Crocs Master
Looks like the radiation got her.
Yudhistira Pratama
God bless you dear
Julienne Dy
This sound like coffee shop music. I'm saying that as a compliment. I can totally picture myself chilling at a college town coffee shop with a hot drink, listening to her sing this song.
Kay Camille
A beautiful girl with a beautiful voice. Much love and admiration for you my dear
Lala Mana
I'm moving .
I would buy this song on iTunes right now
{LucyFluffyDenDecor} AJ
You know, if she wins, they could finally afford all those surgeries to fix her injuries!
thembi chisi
can i just say that every time i listen to her sing i cry. she is so so beautiful in every way and the way she puts everything into a song, her heart and soul. she is absolutely amazing. god bless. i'm so happy she is on this show
naomi casares
She sings good
Rosemarie Ukairo
She was a really stunning beautiful girl before the crash. For those calling her ugly just because she had an accident does not change what God originally gave her. Check her picture before the accident on YouTube. Iam really proud of all she has overcome. There is really a purpose for her life that she survived. The beautiful thing is I see improvement in her voice from the first audition and that is absolutely great. She sang this song with so much emotion.
Pointless Channel
She deserved the golden buzzer
Anonymous Person
Ilove Simon at 0:52 <3
She need to stay in the house tired of her face
Luma Abuarqoub
Her voice is beautiful!
Lynnsy San
I literally cried before the halfway mark in this video.. her voice is amazing!!
Arieayna Downer
She's so pretty
Biraj Singha
After Puddles Party, she is the best singer in AGT 2K17 right now!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡
Wow, that's beautiful and heartbreaking... : (
hello world
A lot of the comments are "she shouldn't win because of her story" and "she's getting extra points because of her story." But the phenomenal thing is that, her vocal cords are so good and in tact after how much she's been through. The damage done and all the surgeries, its incredible how her voice is so strong still. Not every survivor of a plane crash still has their voice like THAT especially. That's what people should think of.
hello world
My top picks for winners are Kechi and Preacher Lawson
Kamila Svirskaya
Today's the live show! I'm there right now in Hollywood waiting! Seen all there! I hope the deaf singer wins! Mandy something
Chantey Mann
its looks like a nail is about to fall off her finger... is she aware?
Rusty Shackleford
Leon Russell would have loved this cover. She sings it with the pain and emotion that he meant for it to be sang with.
Wtf happened to her
M Stahp
Stop saying she will only win because of her story, she has a f**king amazing voice!!
benjamin tevelde
She is incredible and i wrote the 667th comment to pass the 666 evil number lol
She's getting my votes every time.
Brenda Sprankle
Beautiful soul and voice, she is strong and had to overcome much, but her faith was strong and her mom support, God Bless her and hers
Finn Wolfhard and Jack Dylan Grazer
um she went thru a very traumatic experience, what if that shook her voice a bit idk, she is a great singer a lot better than most of you anyways and i don't think she got free points i mean if she went on stage and you really don't think the judges would ask why she looks the way she does, she is beautiful don't get me wrong but she her skin looks burnt so she would say her story one way or another
Nick Colonna
she didnt cover a john hyatt song??? she sung ray charles
DIY Lover
My favorite singer ever out of agt history. ❀❀❀ RESPECT.
terri b
She isn't an amazing singer. She is talented. But not the winner of the show. I do hope the show brings her a voice in some form.
god youandi
This is donny hathaway's a song for you not have a little faith in me.... good job agt
Smile Squad
It makes me tear up to think she was in a plane crash and was the only survivor. But she has a talent and the whole world knows about it! Kechi, I hope you have good luck in your life.
I think that even without a sad backstory, she would still do so amazing in this competition and go very far. She is so powerful, so strong vocally and hit all the notes perfectly. I felt the emotion and listened to every word of that performance. I hope she wins or does really good.
William Schalley
She's good but she's not as good as people say she is her story is what makes people think she's really good. Like the def girl, she was good but not golden buzzer worthy, yes she would have been better with the ability to hear and she is amazing for what she has been able to do while being def but not golden buzzer worthy. Angelica Hale however sang amazingly AND had a sad story, only difference is that she told her story in the behind the scenes interview. I'm willing to bet if in stead of "I'm going to be a big sister" and said "my mom is my best friend she gave me her kidney" to the judges she would get the buzzer so darn fast.

This doesn't take anything away from anyone they are all talented and the def girl is an inspiration to us all. I just think the reason they are so good is because of their story's.
LoLo Frank
LOL simon dancing XD
Morgana Svensk
Her voice is the best iv'e heard in my life!
Jeanie Scheirer
need to push the golden buzzer for her, she won already, I'm going vote for her for every show. She gave her performance
Nick Colonna
i listen to agt singers on full volume because it feels like youre there
Bill Arbuckle
Why are you saying John Hiatt's song when this is Leon Russell's "A song for you".

Shame on you.
Brandon Colley
I heard American Idol may come back next year, if so it's going to fail again. AGT is and always will be better then American idol! AGT has more talented people to choose from, better judges.
Karely Quiroz
She's amazing❀️❀️❀️ If I were one of those judges I would hit that golden buzzer 😘😘
Any time there is a video without 'hi hi..." it's a bonus.
Matthew Solari
Airekpaegbe IZIBILI
Alexis. she has done a lot of surgery she is not from a poor family. she graduated with a first class to her name
Grace Watson
Come on this is Americas Got Talent not Americas got Sob Stories. She is a good singer but there are singers who are WAY better then she is. She got through the auditions based on her singing but she sure as hell got through judge cuts because of her story.
Purity Blaze
so many talent in this year shows... may the best win
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