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Roommate wars are back on!! Which of these funny pranks was your favorite? I know you guys love this series so expect more pranks in the future!! Also, let me know if you want a house tour on this channel!! Check out my Moving Vlogs:

Alsooo, I have MORE pranks videos!! Watch them here: 
Christmas Pranks:
Back to School Pranks:

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Hi hi!! My name is Alisha Marie and I hope you enjoy this video about funny pranks and roommate wars,!! I do lots of videos about life hacks, diys, testing products, comedy skits, and everything beauty, fashion, and lifestyle!

ROOMMATE WARS ARE BACK!!!! Are you Team Ashley or Team Alisha?!?! Also, you HAVE to watch my 2nd channel!! Moving vlogs have been so much fun!!! xo -Alisha Marie
#Sassy d
Team alisha
Nour Adventuring
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Helia Ghasemi
Ashly team
kawaii unicorn gaming
team alisha
Mariel Valdez
Samantha Naranjo
annmarie cornejo
Shaurya Golchha
you copied Nathalie outlt pranks
Maryam Khan
Team Alisha
intekhab kazmi
OMG i love your vids there so amazing your amazing I just LOVE you your an amazing you tuber I just LOVE you keep making vids and keep up the good work!
Carleen joy Aquino
Team alisha!!! 😘👍
Jessie Buestan
team ashley
lorina love
team alisha
Galactic Fox
Zoe Maring
Team alisha
Alonso Muñoz
that puppy is so cute
Carolina Roques
Team Ashley
Manirra Suggs-Jackson
Lisaine Pons
Team Alisha
john wolfe
Alisha girl you are amazing
awesome 14 Katie Nolan
Armando kdydhdgfh
Jayla Best
Team alisha♥♥♥
Kitty Cat
More roommate wars please!!!
Jane Herrera
I like Ashley because she's so simple
sheila jenkinson
Mary Ann Rosello
My favorite prank is the spraiy hahahahaha
waffle_ smoothie.subsc
Team alishaaaaa
waffle_ smoothie.subsc
The toothbrush prank is my fav
Rebeca Lusca
Alisa !!!!
Unknown 360
Team Alisha For Ever
Yellena Angela Guevarra
I like both alisha you have the best video ever
Aina Batrisyia
I love alisha marie
Margaret Ferrer
I was eating ice cream while watching this vid😂 luv u Alisha
Molly Horton
team alisha
Jessy Contreras
I like them all🦄🙈🙃
genalyn fernando
team alisha for me
Dakota's life Revalee
Team Alisha and team ashley you both are amazing I can't decide
celina zhu
Team Alisha!!!!!
Merlyn Canter
Team alicha
trisha borromeo
Ava B
To make the prank even better, tape the end of the straw and put real punch in there so if they tip it, it spills on them. Like if you think this is evil but funny😈😈😈😈
Lily Allen
I think that team alisha should win
Unicorngirl Slays
Team Alisha
Jasmine Guerrero
My favorite part was the toothbrush part
Stephanie Mistich
I wish this wasn't scripted
Aqua with me Girls
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