100 Crazy IDEAS And INVENTIONS You Must See In 2017

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100 Crazy IDEAS And INVENTIONS You Must See In 2017

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Channel NDS
Clickbait! Dis
Mateusz Nawrocki
01:03 What is that?
Cheeseburger Fee
So you must see this vid in 2017 but not in 2018?
Jonathan Lee
3:25 a new way to dropp a chair on someone
The first one was released about 1 year ago so not something we need to see in 2017 maybe 2016 or 2016
1:16 plumbus
Ripmilo342 randomness
1:52 I want that fire pit
Krisztián Csizmadia
4:29 what is it?
Gayantha Vitharanage
And the names?
Gayantha Vitharanage
2:52 "Bite and Sting not included"
Yusa Nishimori
So cool so expensive
Baloch Lashari
BOSS 999
0:48 link pleas
Anyway to find out what those products are and where to get it at?
Yasar Rana
1:15 Hey Ladies u can just uses my Bawlls instead of that saggy balls ;3
shaan 66
Dylan David
LOL 1:16
Rafael Rostek
Lot of those things in the Video are more than 2 years old
Joel Stalder
Ultra Skitz
1:15 NO.....JUST....no
A.G. Martinez
The fanny pack with the dickhole for the pocket pussy that psiphons into a cup is a really good invention for when youre at church
What is that on 1:15
Please subcribe me back
Joanne Green
1:16 that looks very familiar 🤔 oh I know what it is now
People are too unorganized to find most of these inventions when they really need them, the people who manufacture them either use too shitty of materials or overseas laborers who don't give a shit about quality - so most of them break because of some simple tiny flaw, and people are too undisciplined to recycle these things when they do fail or are no longer wanted - so they end up in landfills and the materials are wasted. Screw this stupid hyped-up, optimistic music. The reality is that this video represents one of the reasons why the world is going to shit.
Gabriel Paunovic
bunch of shitti things and if they are god you dont know where to get it and clickbait is this youtubes mediashop?
XxBam BoosxX
Sujay Roy
Vari nise videos goot video farend
Sloppy The Turtle
1:17 “ have you ever just felt the urge to squeeze some balls”
bluelonely K
when you realize that must of it is made before 2017
channel Games
If thing in the thumbnail is real, we know people in future need to charger
Sabeer V
Some Facts Authenticating 'Adhikr is from the Lord

The Book We have sent down unto you full of Blessings so that they may proud (ponder) about Its verses, and in order to remind those who utilize their intelligence (38: 29).

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- The fact that man is created in the belly of mother in three veils of darkness mentioned in the verses 39: 6 is recognised and approved by the medical science.

- The palatable clear water and salted bitter water existing in the sea without mingling each other mentioned in the verse 25: 53 is discovered recently.

- The fact that universe is formed through big bang explosions and water is made essential for existence of life mentioned in the verse 21: 30.

- The fact that heart is participating for the sight mentioned in the verse 22: 46.

- The dead body of Pharaoh present in Egyptian museum today having 3000 years old is kept by Lord Allah as a sign for mankind mentioned in the verse 10: 92

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- Lord Allah who created man with unique fingerprints is capable to resurrect him by assembling his bones mentioned in the verses 75: 3-4 is more remarkable today when fingerprints are used as a criterion for identity.

- Everything is created in pairs; from the earth produces, from their own and the things they have no knowledge mentioned in the verse 36: 36 is more understandable today when an atom can also be divided.

- If scientific knowledge before was the sun is immobile while the earth and other planets are swimming around it along in their orbits; the modern science have approved that sun also moves towards its destination as mentioned in the verse 36: 38.

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Sasi Nanda
What is @ 6.06 min
@1:26 Fucking Bed Bugs...Ewwwwww
Titan Csokona
4:22 I can just imagine some c*nt beeing like:"Oh, gosh, I have to turn my phone again, but it takes literally for ever, I wish I had a cheap peace of plastic that would try to help me but I just always get my finger stuck in it."
Devs:"Say no more."
Noah Burkley
1:15 um... yeah ......... that looks really wrong
Luka Coldrick
In the video, at the time: 2:47, I really don't see how that's benefitting is :|
I like this very much good effeert but their is a problem i cant see their name for buying or anu elce use
Can I program that drone to steal my Nan's chair just as she is about to sit down? No wait..shes dead.
Ender Games
Where can I find the chair and the multi bed
Any ideas what song this music is borrowing from? It sounds super familiar, like it's a remix of the descant from some really popular song.

Please help.
Tommy Tang
The Lily Cam project went bust. I'm still waiting for my refund
sarmin rupa
Hamdulillah jay cutler gets to play
shawn conner
what's up with the pink thing ,desk testicles?
Jaycool The MLG PRO
When I was a kid this push down and pull thing didn’t work on my
#girlpower world
The thing in the thumbnail is a suicide tool 😅
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