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It's time for our editors to star in an epic video!
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Dude Perfect
Merry Christmas everyone!
Today we're thankful for our families, for Jesus, and for all of you guys!
- Pound It. Noggin. 👊🏼🙇🏻
Grant G
I feel like Tim has way more publicity than Chad
B Bull
Tim played ty perfectly
Becky Donnelly
Who's watching in 2017
Nicholas Carrino
get these guys in more videos. they are amazing
chad or tim is the pander
Warren Dyches
who plays the part for panda
who is the better editor, Tim or Chad
Enora Bernard
action ill attitude dqfocyp simple classical connection standard fix.
Noelle Turnbull
Can you do a Panda Face Reval
Like if you agree
Harry Cleto
Adish Vimal
It is so nice that you gave them a chance to be in your videos.And hopefully they can come in more videos.The thing I liked the most was the funny jokes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PoLaR Twistz
Tyler's stereotype was accurate. 😂😂
Everette Moore
it is2017
Carter M
This video deserves a like.
CO. Skating
El corridodel chero
Gabriel Hernandez
Hey guys can you do a trick shot with the actors of jla
Im guessing that they still had to edit the video
Kaotic Productions
Who's filming you
colton brown
These guys don't get enough credit.
James Saracene
Why no toby from most dangerous game faceoff
NiT rO
who's the guy in the Panda suit?
code X
this is what happens when nerds go on dude perfect vids no offense
Aaron Brown
what's the intro song?
who ever miss the stereotipe,like this comment.
Canada Cam
Panda is definitely one of the editors
Josh Mireles
What area in Texas do y'all live in
Swoosh Wright
Look up swoosh wright for more trick shots don't forget to subscribe
Noah Pease
wait was "the bearded guy" MandJTV?
Abhi Raj
this video is great the editors are awesome tim and Chad are great
Need more videos like this lol
Christian Manaru
Does this mean one of these guys could be the guy in the panda suit
JTR Biking
When ty asked wat his b day was I knew it was march 24 because he says it in Winter Olympics edition
Ezekiel The Ace pokemon skier
I'd be cobys I loose at everything
RanduAngin Vlogs
what a montage!
Mr Jawsome Jaws
Who's the camera guy
SWSArguingToast HD
Anyone else think they should have at least one shot per vid?
Ebtisaam Haqq
I Want More Editor Edition
Brody Griffiths
subject Looks for me anazing survive
Kyle Villacorta
all the sterootypes got me dying 😂😂💀💀
The basketball when he threw it at 600ft lmao it just flew away from the basketball court
Wolf Shadow
Road to 20 million
Matt Mirabito
TYLERS birthday is March 24th I think
Mufasa LOL
very good video
Jacob Szender vlogs
Maybe at 20 million subscribers face reveal pandas face
Hans Joseph Jacob
did u also edit this video?
Eddie Peters
great, now we have to edit this
Coby trash!
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