samfa L
The diet coke .haha
samfa L
I played watch dogs first , then AC .
Updated/current version of this please???
Cubie Mccuberson
Did ubisoft make the last of us or any other zombie games maybe those are about the apocalypse
john's Y.T T.V
Best name for crossover
UbiVerse or
Beyond universe
or Beyond Universe : unity
Julio Cruz

Watch Dogs: Aidan
FarCry3: Jason
FarCry4: AJ

Coincidence? I think not.
The Burák
I was just WAITING for that rayman! xD
I'll be honest... I love the first Watchdogs... It's okay to crucify me now bows head for the internet headsman's axe
Imagine if ubisoft makes a game where all these assasins meet together to solve some sort of crime or something
Sujatha Ushakaran
My brother playes this game
10yearsapart _
what about rainbow six
bojana babic
Diet coke
No sugar
No calories
AC Origins confirms this
Austin Pearson
I would love if they did a cross over game
wow i thought this too just got the game now lol
Umair Saeed
Fam I’m watching this at the time of origins
2 years later actually gets 100% confirmed😂😂
Le memé
Then there’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, Rainbow Six Siege and Farcry
Cerass Plays
This is confirmed in assassins creed origins. Not a spoiler just given info. The gone files Olivier garneau
TheDoctor Fez
Ubisoft just announced that Assassin's Creed Origins and Watch Dogs are set in the same universe.
cameren the gamer
So what about Marcus Holloway in Watch_Dogs 2? Kinda far fetched but possible?
turtle luvr
*spends 5 minutes just trying to get a screenshot of the Diet Coca-cola flash
skuller gamez
I came back to this video because this therory because in the new game of 2017 "Origins" this therory was proven correct by a Easter egg
Dominic Vu
*just dance
Epic E
This is kinda scary
Kelpo Gaming
Even South Park??
FaZe RaDiAtIoNz
so rayman raving rabbids are assassins too?
LegendResnator 04
This Theory is True! In Assassins creed origins of you exit the animus and access the table/computer if you look in one of the files you see the scene from watchdogs
Shavez Rangiuia
The theory is confirmed in origins, check the emails in game
Banana Brady
Says Conner haytham on the screen
death overlord
So he is an assassin
Just more modern
TyphoonPlays Minecraft PE
Just say that this vedio is sponsored by history TV 18
Sean Fitzpatrick
Matpat, I enjoy your videos and I laud your attention to detail in your research; however, I believe you are in error in your statement Megiddo=Armageddon. You are in fact correct that Megiddo is an actual place in ancient Canaan (the present location of modern Israel) with a great deal of real estate importance. That city was destroyed becoming Tel Megiddo (a Tel meaning a pile of rubble). Because of its prime location, the city was rebuilt and destroyed...lather rinse repeat several times until the resulting pile of rubble became known as Har Megiddo or Mount Megiddo. Etymologically Har Megiddo became Armageddon describing the great battle that will take place in the plains of that mountain. So close but not quite.
Rocket's rocket
How does beyond good and evil fit in though.
Lance Reese
Assassins Creed origins has lore files in-game that prove this theory. There is no longer any doubt.
Colin Cochrane
Yeah, the unfortunate truth is that I think this theory is false now. I took a look at the sequel to Watch_Dogs, and the only references to Assassin's Creed were to the Assassin's Creed film that was being released in December 2016 (which sucked anyway, don't watch it). I think this kind of kills the idea that Watch_Dogs is set in the same universe, as there obviously would not be a movie based on the Assassins in their own universe. This is especially the case considering that the easter eggs to the movie were literally just product placement ads. It's just like how Michael Bay puts product placement in his movies. It feels totally out of place, and lore-breaking.
Anku Wadhwani
Lack of creativity brought them in the same world
You should do a part 2 of this because in Assassin’s Creed Origins there is an image of Aidan Pierce from Watch Dogs killing Olivier Garneau. Also maybe there are some more info about this theory in Watch Dogs 2
Rogue Assassin
In AC:Origins if you exit animus and go to the laptop you can find some files about Oliver and Desmond well in Oliver's file you can see the picture of his death in Chicago. And who do you think is shooting him ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) YUP!! You're right!! That's Aiden!
Jasey Gray
Did any one else notice that assassins creed was on the shelf?
Thomas Wilson
Where does For Honor fit into this?
Jurassic Maddox
I know it's now 2017 but ac origins is the BIG missing link and pls do video on that
Doge The Dog
Is Just Dance involved in this universe?What's their form of Eagle Vision?
Joseph Carpico
All of the Assassin Creed Universe Theory games I am extremely familiar with, two of them are a big part of my early childhood.
Mace Lilienthal
I hate to be THAT person but... 5:59 that's not Connor, that's his father Haytham. But you would be correct in their shared walking cycles
Just revisiting this video after playing Assassin's Creed Origins, Watch Dogs and Assassin's Creed takes place on the same universe indeed.
Confirmed in AC: Origins in the laptop during the modern day portion....
mrdoge face
They decided to eat one of robins minstrels... there was much rejoce over it yaaaay who knows what movie it's of ?😂😂😂
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