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In honor of the all new Steven Universe episodes coming to Cartoon Network, Channel Frederator has lined up some amazing animations and illustrations from talented creators all across YouTube to help celebrate. Have you ever wondered what Steven Universe would look like in other cartoon styles?! Well, the talented artists in Channel Frederator's Network want to wish you a happy Steven Universe week by showing you some examples including Teen Titans, Gravity Falls, Super Mario, and so many more!

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Alessandro Carducci
Cloctor Creations
Chris Wharton
Drew Comika
Jellie Bunn
Pat Hughes
Momo Hinamory

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Executive Producer: Fred Seibert
Producer: Matt Gielen, Corey Freeland
Hosts: Adrian Apolonio
Edited by: Nicholas Fung
Graphics by: Carrie Miller

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I screamed so loudly when I saw the TMNT crossover that my mom came in like ;-;
mike estevez
Gamercat 99
The Adventure Time was awesome! Also, the Digimon!
Gamercat 99
I did not like the TT one! I mean Steven as Starfire???
Killigram Gamer
WAIT DO YOU WANT PIZZA Tears of some random thing
These are just fan made things
Pearl The salty one
My fav was Zelda because i LOVE HOW THE EYES WORK . . . How about garnet. . .
Castiel Mate
PewSpy Fox
why did you give shembilock nome from gravaty falls a god pose
Connie Maheswaran
My Favorite one was The
Crystal Gem Time xD
Orion Savage
My favorite was the 2003 Toon Link Style and the samurai Jack version
ADHD - Random Things
0:44 This cannot be an option. EVER.
Flamestar SFM
lol that part with Apocalymon tho xD
Pearl without a nose in Adventure time xD
Zainab Najeeb
Connie being princess peach makes sense!

I ship Connie and Steven!
Charlize Castillo
Lol lion is Bowser!Lion actually looks better!I love that Connie is princess peach and steven is Mario because steven x Connie is my favourite ship!
Spawn Of Tangeh
The teen titans one is just.... ew
in the Super Mario one! why can't the Diamonds be King bowser and the X -nauts from Paper Mario Thousand Year Door! even when they're not the main charactors! and Lion could be Yoshi instead! and in the Zelda part! the Diamonds could be Ganondorf! and the evil homeworld gems could the ganondorf minions! but if Pink diamond was'nt shattered! she could be Bowser while taken poor humans who're like a bunch of princess peaches from earth and a bunch of those Amethysts could be like koopa troopas ! ! ! ! !
where's Cory in the House style?
Galaxy Star
I have to say the last one was probably the best
Homie Cat
mario was the best one. 70% of this kinda sucked
Chief Loki
at the time im watching, it has 666k views...
I met Chris Warton at Gen Con of last year! The featured drawing here is hanging up on my wall. He provided a lot of great advice to me and my sister as artists.
pridot gamer fnaf fan
Rosnric Cocnepcion
2:40 am I the only one who thinks that fits in with the real cartoon?
Who's That Fried Chicken?
If your planning on making another one, try Doing the amazing world of gumball!
Pollo Peep
most of these are poorly drawn
Dominic G
hey what where's pokemon
Cho-Cho Productions2010's Animation Land
what about in GrittySugar style
Alvaro Gonzales Vasquez
la de version los padrinos magicos es incorrecta butch hartman ya lo habia dibujadoa su estilo y ese no es je
Alvaro Gonzales Vasquez
la de version los padrinos magicos es incorrecta butch hartman ya lo habia dibujadoa su estilo y ese no es je
The Diamond King
the last one was animy
Nikle Animations
yea i liked the last one best
I really liked the Samurai Jack one.
Rainbow Star 66
My favorite was MissMisery (da last one)
Epic Chibi
Eugh, the Teen Titans one was subpar.
Luna P
That last one though😍😍😍😍
Ivan Calixtro
I really liked the Super Mario version.
Panic! AtMyChemicalRomanceTakenOverByCrybabyFandom
The gravity falls one made me cringe so much I cracked my neck.
Ann Bradley
Sky Blue The Fire Wolf
i loved the adventure time one and gravity falls
I liked that adventure time one
NekoVid Vlogs
on the sailor Moon one: end me
ice landsflames
guys not gonna lie but i think the mario steven drawing was the best i mean sadie and lars were wario and waluigi like if agree
Stuart pot aka 2D
Do catbug in 17 styles
Dat boi who is a very political and polite person
This was terrible
Glenda McCloud
Who wa
wants pizza!?!
drama music
kirdy Rulez
Scooby should have been lion
Oddvontor Tom
Hunter DeLong
Most of these suck
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