I Couldn’t Figure Out Why Anyone Would Buy This Pile Of Rust Then I Saw Why And It’s AWESOME ‏

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I Couldn’t Figure Out Why Anyone Would Buy This Pile Of Rust  Then I Saw Why And It’s AWESOME

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my favorite is a 1967 ford mustang with a manual transmission and id paint it either yellow with a black stripe or mahogany with 2 black stripes
Spencey spence Adventures
What a waste of time😒😡
Spencey spence Adventures
OH MY GOSH he’s stupid
Spencey spence Adventures
BOI he talks about something and shows something completely different
Very nice
There is no such thing as fossil fuels ,its a myth they want you to believe
Jeremy Varner
The whole entire video all I heard was blah blah blahblah alabalablabla
carl talbot
I'm old enough to know when a vehicle has been rotting away. Unless you look real hard a car will show its true colors. This should have gone thru a complete acid wash and then inspected. When you buy a car like this you want to know everything about the vehicle. Unless your going to keep the car it's not going to be worth a fraction of an original car.

When I was a teen I purchased a WWII Mercedes with my brother. In a few short months i discovered that we had to create a time line with the car. Here I am realizing that just to research the car was going to cost several thousand dollars before we were going to start the restoration. Dont get me wrong my brother was right. here we were in the 1970's
with a car that was built in the early 1940's from Germany.and we had to prove this. and we had German plates. Sounds good on paper means shit without proof. I told my brother we were way out of our finance and sold the car for a few thousand more than what we paid.

To this day i still don't know if the car was original. What I do know was the car showed
No sign of NAZI origin. I am glad I got rid of that monster and i hope it got recycled into Junk.
Anthony Hall
i dont like how the pictures dont match what he is talking about
Heinz Reich
Well this ist how You ern an dislike and an Report
Bernie Mccone
this vid is so far out of sinc with the photos was dificult to follow
Dylan Botts
David R
Ford , found on rubbish dump . Ford fucked on race day . Ford .
Richard Cline
Pictures and sound are nowhere near each other!
Its nice to see how he elaborated the obvious about this car and the restoration. But I dont believe he knows too much about cars in general.
The Mad Man
pity the sound track does not sync with the visual
Trevor Taylor
Fantastic great job on the car
Wow! How long does it take to say.... he bought the pile of rust because it was a very rare car and restored it.... I assume this is what you're going to say since I got bored an stopped the vid....
Mary Barger
Talking about gauge cluster and we see tail lights, talk about motor and we see rear axle and differential. Car is beautiful. Nice to hear drum brakes were put back on instead of disc brakes. I drove a 1966 Chevy II SS for 35 years. Unfortunately, had to sell it July 2012. I hope to get it back someday and pray they didn't change anything. I did all the work on her myself except electrical and transmission. Painted it twice myself. Everything was stock/original when I had to sell it except for wheels and tires! I miss that car!!
joe Schlotthauer
Lift radiator cap, remove rusty car, replace with new car made from panels from China.
D.j. B
Jimmy Kraktov
Totally fucked up video. Waste of time. Bullshit title!
I watch several shows that restore these old cars and you can buy most if not all the body panels even the floor pan.
Will Abbott
If I came from a different planet and never seen a car before, I'd be so confused. I enjoyed people's comments the best !
Jeff Westfall
He could have told us everything in 5 minutes. This guy is windy
Robin Harrison
Prius owners may envy muscle cars but Tesla owners don't. They just silently smoke them.
Valdez Valdez
? I.
Tim Max
I Couldn't figure out why anyone would flip an image of a car to make it backwards so you cant read the insignia on the car! THEN I FIGURED IT OUT, BECAUSE THEY ARE IDIOTS!
Larry Snider
Narration is about 1 to 2 minutes ahead of the video, Talks about restoring tail lights, showing seat springs. Really Really stupid.
Douglas Ames
There were no 3" exhausts back in the day...
DJ gamer 221
$15,000 is a small price to pay for the memories made with your stepdad or real dad..
I'm going to restore my dad's iroc we was always supposed to with my son mlw.I'm determined he doesn't watch to rust away as I had to. I never have understood how he let a car he loved so much just sink in the ground.
This video says the car has a 351 Windsor motor. I never heard of a 351 Windsor having a shaker scoop. The 428 Cobra Jet had the shaker scoop. Beautiful car! The 1969 428 Cobra Jet was my favorite car from the 60's.
Linda Lulu
I jammed hot fireplace pokers in my ears at minute 2; it made it much easier to watch.
Why tell a story in 3 minutes when you can drag it into a 14 minutes snooze fest! Fuck, somebody call a Dr. I think I am in a coma and it's only minute 7.
Doug B
I hope that some day the owner can find the time to properly align the forward end of the hood, or rework it so that it can align. It's almost distracting.
Lawrence King
Hard to watch this video as the sound is so far off from the video. He's about 30 seconds ahead in speech as the video plays.
James Spignola
We don't care about you feelings or your philosophy!
Just tell us about the fucking car!
If you go to American metal direct “AMD” you can get all the body panel parts for almost every old car you need
Lew Rodd
"Older cars are a thing of the past"? you must be an American.
John Ahern
what a useless vid. Total waste of time to watch
Larry Littrell
To many ads
Audio track is out of sync with the video.
Jeff Bingaman
On to the next vid where a guy scoops up a pile of rust and claims it's a one of a kind concept car that was never built. He then builds a cross between a rambler and a Trabant. And uses the rust he scooped up to create a rust flake spray pattern with a 34 layer clear coat.
Jeff Bingaman
I would have shot that pile of junk which is probably what happened to the front end, trunk, floorpans, hood, motor and the rest of it. Which surprised the hillbillies that used to pee on it to see if they could dissolve the rust. And they were surprised to see this guy drag this heap away. I would have given it to a Chevy pickup owner who would pull it behind his truck until the road eats that rustbucket down to the body putty.
Who did the upholstery... a rat with a diploma.
My guess is this thing weighs a thousand pounds more than the original due to the weight of putty.
If I only knew then what I know now... All my cars and there were many were selling for $1200-$2000 fully restored. Now these cars are at auction over $100,000!!!
Steve Leahy
Didn’t watch the video because of the 300 ads
Gerry Buck
Maybe he should actually watch the video so he can keep his motormouth in line with what's on the screen.
Still a nice looking car.
Greg Reyes
Narration seems to be not in synchronicity with the images. Narrator talks about seats and the image shows the cylinder head.
Since when was an engine bock a seat?
Wesley Hayley
your comments and whats being shown doesnt even come close...does anyone over there pay any attention or do you just slap shit together n hope no one notices?.... in otherwords...YOU GUYS SUCK!
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