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another false prophet! Go pull some more teeth and shut up!
LeeJai Cook
June 29, 2017. Roaring Springs, Texas USA.Subject: Coming Catastrophes Jesus has elevated Elijah, the Old Testament prophet, to the position of World Ruler. I do not know when he will appear. Even now he monitors the words, thoughts, and deeds of every person on the planet. He also sees and hears every event worldwide as it happens. End of ISIS. We observe that ISIS and similar groups have committed egregious crimes against humanity. Elijah says that all members of these groups should be apprehended and tried for their heinous crimes. Those found guilty should be executed. Elijah has informed us of the coming events.
[1] New York City, Washington DC, London, and Jerusalem will sustain near-lethal attacks by terrorists.
[2] There will be a Civil War in America in which the carnage will be well-nigh unbelievable.
[3] Jesus has arranged for a high-ranking Son of God to appear on our planet. He will be accompanied by twelve Sons from our local universe. I do not know when these thirteen Sons will arrive.
[4] On the Day of Armageddon a weapon of inconceivable power will be dropped on Israel. This horrendous event will end the world as we know it. Only a handful of persons will survive to begin life anew on a shattered planet. Elijah could easily prevent the attacks on the four cities; he could prevent a Civil War in America; and the prevention of the Day of Armageddon would pose no problem for him. HOWEVER, GOD AND JESUS WILL PERMIT THESE CATASTROPHES TO OCCUR. For 200,000 years God has stood aside and observed man as he exercised his free will. Now the time has arrived when justice must prevail. On the Day of Armageddon God will permit man to wipe himself off the face of the earth. Only a few mortals will survive to carry on the human race.
Just Sayin'
Trump also dis-banded the Y2K Committee on protecting computers because Y2K went by 17 years ago and nothing happened, yet the Y2K group has still been receiving fat cheques.
Carmen Engel
yeah Jim maybe he's got better things to do right now I mean what every fucking Democrat in the world trying to impeach him for this or that I think he's got a lot bigger things on his plate right now then to worry about HIV okay these faggots you want to fuck each other in the ass or fucking shared dirty needles that should be the last thing on his fucking list okay we got North Korea we got these fucking 30 Muslims we got the fucking dirty Democrats to deal with okay fuck these HIV
Ernesto Cruz
All the leftist should quit!!!
Ernesto Cruz
All the leftist should quit!!!
Irene HO Ho
Celebrate the SWAMPS RESIGNITION!!!! Thx to Pres Trump saving America!
Carla Davis
of course that trump guy doesn't care. he has a billion dollars his family​ doesn't care none of them have aids, so what. there corrupt not the six.
Linda Puccio
Thee ppl were crooks who quit. You r right'!
Dianne Anderson
Don't leave out prostate dangerous biopsies, psa non-proving accuracy testing and unnecessary surgeries that destroys and eventually kills ignorant fearful men who thought the doctors was going to fix them. By the time men realize they were lied to by the medical association the harm has already been done....for life. Dead men-Rich doctors!!!
Donna Parker
Kinda like the Zika vaccine.
Debra Cruz
Oh please!! you really think Trump would go after Monsanto?? Their RICH! By the way people do quit because they get tired of the same old shit! Bigots!
dawn widner
the cost of the hiv drug went up during obama. why quit now? healthcare became a monopoly . designed to take down america. people cheered when they broke up the last monopoly in the 70's that was phone company bell south.
Brett James
hey.! sorry i think you are being.. judgemental? on Jaz.? after later years in my life.. l prayed and hoped my children WOULD find Jesus as well.. of course the trick is to repent.. God help me. amen
Raymond Stefan
what i think is that i dont care about what you think.prove it or shut up.thats what i think
Wendy Perkins
Go Trump!
Catherine McCandless
Look every single person under the Obama administration was put there because they are corrupt. I say the more of these swamp creatures go, the better.
Catherine McCandless
Good riddance I say. They are liars.
You are really scraping the bottom of the barrel reporting on stories like this. Thumbs down!
HIV & AIDS is a "self inflicted" disease irrespective who invented it. Don't "drink the potion" if you don't want to die. Its so simple.
Jim, you are so correct. Those who really care about the causes that are important to them, just won't up and quit. AIDS/Hiv groups, in my opinion are largely scam groups, in order to get money that will never go to those people who need the help. I am sure that there is a cure for AIDS/HIV, but, it will never be given to the people, because they are making so much more money pretending to treat these patients, with some very powerful and even deadly drugs. Gotta keep people sick and dying, because cures cause healthy lives to happen.
