5 Mysterious Creatures Caught On Camera

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From the Australian bigfoot to the "living" Tasmanian tiger, here are 5 Mysterious Creatures Caught On Camera

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Juliet Coronado Macabenta
I think the third one is a monkey with a rare skin disease and it was starved to death
Bossmandave 01
The fifth video was a dingo not a Tasmanian tiger
Tricia West
#1 could have been a running cucumber and I couldn't say for sure because no one has that shitty of a camcorder or phone or camera. Not even the first known footage was that shaky. 🤔😒😣
What the hell is a "missing link"?
There is nothing special about the Bigfoot video. It is such bad quality, you can't get any meaningful information.
Chadsidy like teo Jones
Lmao 😂
Chadsidy like teo Jones
Wat I'm Dead
Rosario Zavala
the thing that has feet like monkeys looks like a monkey that it's skin was burnt
Gavin Griffith Films
3:01 Hillary Clinton mixed with an ape
Kate Logun
the "chubracobra" was actually a coyote with a horribly bad case of mange
3:32 what are those 2 armless white things!!!
2:13 probably an alien.
Karrissa Griffin
not me
Ritch_ ProGaming
Nikkigemstone MSP
the 5th one tho, what the, giant foot prints? 😐😐😐 BIG FOOOOOOTTT😄😄😄😍😍
Hermione jay08
5 was probably a bear,4 was probably a hairless dog, 3 was definitely a monkey that was skinned and cooked (I've seen it).
Scotty Schulz
Number 3 is just a spider monkey, maybe burned fur because of deforestation or it´s a disease
Sydnee Prather
the last one looked like a kangaroo
Skylok !
"Dude I think that's a new or supposedly extinct animal or monster! "
" woah really!? Let me get the worst camera I have !
Lps Collie101
That little creature lives in Thailand and Laos
Lps Collie101
Oh dear some of the creatures are in my country
Queen_KayKay -_-
The first mysterious creature caught on camera should be my sister
The Bigfoot one is a footage from the show "Hunting Bigfoot"
Mod it
goat killer is in mexico💁
Branden Drew
wtf... for the elf part u used a video about a completely different creature... the nightcrawler
They are nightstalkers, not hobbits, it was the the USA, and was revealed as a hoax!
chichay macalma
Mr. Fredbear
The tall slender legged creature is called the Fresno Nightcrawler
little lizardG Ortiz
your videos are amazing
holly wreath
i subbed
yra alves
There are many things in this world that we can not explain. Please join me at https://www.facebook.com/groups/PODERFEMI/ seeing online courses all over the world.
hunter miller
The missing "link" one lol it was a spider monkey..
Max Darke
The Fresno Nightcrawlers are from USA, not Europe. They're reported to be strange native American spirits, not elves
FizzyCoolGirl 59
Big foot is real
Chief Adfp
3.) Spider monkey with skin infected of some type! it has a body of a spider monkey
Leo Emmanuel Calalay
fernando meza
Ron Corntt
the nightcrawler video was from the U.S
Amber Mccurry
I'm watching without socks
La familia Gardini
At 3:39 is not a elf or a leprechaun it's another strange creature you only see that creature when theirs peace in the world sadly there isn't that is why ppl don't see it very often I'm not saying it is true I'm just telling you what it is and it has two long legs and just a head no body no nothing just long legs and a head it's pretty crazy!by the way I love your video that you made!🙃💖
Thunder_Bacon 113
I meant they near stay xD
Thunder_Bacon 113
3:28 its a long story but that thing that's walking is most called the "long leg alien" and they move around at night and the stay still at day and afternoon. so.... Yeah that's it
Derp Asaurus
so that chupa kabra (probably misspelled) you sure it's not a shaved dog and you blurred out the face so we couldn't tell?
Pancake Pride
Notice how it seems like everyone is filming with their laptop
The Chupacabra that was attacking animals in Puerto Rico was more demon like, not dog like.
Sla1m07Bg -Gaming
i have a golden red river named Arti and when im sad he comes and makes my happy again
Sla1m07Bg -Gaming
i cried
BlastphamousHD TV
Can you do your research first pls before you put out a video like this.. just saying.
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