Faraday Future FF 91 | CES 2017 Reveal | Key Moments

faraday futureff 91

Watch highlights of Faraday Future's unveiling of its flagship vehicle: the FF 91.

Intelligent, electric, autonomous-ready, and connected across your ecosystem of devices, the FF 91 is ushering in the next generation of sustainable luxury mobility.

Experience key moments from this #CES2017 keynote reveal event. See the FF 91 effortlessly park itself, accelerate from 0-60 MPH in 2.39 seconds, and learn about its design language.

Learn more at https://ev.ff.com/2ujVfcd


chao fang
Jia said one day he would go back to China ,not one day,just next week exactly!but he still stay in USA anyway
Atharva Kshirsagar
Chapter 11 loading
Carlos Lima
I spoke with an attorney part of the legal/corporate department of FF. He said the rumors are true, this car is for the rich, most likely going to be $180,000-200,000.
Tyrone Clark
florian eimer
Result: a car is arriving in a parking lot. No progress. I can even do it without sensors and radar systems and apps, as my great-grandfather in 1925 with his Fiat. Boring video.
Arto M
Fake company
A true rippoff of Tesla.

Named after a famous engineer behind electricity

Plans to build big factory in Nevada

Makes electric vechiles
Pssh. Don't care. Jetsons or bust.
clear men 007
Hope u will succeed!
Helder Almeida
Slowest computer software ever? Or the remote control pilot couldn't see clearly?
They should call this car the dork. This video is made to sucker investors,taxpayers and trendy dorks out of their money.
Dan Hassler
Max Bradley Adams
This company lacks the verve of a dynamic leader like Tesla has in Musk.
Tom Ovlien
My Tesla S85D has been doing that sort of auto-parking for 6 mths already ...
Ian H
I can understand the public confusion. A company needs a face. Someone the people can relate to. At the end of the day it's about marketing, salesmanship. And who does FF has as their face? Some random middle-aged British engineer? ... A slight Chinese billionaire who pops out of a car at a press conference?
Pursuit Performance
Maybe have the lights come on the vehicle when it's dark out
Гази Исматулаев
Буду первым кто напишет тут на Русском ) Похоже на мыльный пузырь который хочет стать реальностью глядя на успехи Маска.
Jeelan husain
As though our joints have been dislocating all these years because of walking to find our car
Chronicle of a disaster foretold...
The car is amazing... had the chance to take a look at both interior and exterior... woohoo. Am excited!
what?!?! lol 300k
people lost their God Damm Monday
I missed the part where it didn't want to pull off of the stage and had to dim the lights to have a guy get in and drive it all while still trying to act like it was driving itself...
Christopher Snyder
Jerome Foster II
Tell them that Jerome sent you.
Jerome Foster II
You should come to Washington Leadership Academy
Walter Black
Blah blah blah. Just build it, and price it the same as a Model S, then we'll talk.
The reaction from the crowd to this shit presentation shows that Tech sheep are just as dumb as Trump sheep.
Who gives a damn if it goes a little faster than the Tesla. It's fucking ugly and wide.
AI 자율 주행차의 시대가 얼마남지 않았네요.~
Alex Zhang
it looks very cool!
Stevan Lohja
Claim all this shit but no actual demonstration of shit working. Self parking has been around, just like they're still try to sell us regenerative breaking like it's some breaking new technology.
Spencer Farrell
I'm pretty sure the car actually not working would be a key moment...
it is a good thing that it can drive by itself so you can put an explosive inside the car and send it to park while you are eating a burguer and watching how many inocent people you can kill...
James L
fucking stupid, takes shorter and safer to park by myself
Who care's if your battery is the best if you cant get them produced. In that factory that you said you were building.
Interesting project, but the company soon collapses.
Lorena Wieshamm
The main difference between FF and Tesla is that Tesla has a vision that's greater than themselves and that is INSPIRING. As an EV advocate I wish FF all the success although it would be so good if they focus on actually producing great cars and not on "killing others"...just saying
Eric S
$300,000.... Hahaha. Not even close to game changing. More like boutique. Wish FF well, but definitely not Tesla competition. A homeless bum can reserve one of these... There's no upfront commitment. I also don't think you'll get a 2.39 0-60 once you add seats and body panels that were absent from the prototype used to beat a modelX. No one likes smoke and mirrors.
Chris Kephart
they may have the worst website in the history of tech companies.
Will never happen with suck a dickhead owner. The dude constantly talking must be the most annoying human to be ever alive.
Aakash Jhaveri
i got orgasm
Laoceberg Johnson

According to Sina(Chinese CNN), Yueting Jia indicated the price of FF91 during an interview. It will be somewhere less than 2000000RMB(about 300K USD).
Eric Fillion
Battery capacity of 130kw, generating 1050hp at 783kw/h. That's 9.96 minutes of 1050hp. Very impractical car in that sense.
Kevin Nguyen
how is this more than a car? its just full of gadgets. you spent all this time comparing this car to other cars, but i dont see how its going to change a user experience. do i need 22 inch wheels?
Tracy Jones
Hmmm, a car smart enough to park itself, yet apparently not capable of turning its lights on when its dark... Brilliant.
The Persona
Check vox's new video,looks like FF is kinda fucked right now lol
Richard Cohen
They need a better PR team. These guys were terrible
Imoox Studio
This is just a soccer mom van. :(
Renny Chan
How is this "the fastest production vehicle in the world"? it's not in production.... what a stupid presentation
Hmmm, industry insiders say will retail for about $180,000. That's coming from dailyherald, usatoday, cnn, etc. Google search also confirms this.
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