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In honor of the all new Steven Universe episodes coming to Cartoon Network, Channel Frederator has lined up some amazing animations and illustrations from talented creators all across YouTube to help celebrate. Have you ever wondered what Steven Universe would look like in other cartoon styles?! Well, the talented artists in Channel Frederator's Network want to wish you a happy Steven Universe week by showing you some examples including Teen Titans, Gravity Falls, Super Mario, and so many more!

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Alessandro Carducci
Cloctor Creations
Chris Wharton
Drew Comika
Jellie Bunn
Pat Hughes
Momo Hinamory

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Executive Producer: Fred Seibert
Producer: Matt Gielen, Corey Freeland
Hosts: Adrian Apolonio
Edited by: Nicholas Fung
Graphics by: Carrie Miller

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Image Source List

Jennifer Johnson
1:09 why isn't Lion scooby
She He is the one named Sailor Moon Steven Universe
Darth Cash
Armrest is purple
Scooby doo should’ve been lion
Ethan Allen
Part of #superMariobros
Ryder Williams
3:05 I just realized that garnet is a parana plant and amaphest is flowey from undertale
TheRenSpartan SpartanBliz
I had an accident, and i think that looks familiar...
When life doesn't go right go left
do more
Raad Shkerchy
a proplem with power puff is that first it was steven then garnet
F.A. B.
the samurai jack one was awesome
THE Berrby
4:15 She really is Captain Square :)
Julia the Nerd
The Teen Titans one was awesome!!!
Samantha Gutierrez
Mind- Blowing!
King Pickles
This is so stupid and cringy lol
I loved Macreator's the most
The first mario one was the best out of everything
Gaming With Caden
5:25 how is that gravity falls/steven universe it's just white
Mjau Mjau
The drawing with teen titans: was disgusting
Extreme Blizzard
Oh shoot Lion got Connie!!
The Sour Strawberry
Where am I?
they should of made Scooby lion
king shoutmon
1:19 simply digimon great.... jist great.... cries in the corner WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!
Joel Osborne
The Samurai Jack, Adventure Time and First Super Mario are my faves
The mario one killed me.
Sammy Vazquez
Sammy Vazquez
Sammy Vazquez
Logan Winton
It's crystal gem 💎 time !!!!
Dino Girl
You said ChannelFrederator helped you out but you are CHANNELFREDERATOR!
human fox
The crystal gem time and the anime/the last style
no south park style?
S. B.
Paco Villamil
Anticreeperzone Anti. C
the mario one is amazing
Danny Devito The Panda Fanda
all crap. just my opinion. except adventure time. i do love all the shows, but not good combinations
leonor balais
the 1st one look like an idiot
Ethan Hill
good video dude it is good I love it
Ethan Hill
good video dude
Ethan Hill
good video dude
Oh No bro
Lars and Sadie as Walegi and Wario is amazing
Zaid 2006
03:51 Dipper look like really derpy
Who else was singing part of the ppg song but with Steven Universe characters when there was the ppg art style?
Wait when was Mario a Cartoon???????
Elliot Piercy
can you do a SpongeBob one
If super Steven universe was a game I'm playing it
The samurai jack one is the best.
Silly Noodle
Awesomegamingpro7691 Davis
Awesomegamingpro7691 Davis
There should be a star vs the forces of evil
Cringeworthy Content Studios
I loved this video cuz I love Steven universe
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