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It's time for our editors to star in an epic video!
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Dude Perfect
Merry Christmas everyone!
Today we're thankful for our families, for Jesus, and for all of you guys!
- Pound It. Noggin. 👊🏼🙇🏻
Savage Opress
I think that they should join the team with the rest
Ava Marchildon
Ty said "What is my birthday" so I would've said your birthday
heyy sup
The editors should be on dude perfect 😂😂
tim needs to work on celebrations
Vape Agar
tim is cringy
Jennifer Cumming
I think the editors are better than the twins
Hudson Sauder
My birthday is on the same day as Tyler's birthday march24 that's mine to
Fire Dragon591
Wait why do they have a tv just to show the wifi🤔🤔
GeorgE ThE WizarD
the editors are better than the actul DP (my opinion)
chase flored
Tyler Mitsko
Who is panda
10 seconds to go to the server room, 2 seconds to go back
Akhilesh Rathi
Reveal panda
gus and rosie
Chad looks like Casey nice stat in the helicopter Sean
George Charalambous
Panda Edition
Lucy Anderson
Patrick Dona
Who's recording
Jamie Knowles
In one day they got 200000 subscribers
Patrick Logsdon
if I ever meet any of these guys I hope it is in a movie theater so they can trick shot popcorn into my mouth.
Kristen Lam
make a orbeez video please
stanislava harkin
am really dieing to know who is the panda
Samuel Henman
I just want to say well done to dude perfect for choosing really good songs like if agree
What was the intro song?
One of them has got to be panda. no doubt.
HyPeR click
Song is seatelitte heartbeat
-*Ducthorhu *-
Fact: Tyler NEVER wears purple
Charleee Quill
Who is panda!! Whats under the mask!!!
My impression of Cody

"LETS GOOOOOOOOO to the shops"
Neal Bhargava
wow even their own editors have skills
Ben Dover
Timbits and Chadley 😂
Hydra Gaming
Tim:the 2 year old
yo... my man with his io backhand...
Tart And Spoon Gaming
If only this were edited by the regular guys
At1:26 Tim turns into Cory. LETS GOOOO!

oh no I'm Cory no wait this is crossed out noooooo
Nerdy Chau
Did anyone else think it said edition edition?
Gaben netwrth
I wish an alarm went off whenever my internet was out
Sıcak kavun
its so funny
Gravity Gamer
Guys can u plz tell me what the song is in the beginning where the dp editors have a helicopter behind them
The AJ Universe
too many people working for dude perfect. There is chad and tim from this video, toby from face off, and now there's a mystery person for panda. You just need chad ad tim, guys.
Simon Stringer
Do part 2
I actually have a question for you guys, if you cant answer it, then someone please do, I would love it. question one is what camera do you guys use? one more... what editing software do you use, thank you for your time!
wolf miner 6202
All that came out of tim's Mouth was voice cracks
Jimmy Menno
more editer vids plz
Joey Holden
Did anybody eat almonds whilw watching this? 1 Like = 1 Almond
Foxstar _6th
chad doesnt look like someone who edits he looks like someone who does trickshots
Baseball God
We should have the guys edit a video
Zach Gabel
And yet, we still don't know who Panda is
Do a troll video were you shoot from random places but the ball always goes in. Use 1 clip of it going in
Clayton O'Dell
The third nicknames sounds like a lake at some camp😂
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