Top 10 Best Lip Sync Battles

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Top 10 Best Lip Sync Battles

Julianne Hough, Derek Hough, John Legend, Kevin Hart, Gigi Hadid, Tyler Posey, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anthony Mackie, The Rock, Jimmy Fallon, John Legend, Common, Anna Kendrick, John Krasinski, Josh Gad, Kaley Cuoco, Jenna Dewan Tatum, Channing Tatum, Anne Hathaway, Emily Blunt, Kevin Hart, Olivia Munn are just some of the celebrities who have appeared on Lip Sync Battles! Which battle is #1 though? Find out in this video! 

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TJ Wells
This needs an urgent update!
Tao Noi
Please take a look on my nationalities , Lip sync battle thailand.😆😃
Knockturnal Knight
Ben Affleck V Henry Cavil
Tom holland and zendaya should totally be on this list!!!!
Tom Holland knocked Channing off the throne.
Gigi Hadid vs Tyler Posey.... TYLER SHOULD'VE WON !
Sam Dunbavin
Tom Holland and zendaya
Asia Argentina
WTH is this???
Madden Bros
Yea ok Terry Crews was way better the Anne Hathaway
where the f*** is Emma Stone vs Jimmy Fallon
Debbie B
this video seriously needs to be updated because.. tom holland
Isabella Garrido Ponce
Ok, where is Tom Holland?!?!? If Tom, is not here, this is officially a bad video!!!!!!
Maite Pardo
one tom holland vs zendaya
Ellen DeGeneres doing Diana Ross' Theme From Mahogany
Danika Bisson
Tom Holland by far has the best lip sync preformance😂😂
Proles On Parade
number 5 should be number 1 and number 4 should be number 2
Fernanda Rosa Nanda Nanda
Kkkkk yuo tube kkkk
Skye Sinclair
Margot robbie vs cara delevingne
Jonathan M. Conway
Totally Nailed it
Brandon O'Malley
As soon as Bey entered the building Tatum won that battle. It was over before it even began.
Regina Escobar Gámez
Anne Hathaway VS Tom Holland
Edwin Garcia
Where is Coco vs Alyssa? Phi Phi Vs Sharon? Tatianna Vs Alyssa? so many more are missing
Jeremy Gabryszak
Justin Bieber looks more like a woman with the wig lol
Serena Rosales
Lise Clement
dose tablespoon altogether milk election greet okay compose.
Leslie Flores
we need Tom Holland lol
Kaew Kanom
lip sync battle thailand check this out
boo boo bootsie
i agree that jenna and channing. they for sure have connections and moves :) love them both. they both rock <3 also what about terry crews? he sang the exact same song in 'white chicks' movie. i lost it when i seen it, i was not expecting that :) i loved that too <3
The best I've seen is Tom Holland vs zendaya
Scoot over and make room for Tom Holland for number one now
Queen of the Llamacorns
Wait is the Channing Tatum one in here when he looked like Beyonce lol I hope it is
Queen of the Llamacorns
I loved the Tom Holland one please do a new one with him like omg
Julian Ramz
After watching every season of rupauls drag race this seems very basic
Karleigh Zhang
No one tops Katherine McPhee
Jhaneil Grey
Channing was one with Jenna was so good but I also loved Anna one with the wreaking ball ugh idk
You pronounced *Started with rupaul's drag race, wrong.
JGL v Anthony Mackie at #5. You gotta be high.
Cindy Lyles
Still think Terry Crews should have ranked. But Mike Tyson was horrible. Sad that probably had more to do with him not ranking than his performance.
Marcus Fabio da Costa Lyra Junior
This program its only a unhappy copycat of Ru Paul's drag race, please its such a big shame! NEXT
Bianca Lombardo
Tom holland vs. Zendaya is my personal favourite
Carlos Silvio
It all starts with drags and Rupaul's Drag Race. Pay respect for those who deserve it!
slow pleasure065
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Bryan Calderon
Dude, Joseph Gordon-Levitt totally take it, he's performance was sick
Anna Smith
ooooh my tyleeeeer😭😍😍😍
Melissa Rivera
Then tom holland came and killed everyone's performance
Um I where the hell is Tom vs Zendaya, keep up with the trend plz
Tyler Neumann
wait was that wwe star the big show behind Olivia Munn at 3:31
morgan osterfield
now adding tom holland to #1
Greg and Arabella Laws
tom holland is the best!!!!!!
Kitty on Toast
best lip sync battle of all time was definetly tom Holland's performance
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