Sophie Angus
Bill x
Kathaleen McDonagh
I love this video
Kira Lewis
Sarah doesn't need to put on lipstick because she's already beautiful
Lola Martin
I got a dog for christmas and I called it bill
Grant Sellman
I know what she wants...

A chromosome
monica cortez
Matt likes seeiaras
Barbie Girl100
I love you so much
Katie schultz
In my family we do a top 5things too
Lea Sykora
This is not a bout a video but how old a sarah?
Jelly Vlogs
I think Matt is best YouTuber in the world and Matt and Sarah look so cute
Awesom Shirl Girl
How old is sarah
Olukotun Telisa
lewis pick
Retarded weiredo
Diego Ramos
You got pranked
Sadie Pearson
Merry Xmas Mattyb and Sarah the cutest girl 😁😁
Sadie Pearson
Amran x
So cute
Sigita Dapkunaite
Sophia Dipietro
You neeeeddddddd to post moreeeeee! I️ love you. πŸ’•πŸ˜­
randy gilland
Eric Schiltz
Deine Schwester ist so süß

Und schΓΆne Weihnachten πŸŽ„

Von Eric Schiltz . Ich habe auch ein Lied
Und es auf YouTube gepostet.
Das Lied ich reise in Vergangenheit. Aber das ist auf deutsch.
Ich will auch auf Englisch Singen 🎀. Aber ich kann keine Englisch.
Ich habe kleine Handicap.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen von Eric Schiltz .
Kayla Miller
Sarah is so beautiful!!
Agapito Safiro
So cite
DM Reptiles
I want the royal blue 12
Nikkia Griffith
when is sarah birthday
Zoe Barnhart
Sarah is pretty she dosent need make upπŸ˜‚
Arika Sutterby
Dec 23 this my brithday
Future Demon
She looks ugly as fuck
Laura Ric3
How old is sarah
Lexie Briscoe Xoxo
I love how at 3:30 Matt kissed Sarah on the cheek
DanceMomLover 53
Aww Matt is a great big brother 😊
Sasie Bufalino
And probably not getting any thing cause she is so ugly
Sasie Bufalino
And she is not better and she probably sucks at basketball
Sasie Bufalino
More like Sarah the ugliest girl and she thinks she mature with lipstick and high heels but she is the biggest baby ever
Jojosiwasbiggestfan Jojosiwalover
Sarah's Hilarious)!!!!
Harry McDermott
Sarah:I want to call my dog pinkalishis
Donut Hole 123
Are you sister and brother
Susie B
Sibling goals 😍
Y_Elly Mish
Mattyb tries to kys her but its cute
Y_Elly Mish
Sarahs cute
Perfect A
I need to get this off my chest,

Read more
Hakima Ghousni
So cute😊😊
Ainun Praptodiharjo
i have the same clothe like sarah
Jasmila crew
omg I love Sarah she's one of the cutest little girls I know
izzy Coope
Sarah is so dam cute
Imtiyasmech Imtiyas
Oh how cute brother and sister is Looking
Gavin O'Connell
How old is Sarah
Corazon Nordman
Sarah is pretty just the way she is without makeup
Savana Emmert
Rachel Olsen
l know what J's are they are Jordan's
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