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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote discovers the most bizarre creature he’s ever found, a Caecilian! 

Wait a what?! A Caecilian, while at first glance looks exactly like a giant earthworm, is actually an amphibian more closely related to salamanders. It’s definitely NOT a Worm. 

These subterranean crawlies live in the loose soils and substrate all over the world. They are very elusive and almost never seen by humans, so even though the rain forced the camera crew to take shelter Coyote just had to share this amazing encounter with the Coyote Pack!

Get ready to see one of the rarest creatures we will ever show you! 

HUGE THANKS to Brian Kubicki for the epic drone footage and for hosting the crew at this location! To visit his amazing amphibian reserve check out his website for details -

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The lil 3s
WHEN Cayote takes OFF his back back you know something cool is coming.
Evelin Castro
does the sisiling have a maoth
Madison Ho
it's so little πŸ˜πŸ’–
Logan 30060
how to you know oll of the animals
Matthew Jacob
I found one in my yard, glanced right past it thinking it was a worm until it hissed at me.
Death MasterMK2
Thought it was a snake
Alex Browne
the barbados thread snake is a type of sisillian
Blan Tor
I'm so obsessed with this channel.
I mean: interesting content, no swearing , happy, brave and nice people, no click bait and great production.
And it's the first community where there are no people fighting in the comments . Such a peaceful community.
This man deserves much more followers.
Sonija li
Oh I have an idea let go to a forest and find post of dangerous creatures
Meghan em E.M.
It's name is now Noodle.
Sheri mao
Premleena Anhadaveet
We think you should do a episode on Panthers please!
It's That Boi
If I saw one of those in the wilderness, I would go, "Eh, just an earthworm." Then I would step on it.
Filippos Supergamer
the 🐜 ants were bee ants
its like when you stumble on a shiny pokemon but its a friggin weedle
Rene Lopez
1 like=100 subs for cayote.please like to get him soooooooooooo many likes if you love him and his work and last but not least the crew
Veronica Arroyo
That was a good catch.
Kristine Kookie
I was picking weeds from my backyard then I see something that looks like it but idk rlly
MT Munta
i like him most,john cena
BlizzardCatcher The WollyHowl
Is it a snake? Or is it a worm? Nobody will ever know :3
I thought coyote said "BORK BORK"
DanK Teddy
M. M. Mm. M m m. M. Mm. Mm. M. N. M.
Pinkanok Pin
it's not a worm....snanke
Pinkanok Pin
what is it?!
Gamer Girl
it's a snake doi
TS Pumpkin
I was excited to see that he found one of these because I found one a few years ago in my grandma's house in Mexico. We didn't know what it was or what to do so we scooped it up and took it outside into the dirt and that was last I saw. I didn't really think much of it but now that I know I'm super stoked! Thanks Coyote!
Barkly Incoperated
We had those snake things at our house we called them blind snakes
Kellie VanEyk
Erick Montalvo
Never watch these videos when your eating
Onouwkue Assent
this is Awesome!!!!!!😝
ky le
i saw this creature hundreds time back then i was in vietnam, i thought it was a sneak mixed with worm, now i know what it's
Ruby Walker
Me: I wonder what goes through the animals mind when captured? Oh well.

WOW its kinda cuteπŸ’“ i want oneπŸ˜•πŸ˜‚
no name
evolution made a difference. but little creepy tho
I have Goosebumps. he is super brave
when he only shows himself walking with those camera angles... i am so paranoid
cow girl that with the horses
it looks so like a worm
Mitchell De vries
I saw this once in Holland guys, it was really confusing!
Haribo Balla stixx grape version
Germary Polanco
That is a snake that looks like a worm I looked it out in google
that is not worm that is a snake i hate snake and worm yucky
norma sanchez
Sophia Jones
I think πŸ’­ is a earth 🌏 worm
Maia Ysabelle Gutierrez
i saw the eyes so smalllll πŸ˜‡
Maia Ysabelle Gutierrez
i β™‘ ur vids XD
Maia Ysabelle Gutierrez
aww so cute ur lucky for finding it congrats πŸ˜„πŸ
Bro homie
Dude caceliens when they are born they eat there mom piece by piece
Coyote would probably let a giant alligator let him bit him to find out what they are....
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