Stephen Isn't Ready To 'Let It Go'

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Stephen uses the top of his monologue to address the latest controversy out of Trump's administration. No, the other one.

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Brandon Carter
ivanka wishes she was that cute!
Dak Lamerbusch
It's comical that Bone Spurs' feeble mind can only come up with one defense of anyone: "He's a good guy."
Hint: if Trump says someone is "a good guy," that is when the FBI, the CIA, and the NSA should go investigate that person.
Frying Pan
What's up with all the thirty second ads
G.R, Dray
suck dick..
Nick Yolo
That's where i've seen Ivanca before! No wonder she looked so familiar!
Lin L. Hendric
Man poor Elsa....
Islam. Dudes. Trump is out of the country and in your land. You know what to do.
Victor A
Trevor Marr
I repeat... wake up America, Government has been ripping you off for generations! Stephen Colbert and the Trevor Jones , Don Lemon (Worst Newscaster ever) guys are treasonous and should be held accountable... Karma is coming for this late night idiots... Fareed, guess what, Trump is here for America, not YOUR Leftist/Globalist entitled retirement package!!!
Astrea Ward
Elizabeth Encalada
Phil Verhey
Step 1. Drag Trump out of the White House by the matte of transplanted public hair on his YUGE EMPTY HEAD

or as trump would put it... "it's the emptiest, so empty you wouldn't believe it, it's simply the most hollowest, most orange, and simply THE best head in the world, so great, so empty ..the best!"

Step 3. "lay him on the ground, stand on his fat man boob chest and drive a metal spike through his throat, 3 feet into the ground.

or as anyone would put it, "nail the fucker to the ground"

Step 3. rope both of his hands and ankles to 4 stallions facing North, East, South and West.... and smack their asses good and hard

or as I would put it... tear him limb from limb .. and do it on national TV .. make sure to get a close-up of his face after all 4 horses ran away with 1/4 of his YUGE FAT body .... because, don't forget, we spiked hid head in-place before-hand... because remember kids, ALWAYS PLAN AHEAD.. and IT'S GREAT WHEN A PLAN COMES TOGETHER!
Richie Rich
Why are they putting out all the mini-clips instead of a single long clip like they used to? Please don't become like other talk show channels.
Kyle Stubbs
"He even got Ivanka to help."
Colbert is my therapy.
am i the only guy that finds ivanka isn't attractive? i mean, she doesn't look pretty at all. why does everyone think otherwise?
Ian Helm
Trump should be a Disney character to scare both adults & children; Trump can be the crazy godfather to Disney's fairy godmother.
Karl Traunmüller
Lara Unicorn
#Trump has a cat on his head
Ken McFadyen
Can't and won't call that orange turd of a PANTLOAD ......sir !! No way ...
Kyle Morrison
Whatever happened to all of these out of touch Hollywood celebrities leaving the country "if Trump wins" ?!?
He won, therefore, time for you to leave!!!
the trolll
i hate that i now ivanka's song from the heart... damn my children
Joe Devonport
Aww you ruined frozen for me. No I'll be thinking of Ivanka everytime I see Elsa, and by proxy I'll be thinking of Trump :/
Is Steven sick? :(
Yo STEVIE BOY! -- I know you've got to pay the bills but nothing's every going to change if people keep thinking this is all a joke! You need to stand up for your country and Destroy All Hope Now -- before its too late!
Akyra Warren
Is it "weird" that I totally want Colbert to do me?
we are watching
Stephen I'm talking about
we are watching
I wonder if his butt hurts from having hands up it lol
it's fucking zyzz
Media Twilight
Thank u Stephen for entering into our life lol.
Mohmed Igal
we are allowed​ the best family true and friends show and I am not really seen all talk show tolevition why the topic it's only white house
Trump's hole of shit's gotten deep! Goddamn!
Gregor Collins
If I have to watch another Xyzl commercial, Stephen, I'm holding you responsible.
Trump rhymes with dump. I'd prefer my dump to trump in the office
Nicholas Lopez
Yamino Endo
What did Elsa ever do to you Stephen?
>"I hear if she wasn't a cartoon, he'd date her."

Ugh. You nerd fags and your "dark and evil is cool" will forever confound me.
Zach Davis
I'm young and new at politics. I've learned much in the last year. I didn't like James coney because of the Hillary debacle, but get why he's liked by many. Feel the impeachment coming within the next year.

Btw hardcore liberals Mike pence is better than Trump. And whether or not people can admit it, Trump has been good for the people. Not his promises of course. People are finally waking up, myself included.
Lawrence D’Oliveiro
I love this one: “Lügenführer” — “Lying Leader”.
I've long hated Trump as the face of the destruction of American democracy, and I've long hated Jimmy Fallon as the face of the destruction of late night comedy. Watching Stephen repeatedly kick both of their asses at the same time has been magical.
Tokey Chokez
Does anyone even support this guy still? Your a fucken lunatic if you do.
Esai Tabor
Esai Tabor
Stephen Colbert is like a fruitier Jim Jones feeding koolaid to all the media brainwashed dumbed down American Idiots that lost their nerve , became too politically correct , and bought the false narrative that the 5 media corporations that own ALL the news outlets in yhe U.S. presented to them . Stephen Colbert is like a bad professor at some socialist indoctrination "college" forcing his false views and false agenda on people , and conditioning them to not be CRITICAL THINKERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YOU LIAR !!!!!!🙌
Death To Humanity
This guy is going to talk about Trump for the rest of his life
Esai Tabor
Ian Hock :shut the fuck up and back up our President , you all are crybaby sore losers . Get on board the Trump train all you cuckolded beta male pussie willow pansy tards
Saw article Colbert is crushing Jimmy Fallon in ratings now. That is because Colbert is stupidly more talented.
Teresa67 Factoid
Thank god for Trump. At least there is a chance for America to be great again after the "illusion" of choice, shoved down our throats.

Truth is; it doesn't matter who is in the white house, for the powers that be and the deep state it has always been business as usual.

Trump is our only hope as he has his own money, isn't beholding to anyone.

The Clinton's are sick pedophiles, and liars.

The Clinton Foundation is nothing more than a slush fund. The Clinton foundation raised millions for Haiti, and pocketed 95% of the money.

Anyone who exposes the Clinton's for the lying sick pedophile bastards that they are end up dead, like Seth.
I can see another Trump administration distraction coming soon. Look over there not here.
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