Bounce House Fail

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can you say too many kids in a bounce house!

Jasmin Carranza
this is not funny, the hell, y were u just filming this insted of HELPING/!?!?!?!:!??!?!? OMG U MONSTER
β˜†Super stars2014β™‘
Anthony Dacosta
Ah ah ah ah ah
Christopher Ried
What the hell
you shudint be lafing ther heart made
Elizabeth Francis
how did the rest of the kids get out
Ree H
nothing funny about this
γͺ kyleyked06 か
What the hell happened? 😹 πŸ˜‚
Falcon Lover
Someone could get seriously injured by doing that. My lil sisters finger got stuck in the net and they almost had to cut her finger because it was cutting off the circulation to her finger.
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