Jessica michl
great show 😍😍
Aiers Music
Tay is Here To Stay...😉
Ana Maria Giraldo
by the way, I was so close
Ana Maria Giraldo
muchachos como hacen pra tomar videos tan buenos!!! me lleva al lugar, y pone la emociön
darknight _
Ayyy, looks like so much fun😎😎
Arco Arcoiris
New orden bizarre
WetercraftYT PvP y mas
al comienzo de veían lejísimos pero luego me di cuenta de que no jsjajaja xd
WetercraftYT PvP y mas
puta mae mas suertudo jaja xd.
Wickerwoman 2016
As stupid as it may sound, but I literally had tears running down my face while watching this. Made me happy to see that kid up there.
Bayu Abhiyoga
Bring back David Silveria, please. Luzier's over-the-top fills doesn't really fit Korn.
I told David i think Ray does this to smite him but David told me he think's ray just isnt able to play with his type of rhythm.
Marshall Fuck
Soy el unico que encuentra lento el ritmo de rigth now? ademas de que el bajo sonaba de otra manera
chucky lee ray
It's funny that he has to stand on a platform, but he's one lucky kid and is doing a good job.
Edgar de Ochoa
fuck i cant stand ray..
88 1998
This kid is on the same stage as some of my idols,jealous is not the word
Justin Peng
The kid isn't even old enough to attend his own concert
Dave Gods
7:17 why ray? why?
William Tapias
que buen video, de casualidad no tiene coming undone grabada ?
Yess Augier
Tremendo!! No falta nada para verlos aca en Argentina -
Jorge Sanchez
Tane Davie
Sick videoing though, I love tye Trujillo
Alejo Lopez
Gracias amigo por compartir este material para los que no pudimos ir , muy bueno saludos !
Guillermo Hernandez
Para cuando la Realidad Inmersiva en este tipo de eventos para los que no podemos ir??
Ariel Circle
no abran con right now en argentina porque es una cagada de lo lento q la hacen!!!
when i was 12, i used to masturbate a lot :(
Aaron Davis
I just hope they Dont newsted the poor kid(turn his amp way down like metallica did to Jason newsted for those who Dont know)
Nella Crosiglia
bassista solo 12 anni
la mejor banda hoy y siempre...!
Jeffrey Hicks
That crowd is fucking awesome!!!!
Mitchell Grim
love from the US to all the fellow Korn fans down in South America you are amazing rock on !!!!
tempo sounds lazy
Diabetic Drummer
That kid is amazing...but fieldy doesn't stand there like a statue!
christopher julcamoro

Juan Salgado
Great video. What phone were you using to record this? The quality is amazing.
Helena Pineda
Jajajaja se pasan de vrg, aún así me encanta. Que orgulloso debe estar el padre!
Is Fieldy on a diet again?
alex montel
crowd is amazing de puta
Michael Boyd
Anyone know who the keyboardist is? I know they haven't worked with Zach Baird in a while.
Stephanie Cristhie
tye seu lindooooo ☺
It's slower than usual isn't it ?
The crowd is awesome! Latin Americans always keep the heavy music alive and well!! Good fucking job guys!!
Alejandro Sánchez
Ray ha destruido los clásicos de Korn qué mal se escucha Right Now y Here to Stay.
Bloody Ax
The songs aren't hard to play on bass, but performing at that age is really stressful. Congrats to him.
Awesome crowd latinos! Good shit!
Ollie Law
I've read so many negative comments about this kid online along the lines of "he wouldn't have this if it wasn't for his Dad / he's been given it on a plate". First of all, he fuckin rocks, second, you're not just born knowing how to play all of Korn's songs. Very cool thing to see
What happened to Fieldy?
Just realized i've seen Korn live 17 years
Liberis Puritatem
A Jon Davis hay que subirle el volumen del micrófono :/
Thom Nasseri
ese bajo suena lindo...
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