Katherine Stavrojohn
God is exposing the Deep State GANG OF HATE. But even if they scurry into hidden "safe spaces," THERE IS NOWHERE THEY CAN ESCAPE HIS JUDGMENT.
Stan Rodgers
Great, 6 more paychecks out of the swamp!
Thumbs down for reporting on Beyoncé
President Truth is in the House!
Cheryl Adame
Yea, the swamp creatures are leaving before they're exposed! I love President Trump!
Trumps a shit President. Whatever made you think that a man who ran a fake university scam would make a good President?
Coolhand Luke
Thanks Jim for always giving us the TRUTH. I am new to your teachings of the Bible as well, I am learning a lot. You explain in simple terms so that is easy to follow. Thank you again.
Virik Navarro
Forgive us the sin of anti-racism. Forgive us for destroying our own for that of others. Then we'll talk about the sodomites.
Mark Shirley
Jim, I worked in Papua New Guinea for six years in amongst the formation days of the Bill Gates/Bill and Hellary Clinton HIV programs. All I will say is that when I took the HIV patients off their ARV drugs and fed them good food, within a very short time most of they returned to good health. TB is a real problem though. Funny how AIDS has today become 'unfashionable', when at the height of the WHO programs the shrill incessant screaming had the whole world in danger of contracting it.AIDS never took off in PNG like they wanted it to because the people are so lazy and undisciplined they couldn't be made to take their ARV drugs on the regular. But if you want to believe the global main-stream AIDS spin forced down our throats these last two decades, go ahead.
Dianne Foster
there is a cure and a vaccine for it, there is not reason for all this money to be wasted on this committee. Just fund the vaccine instead and those that are sick. I would say these people are the ones that don't care. They are getting paid things are moving on why would you quit, because exactly why? so if you cared youwoudl stay. It sounds like to me someone is not having a tantrum because they are not getting something extra.
Ben Adams
Well I don't know about hiv, but try to picture (try not to do that before a meal though) what happens to an immune system, when injected straight into the bloodstream, through anal laceration, several kind of pluripotent cells with a different signature? Add to that drugs, junk food sleep dépravations and popper! The IS just goes fubar.. not contagion, way of life...
Rusty C
Someday these lunatic demoncraps will start to understand that Trump is for the people not their BS agenda of death, destruction, Rape, theft,drugs, human traffic ,welfare, food stamps and all these slush funding shell companies they call organizations for the good
Mao Tengmomsourne
I feel sorry for Beyonce's kids to born into the house of devil worshippers.
Oleta Payne
President Trump will have someone better. Someone who cares about America. Why are they giving their resignation to a magazine or was it a newspaper...
Derek Munson
oh no! they quit? .. DARN... well then go. be gone. and take your bullshit with you.
Nancy M
What Trump needs to do is investigate where all the HIV/AIDS money has really gone..I can guarantee you most o it was defrauded and sun off to the criminal globalists like the Clintons...
Alicia Maria
Beyonce is a man - do the research
David McClellan
Spot on!! Need more!!!!!
Philip Tan
American can now save throwing monies paying them good for nothing peoples. Congratulations.
Debra Gouchenour
Right! It's better to quit when you are ahead, because showing you were fired, or helping a very corrupt government hide the truth while causing harm to it's citizens wouldn't look very good on their next resume.
Jack Sofalot
This whole HIV thing is just gay liberals who want more money for AIDS research so they can keep buttfucking each other. Fuck them.
jim McCartney
Of course they are corrupt, they have been in position for how long?? Remember Barry?
Boo Boo
Iran says they have the cure for HIV and that HIV is bioterrorist weapon made by USA scientists, just sayin. Saw it on a YouTube video, Iman said this
Dusty Grady
Trump doesn't care about the gays, nor should he. They are beneath contempt
Sherry Koury
M dlanor
Why should President Trump or anyone else care about a deadly virus, that you get by sharing hypodermic needles, and having sex with someone you don't know for sure doesn't have HIV or AIDS VIRUSES and any other known way of contracting these Deadly Viruses, that can be prevented by not doing these things.
Everyone one of these people that contract these Deadly Viruses through their recklessness and or carelessness should be quarantined until they are dead, then HIV and AIDS will become eradicated.
The only people that should get medical treatment and not be quarantined, are the people that contracted these viruses through no fault of their own.
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