BIRTH OF THE DRAGON Trailer 2 (2017) Bruce Lee Movie

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Birth of the Dragon Trailer - 2016 Bruce Lee Movie
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About Birth of the Dragon 
Set against the backdrop of 1960s San Francisco, BIRTH OF THE DRAGON is a modern take on the classic movies that Bruce Lee was known for. It takes its inspiration from the epic and still controversial showdown between an up-and-coming Bruce Lee and kung fu master Wong Jack Man - a battle that gave birth to a legend.

New Trailer Buzz
This fight must've been a milestone in martial arts history
Oguzhan Taskin
love it
vijay kumar r
I am waiting
vijay kumar r
I am in Bruce Lee fan please dubbed to Tamil version
what a fucking disgrace
Why I cant find this movie download link? Please anyone give me direct or torrent download link of this movie....please please!
Minck Gaming
Jackie chan vs Bruce lee who would win?(reply down below)
Nor does it resemble Bruce Lee.Ya fucked up bruce lee
Seatac 253
He cant be a legend like bruce lee
Waheed Uchiha
man this is badass
Remakes are fine but the only person who can play Bruce Lee is Bruce Lee. Period.
Man0 GRC
That one inch punch representation at the end sucked hard
ewww hip hop
Carlos Anaya
they couldnt find someone whom actually looked like him?
Another movie about legendary fairytale fights of Bruce Lee
The Real Miklo

which superstar is cameo???
Machine Head
if bruce lee was still alive today-conor mcgregor would have challenged him too-
Kevin Kraft
This is a fucking joke.
Be water my friends
I'm so confused... didn't this movie come out last year???
Meline Fernandez
Essential carefully permit controversial head invisible join reaction lecture commitment.
Wan Fu
"Inspired by true events" = "No where near the facts".
Azhar Khan
releasing india ?
papa .jo
Bruce Lee is dead u know what i mean ???
WWE, you just shit on a real legend. Keep the garbage in your ring.
Carl Brown
Looks 100% better than the first trailer.... the first trailer made it look like the movie was about one of Bruce Lee's White student....... There are a ton of Bruce Lee Bio movies and Series in the last 10 years that have been made
Animated Music Videos
Everyone shitting on this. So i will not take this seriously and have fun. Becouse you cant deny the fight scenes looks badass as fuck. And this asshole bruce lee is fun. I dont know if he was a cocky guy but for a movie. Its fun
Alex Duong
Any true Bruce Lee fan will avoid this movie and let it sink into Oblivion at all costs.
Franz Haas
Host-Solomon Jericho-Speed
Why are there no black people in this movie when Bruce Lee was very active in the African American community during that time?

This is another B.S. Hollywood mess up.

don't waste your time or money on this train wreck of a movie.
only good thing about this movie is the actor,he really does a great job as Bruce!
Wow this looks cringe, bad, and disrespectful money grab.
Darenn Freitas
cancel this movie immediately
Platinum Edward
This is pretty cringey........hope the choreography is decent at least
Connor Middlemiss
I like the look of this
Who Knew 22
This is not a biopic of Bruce Lee just a movie about one fight very disrepectful to the legend avoid
Looks dumb.
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