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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote discovers the most bizarre creature he’s ever found, a Caecilian! 

Wait a what?! A Caecilian, while at first glance looks exactly like a giant earthworm, is actually an amphibian more closely related to salamanders. It’s definitely NOT a Worm. 

These subterranean crawlies live in the loose soils and substrate all over the world. They are very elusive and almost never seen by humans, so even though the rain forced the camera crew to take shelter Coyote just had to share this amazing encounter with the Coyote Pack!

Get ready to see one of the rarest creatures we will ever show you! 

HUGE THANKS to Brian Kubicki for the epic drone footage and for hosting the crew at this location! To visit his amazing amphibian reserve check out his website for details -

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Ender _101
4:36 I see it’s eyes
Somehow nothing he never finds anything toxic
Lina Ali
I mean 'caecilian'
Lina Ali
I found lotZ of sesilia near my house cause i have a river and my house is near a forest
Lafee Eid
Do they bite
Cierra P
I love you for your life
douglas herrera
i like it
Stewart Hill
I 💝 wilderness (i tamed a trantula and incubated gecko eggs)
Lewis Bevis
Ive seen 2 of those being sold in a pet shop for like £50
Donald Christie
How does it eat
Natalie Morrison
unicorns are red

mermaids are blue

when we use the toilet

we make the sea smell of poo

Natalie Morrison
unicorns are red

mermaids are blue

when we use the toilet

we make the sea smell of poo

sharmin nahar
I'm laying on the bed while watching
greyhounds football
you inspire me to handel snakes more safely i used to just go behind them and then grab them behind the head
Ashaunie Williams
I suB scribed
Carolina Cuba
4:40 its peeing
Katie Horst
nascar bros
can i be a wolf in the coyote pack
Wait if use all it strength to dig through dirt would it try to dig through your hand if you hold it in a ball
Ismah khan
Please don't dislike his video she is doing it to entertain us
speakable fan
I cought one of dose before promise in dallas tx
Malik Holmes
I read the caption and thought to myself, " of course it's not a worm, it's a snake"😖😖😖
Cassy A
It’s so gorgeous
Neel Mural
i caught a Kerala caecilian or uraeotyphlus interruptus
Neel Mural
it is a cocle caecilian or caecilia volcani
Neel Mural
once i saw a caecillian in the western ghats i brought it home in a bottle and kept it in a tub of mud but it escaped and i never saw it again
CoolKid FunGuy
Make Mark your assistant,
Sam Ia
OMG u r so brave.. 😰😰😰😰😨😨😨😱😱😵😵
Coyote: *strangled by an Anaconda...
Mark: u good?
Emma Weiss
Coyote: "let's see if they bite" sticks his finger in
Me: "eww there are so many ants!'' runs away
David DeStefano
how did you chach it
David DeStefano
is ita snake
Madilyn Meggison
I found one in my backyard in Georgia
Actually shocked that thing is an amphibian
"I don't know what species of ant those are, let's see if they bite." Yes Coyote, stick your finger into an active colony of ants... again.

Although I do find it amusing.
Kailah Shame,
Cool so cool
Setsu X. Kuro'neko
Saw this kind of animal alot in my back yard
Jenilee DeBlois
she's adorable.
ralph Arpaio
5:50. Just why.
Red fox Black skull
Let's see if there bite

puts finger on ants

Who dose that lol!
Moist Owlette
I'm getting a Bimini Blind snake as a pet in a week, they are extremely similar to that creature but are a true snake.
squiggly wiggly worm-like noodle
Anna Katharine McLane
I thought that was the smallest snake in the world.
Purple Plague
can these possibly be in Florida? My Aunt was crawling around under a house working on stuff and said she saw 2 worm-like creature's. She described them as a foot long, fast, worm-like, dark with a purple iridescent tint in the skin, and apparently they didn't like the light. when she shined her flashlight at them they quickly slithered away. I looked up what animal it could be and found these, but it said they don't live in Florida. Was the thing I read wrong?
Livia Z
I'm going to be going to Costa Rica with EPI soon, and I absolutely love the things on this channel! Hopefully I'll even be able to see some of the things that you showed us here. :)
Lucy James
HAHA "Ooh, slippery little noodle right there!" -Coyote 2017
Lucy James
Um.. I'd like to say that if I found a bunch of thoughs ants in the colony.. I would not poke it. I would most likely just scream and run because it would look like a moving tree. I want to hold that amphibian because it looks like a mini snake. I like snakes and amphibians. Why does he speak as much as possible as Mark's camera gets drenched? I'm just saying, he could narrow down the sentence.
Jona Persic
I see them everyday in Croatia
GAMA gamer
Who's reading comments while watching?...
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