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Craziest! Abandoned Places Horace Mann High School Urbex adventure in USA largest Ghost Town Gary, Indiana. Near Chicago Illinois This abandoned city has some of the best Urban Exploring in the country! Everything is Left behind this Highschool is absolutely full of stuff. Frozen in time and left to decay. Come along on our trip through this urban jungle. Plenty of adventure awaits. Revisit ghosts of the past and witness haunted apparations of those who once walked these sidewalks and halls pass before your very eyes. Exploring at it's best!
One of a kind find. Subscribe for more exploration from the hood! Urban Exploration in creepy abandoned places! Scary encounters, always the possibility of evp and ghost activity. Do you believe haunted places exist? Overgrown entangled scary abandoned buildings abound! Some of the scariest most shocking videos are made while we explore places that have long been abandoned. Many of these places are near me. Sometimes we travel. Stay tuned we are always uploading

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Walking Exploring Urbex
I love your channel Tony always love watching your vids
MaryS Ferguson
Very interesting school. I like the desks. The basement looked spooky.
Skye Tempo
Great video! Check me out i do sjmilar content! I left a sub and a like!
let cgutz gutierrez
im glad to see again your interesting video 😊
Sue Girling
Hi Tony, it's so good to see you back, I really missed your video's and your humour with the way you jibe Andrew lol. xx
Hali Nepsha
Awesome work 😍
Diana Church
It's so amazing the twists and turns of these places! I would be so Lost!
Those Atari monitors are worth money, believe it or not! Especially if they're color monitors.
Jason S
awesome video again Tony. Love it ! JS
Heidi Oller
Wow! That place is awesome. It looks like it could have inspired Nightmare On Elm Street right down to the incinerator. So creepy/cool. Love that kind of stuff. On another note just take things one day at a time and take care of you. Hey folks! Hit that LIKE button right now! Then hit subscribe if you haven't already and share!
Steven Garrett
Urbex NY
This place was awesome, it deserved 5 parts, for sure. And I ate too much pizza, and am dozing off, and was glad to see another vid of this place before my fat ass hits the hey. lol
kathy crutcher
Happy to see another video.dont forget to smash that like button guys❤️
Susan Sack
Glad to see your fantastic video's are back!! Thanks for sharing!
Walter Wynnchok
People are actually paying to investigate places like this, But Why?!...
Yay! More peerless, fearless T & A @ Dead Mann High! Funny, I was always taught that "Hell Awaits." Guess over on that side 'tis "Death." Strange to see those spiffy sky-blue slacks lookin' fresh from the cleaners surrounded by all that rot & rust. And who threw Raggedy Ann in the dungeon? Hmm...metal drums of disaster water rations...was H.M.H."s cellar a designated fallout shelter site back in the day?
Aileen Wilson
I never got a notification for this one or the live stream earlier and I have hit the bell
Aileen Wilson
I'm first hope you are fine Tony thinking of you
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