Faraday Future FF 91 | CES 2017 Reveal | Key Moments

faraday futureff 91

Watch highlights of Faraday Future's unveiling of its flagship vehicle: the FF 91.

Intelligent, electric, autonomous-ready, and connected across your ecosystem of devices, the FF 91 is ushering in the next generation of sustainable luxury mobility.

Experience key moments from this #CES2017 keynote reveal event. See the FF 91 effortlessly park itself, accelerate from 0-60 MPH in 2.39 seconds, and learn about its design language.

Learn more at http:/ff.com


Spencer Farrell
I'm pretty sure the car actually not working would be a key moment...
it is a good thing that it can drive by itself so you can put an explosive inside the car and send it to park while you are eating a burguer and watching how many inocent people you can kill...
James L
fucking stupid, takes shorter and safer to park by myself
Who care's if your battery is the best if you cant get them produced. In that factory that you said you were building.
АрмоВижен (ArmoVision)
Interesting project, but the company soon collapses.
Lorena Wieshamm
The main difference between FF and Tesla is that Tesla has a vision that's greater than themselves and that is INSPIRING. As an EV advocate I wish FF all the success although it would be so good if they focus on actually producing great cars and not on "killing others"...just saying
Eric S
$300,000.... Hahaha. Not even close to game changing. More like boutique. Wish FF well, but definitely not Tesla competition. A homeless bum can reserve one of these... There's no upfront commitment. I also don't think you'll get a 2.39 0-60 once you add seats and body panels that were absent from the prototype used to beat a modelX. No one likes smoke and mirrors.
chris kephart
they may have the worst website in the history of tech companies.
美的 p e p e
Will never happen with suck a dickhead owner. The dude constantly talking must be the most annoying human to be ever alive.
Jhaveri Aakash
i got orgasm
Laoceberg Johnson

According to Sina(Chinese CNN), Yueting Jia indicated the price of FF91 during an interview. It will be somewhere less than 2000000RMB(about 300K USD).
Eric Fillion
Battery capacity of 130kw, generating 1050hp at 783kw/h. That's 9.96 minutes of 1050hp. Very impractical car in that sense.
Kevin Nguyen
how is this more than a car? its just full of gadgets. you spent all this time comparing this car to other cars, but i dont see how its going to change a user experience. do i need 22 inch wheels?
Tracy Jones
Hmmm, a car smart enough to park itself, yet apparently not capable of turning its lights on when its dark... Brilliant.
Dejarino Zhino
Check vox's new video,looks like FF is kinda fucked right now lol
Richard Cohen
They need a better PR team. These guys were terrible
Imoox Studio
This is just a soccer mom van. :(
Renny Chan
How is this "the fastest production vehicle in the world"? it's not in production.... what a stupid presentation
Hmmm, industry insiders say will retail for about $180,000. That's coming from dailyherald, usatoday, cnn, etc. Google search also confirms this.
Kaiser Jerry
One Word: SHIT
Why is it so ugly?
All for just under 1 billion dollars.
ElishaPlayz Vlogs and Minecraft
Stupidest car on Earth.... Tesla's have the exact same features if not a bit better, and Tesla's don't need a smartphone to park it they park themselves, bad presentation as well. Just a car I wouldn't buy prefer a Tesla and in my opinion Tesla's look cooler.
As I said previously, your plans and permits were approved because I made some personal calls to my friend the Governor in trade for a couple of nights with your wife Nichole in her short black dress and stilettos. I have to say she did perform above and beyond and we had a sweet banging time. She said she wanted to have you get your ramp permit
Cyrille Early
That guy at 3:20 with the most potent battery in his pocket reminds me of that guy from Jurassic Park......
I'm curious, what happens if a parking lot is full. Will it inform the driver? Or perhaps drive around the parking lot until one opens?
Teach it to turn on the lights when driving itself through a parking lot at night! Lol. Come on guys.
I love it
"We are Tesla but also faster..."
I like that they are building an EV but it's not pretty when they try to take credit for all the things Tesla has initiated. They should have just focused on what makes them original.
robin s
Ugly as hell...
Guided Meditation
This is like a Chinese Government dream car. It gives the BIG BROTHER government the ability to track everyone inside and outside the car. It knows who is in the car including which seat, where they went, how long they were there and it can listen to every word in the car and with just a few keystrokes they can disable the car from a government computer.
The FF also takes away the most important thing a car can give a person -- Their Freedom. Cars are more than an appliance, they are a lifestyle and major tool people use to exercise their freedom. All the flashy features the FF brags about take away all the pleasure of owning your own car.
If you want somebody else to drive take a bus.
Severin Knorr
why does every electric car looks like shit this is way to futuristic. just make it like tesla a good looking car which has new technologie and power
lord frieza
this is just for really lazy people and it will get hacked or fucked up I can't wait this is set up to fail
Will see how long this will be around lol
Romeo Griggs-Taylor
Sounds like a company/car that's moving too fast. They first of all don't have established customers, so liability is VERY high risk. Not only that they have the great Tesla they MUST pass in order to get by and also sounds like another Boeing 700 meltdown accident just waiting to happen with that much power from a battery. Nice video though.
effonefiddy productions
Nothing about its drive system, no interior shots, no daytime shots, somethings not right here.
Pilar Villalobos
8 jb
This can put Uber and cabs out of business.
Blakk Lining
How is FF91 "First of the Species"? Everything they are promoting is basically what Tesla has already done?!?
another catered to the rich. the people who don't need to save money on gas.
Wesley Crabajales
I can't wait for nobody to buy this thing.
Tossed Dragon42
we do not need any electric cars at all if this comes to be a success it can and will put over 100,000 jobs at stake. we still need our fossil fuels and oil. global warming is a joke, and so is this car.
Kao Yang
Insurance coverage gonna be high for this damn thing...
Ivy Harper
I subscribe
Emb Construction
Donald Coleman
why not install those flexible solar panels on the top , so that could charge itself when sitting idle.
or for that matter, a self charging system of some kind.
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