The secret chord that makes Christmas music sound so Christmassy

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Hint: Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is You" uses it. 

For more about the secret chord, read more from Adam Ragusea here:

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Basically Heco
this is so good, it makes me cry everytime i watch :))
Balázs Endrei
More like Fm7;
Raindash 877
But hey I that’s just a theory , a Christmas theory
Raymond Doetjes
I guess that this man doesn't like that song all that much, or christmas or the catholic church for that matter
Kostis Tsioulakis
if I may, the Fmaj is NOT the dominant chord. G7 woukd be. ;)
Kupi Kaonga
0:21 "Mary, did you know? - Pentatonix ” I'm happy.
Eloya W
Reinis Abolins
Toon IJzerman
It actually is a half diminished chord with d as the root. This makes it a ii7md in c major (moll dur because of the lowered 6). Only correct explanation using classical music theory.
Andrew Andrews
Cringe, I've just installed a plug in just to ban this page from showing up again. Half diminished is a secret chord................. Ok, goodbye.
David Edwards
It is a great song, except when Mariah Carey murders it. The trouble or reason she kills it is shown when you put the written music up. The written music shows how the notes should be played/sung, but murdering Mariah manages to add in so many other notes it completely ruins the song. Listen to Celtic Thunder singing it. That is how it should sound, no added notes.
Laurentiu Mihaila
When that guy started talking, all I was thinking was Scrubs :))
Levi NoPants 2.0
I could make a 3 second video about this but no, we need the views and money!!!
Bestest Inventions
if they put Ab as the bass note it would sound super king kong (i don't have a word to describe this feeling and king kong just happened to be the first thing i thought of that seemed fit)!
Ian Brown
Isn’t it half diminished tho
Alex Dime
Amazing! Speaking of Christmas...
As soon as I heard the "tin tin tin" I was ready to sing my heart out
Mike Hawk
most of the songs listed on top are BS! the classics are the best and most known. the first sing u will probably learn is jingle bells etc.
John Nastrom
The narrator is boring to listen to.
Arianne Vera
Honestly music is magic sometimes.
Arianne Vera
Honestly music is magic sometimes.
4:05, feel strangely uncomfortable when I see a "space" between the letters D and m, and their "bounce-up order".
If I am the one who does the animation, the "bounce-up order" of the letters would be "Dm", "b5", then "7". It would show the audience which notes correspond to which parts of the nomenclature.
I wish Vox would post more videos like this. Compared to their political evaluations, this is actually like.. interesting.
1:00 He looks like he could be a part of Dr. Seuss' books XD
hear fan
Nah. It's the sleigh bells.
MisterD90 Gaming
god i hate christmas songs
for something analyzing sound, you'd think the narrator would get her vocal fry in check.
Rich H
I'm Jewish.
Tim Lallemant
This is all a result of negative harmony - if you rotate G7 (G-B-D-F) around the tonal axis of C, you get Fmin6 (F-Ab-C-D). Dmin7b5 is just an inversion of this. It has the same amount of 'need to resolve' as a regular G7, but coming from the darker, circle- of-4ths side of harmony. Going from this dark, rich side, to the warm bright sound of Cmaj7, induces feelings of 'opening up' or 'coming home'. All very important feelings when it comes to Christmas!
Ben Howe
This dude needs to get his terminology fixed. He called the subdominate the dominate, and called a half diminished chord a diminished chord,
Kaprisun Gaming
I can't wait for christmas!
Comrade Silvicat
You know who wasn't hoping for a white christmas during 1942?

The German army fighting in Russia.
M'aiq The Liar
F#m is a niceeee chord
Austin Eamnarangkool
but but. C major 7 should have been a C7 and the Dm7b5 should be an Fm6. dank video but please have correct info!
Hannah Mae Swanson
Fmaj7 chord = "dominant" chord in the key of C??? Whatever you say, Adam
Harold Geronimo
Last Christmas
Reiner Weiss
Search for Rachmaninoff! He has a bunch of "Gluwine"-Chords!!!
"Gluwine"? See German Christmasmarket!
Jakkjakk123 ?
Don't insult our intelligence, we know what a chord is, LINDA. Get on with it.
Autisticus Maximus
This guy looks like a low-T Justin Trudeau
Ben Wagner
0:04 *Halloween and Christmas
Isaac Das
It's about that time
Holy Spirit
"It's just the most Christmassy thing in the world, I don't know why." Because the only thing as American as jazz is a holiday for Christianity-stuffed capitalism.
Roberto Fernandez
this is hyping me up for christmas this year
I don't think this is the answer. Vox is correct that most of the Christmas standards are based on jazz harmony, but there is a lot more to it than just II minor7b5 chords.
Uncanny Days
The vocal fray of the narrator is insufferable.
Dhruv Gramopadhye
"I heard there was a secret chord" - Halleujiah
It's Jewish! That's why! All of these songs are written by New York Jewish composers, the melodies aren't warm, they're schmaltzy!
Franklyn Gisultura
So jazz really lives forever to melt, people's hearing, that a big WOW!!!!!
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