Apis Cor: first residential house has been printed!

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Apis Cor company has successfully finished the residential house printing project, which was announced in December 2016.The developer of the unique equipment, Apis Cor company approached the issue of building this house from all sides and invited five world renowned companies, which are known for their innovative approach, as partners: PIK Companies Group, Samsung Electronics, TechnoNICOL corporation, Bitex Reibeputz company and «Fabrika Okon» company.  
You can find a detailed report on the house construction at http://apis-cor.com/en/about/news/first-house
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Assasinproking Assasin
1. Where do I hire this company
2. Can I get in in USA now
3. How cheap and reliable is it
4.can it build a bigger house
Trish House
Here in the eweS.A, there is a 10 year waiting list in most major cities for public housing. So, single parent with kids who can't find a job - too bad, so sad for you guys. But, the Department of Housing and Urban Development which is supposed to provide those homes has somehow LOST half a trillion dollars from their books and nobody seems to want to find it. Imagine if those funds had been spent on providing thousands of 3D printed homes at a reasonable price so that no one is ever homeless in America ...
Adhi Kusumo
Metric Unit!!! Thank you Apis Cor!
Mango Brown
You'll pay 10 for the house, the $80K for where the house sits.
Mango Brown
I don't care if this was $50 thousand dollars... 24 hours for a home is amazing!!....

but let's be clear, even a home like that will never sell for 11,000. These companies are not wasting their time just to make back their money on what they spent on it, and definitely not for the quick time that they were able to provide it to you. The use of the technology itself is probably 10,000 to be sold.

The architect who designs the home itself will require thousands of bucks, and when produtcs become in demand, the mark ups for making such a building goes up... If you and I wanted a home of this size we should expect to pay about 60K, and that's not including the taxes and fees our Goverment wants
bipola telly
The 666 house!
Tracey Lafontaine
Hopefully you have future plans to come over to Canada,
I really like this innovative technology 😊👌
Mizael Gp
anyone know when they'll be available
Man i don't like this small house...
guesswho kk
Nice & practical concept, next stage is having multiple of these machines working together to build a larger house onsite. Or even placing these machine on the roof to create a 2nd floor.
Tetra Digm
so i guess laying down concrete by hand is considered "manual printing" to these people? ha.
Hillbilly Herper
how do u get the printer out of the house?!?!?! crane? they didnt show that part, and cranes are expensive to rent!!
Alexey Filippenko
1. Try printing several floors.
2. Try printing big rectangular houses.
I don't see this tech being a big alternative to the existing building methods right now. More like a show off that 3D printing can be scaled up.
Brad Haaf
BC wildfires displace 15,000 people, red cross gets 100 million donation from province. Let's get these people housed tomorrow, before winter hits not in 3 years !
No one want's that ugly fucking house. Go non-profit and pint those shit boxes in Africa where they're needed.
So, how can I order one?
(serious question)
Darren Pene Junior Pati
the narrator needs to go to a speech therapist. That vocal fry is gonna destroy his voice.
Sun Rabbit
Very interesting but 38m2 is too small. I want at least 150m2 the question is, can they do a structure that big? How do they move the printer around a larger structure? Other commenters address land, sewer, gas, water, etc. But you can get very cheaply an old house for demolition that has all that for the price of just the land. The money you save vs. traditional construction you can use to put solar panels on your flat roof!
but can just hold one floor
Insane cost savings.
rahultandi 98271
how much price 3D printer
Scripture Writer
I can build this
Peter Earp
may be brilliant but rip builders ):
Michelle Blum Atkinson
Wow, I'm blown away. And the quickness in which you made the house is amazing. I'm curious, how does the water drain on the roof? In areas with mosquitos, that might be a problem.
Deirvin Davis
I'm guessing the inhabitants will sleep in the living room since there doesn't appear to be a bedroom. Basically this would be great for young millennial couples but obviously once a child comes into the picture the house will be way too small
channa naragala
Keep Going guys Your building a better world! I love this!
Zeb Clark
Anyone arguing the reality of 3d printed homes are lost in time somewhere. Dude, this is a cake walk compared to the automation technology that has already existed for decades. I've worked on many types of automation systems and this seems far easier than an automated pharma plant, lab, space shuttle launch, a computer processor, automated car factory, horizontal oil drilling, etc.. This is easy peasy people and you're a dumbass if you think it can't be done.
Bustin Justin
How do they get the printer out of the house?
You know how you solve the problems of the next generation? By not breeding it. You cannot win this ponzi scheme called life/civilization by any technology. Take care of each other and die out as gracefully as possible, because nature will make it violent and full of suffering.
I would like to know what the expected longevity of the building is. That roof doesn't look like it will stand up to much weathering. I also do not trust the "honorable mention", comparatively speaking, that the house mechanicals received.
Watching an advert because it's cool..
Marcos Barahona
@apis cor, does the material cause cancer ?
Алексей Хомутников
I'd Buy That For a Dollar
mark jones
This is a very cool idea but I would like to know more about the structural integrity of these buildings during earthquakes, high wind events and snow loads.
I for one welcome our robotic overlords.
3D print a real life castle! Only then will I be convinced!
Jo Radcliffe
One day someone will make a machine that can print with molten materials such as plastic, glass or metal. Robotics will need to be a bit fancier than this thing.
Hey look! A fidget spinner house!!
I WANT IT!!! You know how many homes I could build? I need to house my bitches while they're out making my money! 😈😂
Omer Azher
what is the price of this machine.??
Chad Leach
Do you think you could build a structure for tropical climates that need to be hurricane resistant?
Chad Leach
In mother Russia, house builds self.
Fatima ASYIA
where else in the world is this available?where do you build it and what are the extra costs?
steal threaded
I hope you companies that seek expansion into the stats from europe understand these are trades jobs, good jobs, that you are trying to replace. You are trying to do that in a country that has a failing infrastructure and no real long term plan for it's citizens, unlike your country.

eventually replacing all the workers with robots and computers is going to kill a bunch of people if the country doesn't have the structures in place to take care of a populace with no hope of jobs.
When all the workers are gone you can't sell your houses anymore, because they were the ones who bought them.
スタマTV 【登録者1万人に挑戦】
thank u 4 upload.
Alien003 Hydrogen nitrogen
more like 200.000
Recht Schaffen
2nd floor?
i can already see trump using 50 of theese for a wall over mexico
Daim ephist
@2:29 and how can you print at this point where the socket of the printer is ?
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