Apis Cor: first residential house has been printed!

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Apis Cor company has successfully finished the residential house printing project, which was announced in December 2016.The developer of the unique equipment, Apis Cor company approached the issue of building this house from all sides and invited five world renowned companies, which are known for their innovative approach, as partners: PIK Companies Group, Samsung Electronics, TechnoNICOL corporation, Bitex Reibeputz company and «Fabrika Okon» company.  
You can find a detailed report on the house construction at http://apis-cor.com/en/about/news/first-house
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Adedeji Akin
The Russians are coming!!!
Ermac Dahitman
Nice lil house but, where am i gona take a dump? I didnt see a toilet. The smell alone would linger in a lil house like that.
taco bell
im a mexican and this machine took my job..... oh well
Esther Batycki
gengen One
Question what are the building materials made out of? how does the product use affect the people that live in it or the environment?
Ken Havens
Can definitely see this being amazing in a decade
J.C. Wolf
^ears perk from alot of ideas for use^
^woofles^ so it'd work on mars!?!?!
let alone survive harsh storms!?
feels and looks like this should've been here decades ago,
no matter, well done Apis Cor and crew!
Sponsored by Samsung but not mentioned
Craig Prinsloo
The Most expensive part of a house, at least in the UK is the land purchase.
Living In Samsara
exciting technology!!!
It's a great idea! Please distribute it to Israel, it's really needed here!
Hocoa San Diego
i'll take 3 please! Oh wait, make it four, I forgot about my mother in law...
The actual printer is oddly cute. Please can you make it even cuter
da bigboyy
why don't you guys use this for countries in need and for people that can't have homes if they were destroyed
Alex Faulkner
who came here from No dumb questions?
Jordan Beagle
This is lit! :D
Patrick French
Thats not a house thats a shed, and cost didnt even include plumbing or electric. GTFO
English translation is terrible. If the company is serious, they should record a new voice over.
How much is this 3d printer?
David -flamingsword1
The damn creaking vocal fry of that narrator is unlistenable. It makes me want to tear my hair out... but other than that it was a cool video
paolo rizk
I could buy 10 of these houses for the price I paid for my house in the states 😵. I want in on a few of these ASAP!!! Email 👉🏽 mizmilinko@gmail.com
eileen MAIZE Carey
AWESOME now We could use HEMP Crete it would even be better 😊....
Jonathan Herr
Allows to perform final finishing.. finishing works.. sounds like a tiny bits of engrish...
markaba malala
small, weak and unhealthy
ana karla cassimiro
Fascinada! Gostaria muito de poder ver isso de perto e poder trazer essa tecnologia para o Brasil!
Carlos Cal
where is the bedroom or bed?
Alex Morgan
I'd love this house. A small simple, minimalist house is all ill ever need (as long as it has space for a desk and PC). I love the minimalist lifestyle so this house is amazing to me. And the flat roof is great!! No dangling spiders from the gutter crawling through your bedroom window. Ugh. This is my future house if it comes to UK! ^_^
Клим Чугункин
Гидроизоляция ТехноНиколь!
David Tate
bring it on . i want one nice
it looks like shit
Seems like a great way to put hard-working human construction workers out of a job! :D
the future:

just a normal day downloading houses
We are not afraid of work. We are not strangers to expertise. We can provide for each other...What we want is an end to usury...We can accept the awesome responsibility of righteous self governance. We can respect and revere nature, and each other while creating accommodations for our unfit bodies to survive here...What we want is to end the pollution of our hearts, minds, and souls...We as humans are unwelcome here because of the Beast system that reigns over us. Mammals with money is an absurd idealism in the realm of the divine...Purge the Beast, and its manifested minions and make it an unacceptable accompaniment in any endeavor... Only then can the marvels of technology truly free our putrid hands to live in harmony with our host...Otherwise, I'm thoroughly unimpressed...
d4t4n0n u53r
Fast, affordable housing will destroy the mortgage industry, fractional reserve banking will take a major hit as all CDO the banks are using (people home mortgage) on the balance sheet will shrivel up. The entire corrupt banking system will suffer a deathblow. Developers who focus on luxury housing will see prices come down. Real estate flippers, speculators, investors, landlord (why do we still call them that?), and the like will take a big one up their ass because the we the people finally have a technology to make housing fast, and affordable.
Kaitlynn Lutz
my dad and I built a little "club house" in our yard when I was a kid. took us several weeks but it was a nice little hangout. Now I can print my sons clubhouse.
Dejay Rezme
This is awesome! The smooth walls due to the addition of a spatula is really great!
I've previously seen the Wasp project and it's interesting how you managed to make the pumping of concrete through a long tube work. I would have assumed an extruder with small capacity that is refilled automatically would be better.
who is gonna buy a house, when automation takes the last job?
株式会社みのりかわ MinoPro01
建築用3Dプリンターで家を建てると…たったの24時間で完成しちゃった! その様子をごらんくださいだって
James Hall
The next big thing !
Joshua Joyce
yea we're gonna have a lot of pissed off contractors. thousands of jobs lost. we shall see how great this country will be then.
Jayse Greene
Incredible! Imagine your dream house and have it built in less than a week at a fraction ...
The acting of your "random people" is horrible.
Michael Skin
It cost &10,000
Brian P
So where can I buy /commission one?
Lobally com
They are not native speakers = they are fake interviewed people
The beginning sounds like that terminator thing at universal
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