Hit Vs Jiren - Dragon Ball Super Episode 109

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1:05 Dyspo...
Dom Olivares
People throw the word around Plot armor too much. Until we know how Jiren got so powerful it’s not really an ass pull, especially since he’s been talked about long before the TOP.
Daniel Jackson
Whis stated that there's a god of destruction who's stronger than Beerus, and that there's a mortal in that universe stronger than the god of destruction. It's now confirmed that the people in question are Belmod and Jiren. Thus, Jiren > Belmod > Beerus. Accordingly, if Goku becomes stronger than Jiren, he'll be much stronger than Beerus.
Daniel Jackson
When Goku emerged from the rubble, Freeza said he wasn't surprised, that he expected it from Goku (whom he now recognizes as his equal [at least without the limit breaker form] and as someone worthy of respect).
Think back to Namek: Goku used the spirit bomb against Freeza, and Freeza survived. Near the end of the fight, when Freeza's energy was depleted, Goku gave him some of his own energy.
So when Freeza's standing in front of Goku, saying he's reminded of Namek, he's not taking revenge on Goku, he's about to give Goku energy! The most immediate conclusion is that Freeza was going to take out Goku, but they've deliberately left us with misleading cliffhangers before, so the menacing end can't be right.
Kyle Adrien
Wonder why freiza snatched goku at the end
kaneki leonhardt
Calou o cu dos filhos da puta dos haters
The One Above All
For those of u who don't know what this form is. Its where your body moves by itself and you don't have to think. This was a temporary transformation, but I think U should go to GOGOANIME.
Nathan Abrams
Mastery of self movement can be used in real life. It's called Mushin
Alex Tyron
1:07 still can't stop laughing XD
Ebony Davis
ᵀᴴᴱᵞ ᴰᴵᴰ ᴺᴼᵀ ᴱᵛᴱᴺ ᶠᴵᴳᴴᵀ *ᶜᴸᴵᶜᴷᴮᴬᴵᵀ
Ziril 29
All of the of ep 109 & 110 has no subtitle
Eva Londe
Where's the english sub!!!!????
1HiT Miless
i'm sure goku and vegeta will eliminated gohan vs jiren will be the last standing ^_^ gohan will release his limiter godlike 100%
jackson sammy
Where the hell i can find this Ep ?
Raging Zombie
Oh crud it wore off!
Full episode, no joke (starts after ads & recap): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bom6zmxateA
Griffin Sandusky
Goku must be about to ask Frieza for help with maintaining his new form
I've been sleeping on Jiren this dude is no joke but this is still pretty hilarious 1:20
Arturo Chairez
Jiren is stronger than the grand priest
Johnny Johnson
I'm starting to think Anonymous tap Crunchyroll
Anthony Miguel
Em que app vejo esse EP?.? Alguém me responde pfv 😭😭
Is it really called limit breaker
Gamingwith roblox
Dud whis say something about goku at the begging
Axel Portinto
Zeno didn't give goku the energy
Ivan Amaya
Rosa Cardenas
OMG Goku And Jiren
Aaron Quiroz
Alguien me puede explicar porque no encuentro ningún resultado respecto al cap 109 sub español completo, lo han postergado otra vez o que :(
Lavar Ball
Hit is a fucking beast.
Kunal Singh
Where can I watch the episode
Marvin Rivera
holy shit i can´t wait anymore fck where is the full episode
juegos y mas y foxy lol
Los gritos de bardock junto el ssjlb
Yash Gedam
gokus voice was different in limit breaker.
Adrian Aaros
Goku will use he's new form and kaioken to defeat jiren
Xeno Xamass
What the voice
danny f
Lol i saw the full episode online And spoilers goku will use kaio-ken with this new form in future
anyone looking to watch the full special? go to my website and click on the facebook button www.tharealgcode.com
Simon GHS
is this animated?
Nick Bumaya
It's seems to me that goku and jiren were evenly matched but that's just me
omar ayala ramirez
manden el video en sub español
Logan Watson
Where did goku go
Randall Polius
Wher did you watch it
tee duke
Is anybody on here having trouble getting on funimation & Cryuncheroll?
Dear Fairilu Supreme Leader Lip Fairilu
Can you give us the whole episode?
Try Again
Jiren is stronger than goku because jiren is controlled by a god of destruction
Moonwolfofthe Shadows
I swear to god of destruction if Zeno taps on goku on that godpod, Zeno gonna die
Fairy Fairy
goku's new form = useless
Tre Anthony
He can't beat him.
Dan Tdm fan
I just want to learn Japanese so bad just to was DBS
Martial Quasar
Omg I can’t find the episode
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