
Nathalie Cortés
I love Nutella
Garry Brpwine
Nutella and condom lube..... Yummy
yooo why did you put nutella in a condom
LPS Iris
Before u do the first hack u should probably wash the ballon first
Cani boy 74
the ballons are not clear
The Nutella in the balloon is dumb because the latex in the balloon could harm or actually sometimes poison someone, Please do not use this "life hack" more like how to get sick. anything you put in a balloon will potentially harm you. 50/50 chance. Anyways, i'm done criticizing you for now.
Speedei 09
the Baloon life Hacks aren't healty for u cuz it has something thats not healty for the body so this vid is a flop
this has to be a joke like come on
Стефани z
только спиннер испортил
Ale's Colorful World
Ale's Colorful World
who do u think will do this stupid things?😂😂
Sarunas Siaudvytis
well the first life hacks issnt awesome its just dumb as ** just bring the nuttela not in ballon well not just the first life hack all of the life hacks are dumb
Nico Piercy
guys the first one looked like a plumbus of Rick and Morty
Frans Animation
yeah use a fidget spinner for art a new guru
Monika and Anjali
Little Lie
y do people use condoms now and days

Me: can I buy condoms
cashier:aren't you too young
me: well I'm doing a DIY
cashier: well that explains it
Connor Pedersen
Firget spinner
Sarah Sarcia
That balloon can be dirty
dude...ur obsessed with nutella arent you?
Layla B
This is pretty random but id if its just me or do other people check when people text them the wrong letters in words. EX. if some one txt u "got silk" I would check my keyboard and see if s is close to m for milk
Ludimila Monteiro
gastou nutela
Nutella Dispenser? I Bet it the Inside of the Balloon has Germs.
It Works, It Works!

The Dislike Button Works!
that Nutella shit was nuts...looks like a life whack
666 dislikes
No the first one will put your life in danger,just use the fucking knife (and the third one)
StangleTheCat Animations
i love that nuttella dispenser!
toute les vidéo ta des capote change d'outil poto
I hope you washed their balloons before putting food in them.
so uhm you take a ballon put nutella inside it than you squeeze it to get it out than you take a knife like you normally should do ? explain pls. i dont want ballon taste on my nutella..
Gene Cook
the first one looks like its pooping
Achou Que Eu Tava Brincando?
ata como q vo coloca nuttela numa camisinha hahahaha
Flamim gamers
0:44 REALLY?😒😒
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