Apis Cor: first residential house has been printed!

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Apis Cor company has successfully finished the residential house printing project, which was announced in December 2016.The developer of the unique equipment, Apis Cor company approached the issue of building this house from all sides and invited five world renowned companies, which are known for their innovative approach, as partners: PIK Companies Group, Samsung Electronics, TechnoNICOL corporation, Bitex Reibeputz company and «Fabrika Okon» company.  
You can find a detailed report on the house construction at http://apis-cor.com/en/about/news/first-house
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Brian P
So where can I buy /commission one?
Lobally com
They are not native speakers = they are fake interviewed people
The beginning sounds like that terminator thing at universal
No bedroom?
Carl Barron
A first residential house has been printed so is this the future of building fast and economically? it could fill the gap for affordable homes for workers etc.
Jane Doe
Great concept, but video is too tedious to watch...
the voice over makes this seem like some video log you discover in a dystopian future video game... "apis cor, building the future today" and then everything goes to shit
Jack Johnston
I wonder if this technology will be so accurate and advanced that they can even print out all the furniture, stoves, plumbing, etc.
Definitely need this thing in North America. Shoddy construction and expensive labor equals horrible and costly housing.
Kacper Lorens - Jaronczyk
Hello, do you print houses in Poland too ?
any word on availability? im super interested
What's the downsides?
Hey Apis Cor, your math is incorrect on savings and price per sqft
typical russian animation bullshit - as the superdrones with tanks in them and so on
Hans Meiser
24 hours? Can i buy this house with Amazon Prime?
This is ultra cool!
Andrew Lusty
Very Very cool .
Darryl Hetherington
Wow amazing! ....er wait! They started doing this in China in 2012
Matija Jemec
And main sponsor is SAMSUNG
Ildiko Mester
WOW!!!! Bring it on!!!!!
MGTOW Jester
Just imagine a suburb full of these homes! People would save so much money! I can picture the countrysides being filled up these homes!
So there is an investor with land who will print 20-50 houses on this land. So the costs for the land + the printer are low for each buyer. I would be in.
Aloha Apis Cor!😊 Congratulation for your Magnificent 3D Printed House! It is Gorgeous! A truly AFFORDABLE (10,000 US dollars) COOL Tiny House for ALL on Earth! May we CO-CREATE Gorgeous Intentional Communities/Eco-Villages, for a NEW Earth, with these AMAZING 3D Printed Tiny Homes👍! We are Beings made of Light, Sound, and Color, Radiating LOVE throughout Creation's Multiverse! Namaste, Peace, & Love to ALL on Earth🌍! We are ONE, Always & Forever Eternal✨!
The color looked better before they panted it...
Elena Roos
Пик группа!
Alexey Er
для теплых стран нормально, а для нас утепление нормальное делать надо
d4t4n0n u53r
Where do I sign? I fully support this effort, I'm willing to buy one today. Fuck California.
Chalk Maddison
"building the future today" fuck you.
Dave White
Wonder what it would cost for the equipment to start a business?
pinta perho
those fucking idiots
Kurtis Saiyo
Dunno if this would fly in California, earthquake standards etc. I noted the horizontal reinforcement, I didn't see any vertical ones, not that it would be impossible, just curious if it would pass our current building codes. I'm also curious about how the electrical and plumbing is put in, they didn't show that - it's obviously​ there. With a smaller structure you would need central air (a requirement in some areas) which is nice, and in some areas residential sprinklers are required.
Sounds like any other Russian job - quick, amazing and nobody knows why.
how did they run the electrical?
I wonder if my printer can do that.
Eduardo Adamovicz Ribeiro de Carvalho
The girl in the cafe sounds so fake.
Jonathan Comas
What about plumbing?
can it print at an angle?
MC Höde
Russians are smarter than others think. This is genius!
Someone Else
If you make them hexagonal, you can get the most surface area if you stack them up next to each other, with a bit of space to walk between them.

Plus if they're hexagonal, and you paint the tops orange you could make cities look like bee hives, which would just be awesome.
But will it be implemented fast enough to print homes for all the construction workers who are about to be unemployed
one thing though: is this a russian price in rubles converted to dollars? because the labor and material cost in russia is probably cheaper than US.
Max Betti
how about italy ?
if you put uv curing reisn inside the cement it could print faster.
The narrator reminds me of Cave Johnson from Portal
Want one! Now, Please.
But its so ugly outside
Are the walls smooth when the printer is done? or is plastering required?
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