'Fight Tonight': Rare look at US defense against North Korea


ABC News' Martha Raddatz visits United States' Osan Air Base in South Korea, located just 48 miles from North Korea.

Mere Velazquez
they can't even blow up a piece paper what could make them think they could strike usπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
watch out Kim. Our first step will be to clog your internet browsers with memes
Lamborgatti -47
They better be studying those missile systems so we can bomb them
Crab Claw
Notice how much she shakes her head when she talks, not good.
Ali Ilyas
Americans are looking 4 trouble, DPRK will kick your butts
J Mehd
This woman always looks like she's about to cry. Wtf
Carlos Arias
they are the ones that are deffending us and are in the front of line
Carlos Arias
We have to pray for America and our troops guys
why wait for North Korea to strike 1st usa can just easy nuke them all in North Korea with no problem
Typical leftard media, the aircraft shown are not F-16s
Scott Farris
she keeps saying f-16, but those are FA-18's. Get it right Martha
Why do we need to defend South Korea? They're military is strong enough to defeat NoKo they don't need our help. Give them a few nukes to equalize things on that front but other than that SoKo has a modern and well equipped and trained military.
Martha Raddatz the news anchor that cried when Trump got elected.
Workstation we
ww3 is ............
within 3 minutes of war this base is gone.
American Sniper
I'm with North Korea fuck en up Kim boy
This is a lie. We can't stop the thousands upon thousands of artillery shells and rockets that would fall upon S.Korea within minutes. There would be a severe loss of life and the commander knows this.
ilario lopes
Lets figt and we want see who is most powerful but don't hurt the innocent people or children
Clay Rogers
It sounds like America is rattling it's saber. America has been threatening NK for over sixty years. We need to not only take our finger off the trigger, we need to take them home. And beat them into plowshares.
Should be interesting to watch everyone else in the world wreck them as soon as anything goes down
Ange Ouloupohi
Kim Jung un try your luck you won't see your nation on the map
Crab Claw
You notice how the ugly bitch says unprecedented access given to them? Wonder why huh Rothschild puppet machine pushing for war - they are lying out their ass they have enough power in South Korea alone to wipe the floor with N.Korea they are just waiting to take the land and hand it to Rothschild.
Crab Claw
Look at this bitches face! This is what happens when you lie every day for years. People wake up the Rothschild media machine is driving for another war for more land grab, all you know is what they feed you through their media. How many excursions has north Korea been in the last two decades - now how many has America been in how many deaths - Now I ask who is the threat to the world N korea who has killed nobody on the last two decades or America who has killed millions?
Fucking American. Agent of Chaos.
Angel Rodriguez
martha, she looks like shit. but i am not impressed with North Korea
Mahyar Zobeidi
The confidence of the US general is laughable and worrying! I hope no escalation to war happens and all remain in the trash-talk domain. If war breaks out i have no doubt that all those servicemen and women will persih within minutes.
1:45 ν™”μ΄νŒ… hwaiting! lol I miss Korea....
LOL 85% of everything the world sees at these ridicilious fake ass military marches by North Korea are faker then Kim Kardashians tits , its a sad scream for atention we as a united international community must ask ourselves , do we wanna continue to get bullied by some retarded fat kid that doesnt know his head from his elbow ? . I think the answer would be NO and there for i say lets fucking go to war with them they have nothing 2 say when China , America and South Korea atack NK at the same time the regime would collapse within a month.
Hailey Campbell
no im to young to die
Bran- -don
Dont under estimate the enemy. We went into Iraq thinking turn and burn .. shit !!! Whats an IED !!Went in with no armored vehicles etc. In Afghanistan... these fuckers are fast ... very witty battle harden.Its been 17 yrs we still engaging in Aghanistan. Very expensive!!
Yr Try Hjfjyghfbv V Gfh Gf S
Oh no war three by trump. I couldn't imagination
Edgar Tapia
Damn... USA, and North Korea need a Snickers bar. "You're not you, when you're hungry."
GΓΆran Gustavsson
NK is like a very smal dog, bark alot but not dangurus at all and run away if it get serius....
Amin Ali
America is hard af
Julia Collins
To sum it up, try not to be afraid of North Korea
tristess Kartoffel
WHO are Biggest Murder and Slaughter Nation in Human History.....
Robert Rodgers
Putin was an idiot for supporting Trump. When the Russian public finally becomes disillusioned enough by that vile oligarch's mismanagement of Russia, they might finally assassinate Putin's dumb ass. Then the wold will be a better place. If they fail to get rid of Dictator Putin themselves, then Trump will be happy to nuke that asshole's palaces... from Sochi to Moscow.
Realistic Views
Just 48 miles from North Korea is the best location in war time. With a leader of the opposition like Kimmy--Boy , you need to keep your enemies up close and personal. This boy is just a 330-lbs of Pork--Hot--Air , nothing more , nothing less.

And here is the proof of the Pork--Hot--Air : Per Trump's dead serious warning of Kimmy--Boy's Nuclear--Test on his Sun--Shit day , Apr--15--2017 , and did he carry out the test ????

Finally , the juvenile--delinquent settle for the missile test , and that was a big screw up for him too..........can he do anything right ????
Hey Ho
From stone age to information age and we're still obsess with war. No doubt, this'll will continue to Mars and beyond.
Andrew Steinacker
Fuck North Korea they can go to hell and I would love to kill all of there spies, government officials, advisers, etc.
So we take out their artillery and missiles first with stealth bombers at night, then their bunkers. A strike if done should be massive and overwhelming.
RATtadz can not be trusted!
Mr. K P
US nukes already aimed at Kim's fat ass
This bitch looked triggered just reporting the news. The FUCK is happening here??
Randomly Vlogs
no not the KPOP πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
She still looks so sad Hillary lost 🀣

marco guzman
Why does it say it's posted on the 16th when is still the 15th
What about nuclear tipped artillery US had it in the 1950's and 60's it's possible they use a small one enough to wipe South Korea off the map and contaminate the entire south.
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