Chandler Dorjahn
"That one special chord just gives it a 20th century sound". Are you kidding me? The ii half-dimished seven chord has existed for centuries.
Chandler Dorjahn
"Jazz might have 9 chords in it" LOL
Gregory Swift
good old leading tone. I like using the Fm6 (basically the same thing) before it resolves to C. this m7b5 chord is interchange able. every 1 and a half steps. so bring the Dm7b5 and bring same position up to Fm7b5 and it should be the same notes I believe. also great to use with the 2-5-1 turnaround in place of the 2.
Omg this is over complicated the chord is basically an f then an f minor chord with a d😂
I think it should be instead described as a Bdim7 with the B->C replacement
Yvette Kraft
Bing Crosby is who I mostly listen to during Christmas. Nostalgia ensues
That guy makes a better singer
Luis Ortiz
If they are such experts oh why the song is the most chirssmassy thing in the world why dont they make their own song and just live off the profits for the rest of their life
Jake Zingeser
As A Jew I actually prefer midieval christian Chants to modern country Jesus songs
Luke Hess
Amazing video editing. Most poor understanding of music theory ever. Didnt even get a theory proffesor
Video about why something is. Ends video in "idk why" heh
Maemi No Yume
not so secret, you have to know this chord if you work with music. If there is some kind of secret in harmony, this must be some special modulation or polytonal chord. But Hey, very nice video!! thank you for that
girlgroup stan
Yall it's just september but i'm already preparing for christmas
Cookie Playz
Did I just watch a documentary, good job Vox, you make your videos seem like, well, TV shows!
WatchBozo TV
This is a load of horse shit😂 that doesn't make any sense. A YouTube named Adam Neely basically called vox out
Brady Slimepoop
Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) is so nostalgic for me because Of Gremlins.
Adam Apple
All I Want for Christmas wasn't written in the last 20 years Hun, it was written 23 years ago in 1994 when skinny legend Mariah Carey invented Christmas xoxo
Juan Lemus
I can't wait for Christmas :)
Michael Gorman
I heard there was a secret chord, that pleased the lord - but you don't care for music do ya?
0:23 Last 20 years?! 1994 is 22 years before this video was uploaded.
Might this be the chord that Leonard Cohen refers to in his classic song Hallelujah?
Brandon Klein
I hope they realize music is not specific in it's vibe to a specific key... This is awful for non-musicians. Thinking that music can get a feel just from putting in some magic chord...
I love this video <3
Also gets u iin the mood for xmass now that summer is over xD
Hamish Spencer
More likely a IV minor chord than a ii half dim just sayin'
Indian Doctor
You must be Mariah Carey
Swift Fox
Hang on, "All I want for Christmas is you" is from 1994? Wow. I was convinced it's much later than that.
Sonny Mattsson
So, Dm7b5
There's a tenderness in Christmas songs, like a box of puppies or a kitten sleeping, its essentially innocence in sound
Stupid video..
Chord is 3 or more notes played together.. Really? Can you tell me what chord is C, D flat, E?
D, F, A flat, C is NOT a diminished chord, you tards. It's a minor flat five or half diminished. Hell of a difference from a diminished sound.
And your theory about this chord being 'Christmassy' is simply stupid - it's basically a minor subdominant (F minor) with a D in the bass. Super generic progression to go from major to minor subdominant and not at all specific to x mass songs.
Wake me up when September ends - is that an x mass song? Does it sound x-massy to you? I bet it does. Cause you're tards.
I use an inverse of that chord (Fm6) when writing in the key of F minor and transitioning into the V chord (C).
Joseph Smith
d e l i c i o u s s p i c y w a r m l i t t l e d i m i n i s h e d c h o r d
using a D-7b5 in the key of C major is not anything exotic except in the bland realm of rock.
Is this not just an inversion of a minor 4 chord?
Barnesrino Kripperino
I had never heard that song before, canada isnt that far from america either`
Why does Green Day - Stray Heart sound so christmas-y?
A shame Phil spector was a deviant,psychotic member of the S o S...
Oh for crying out loud. The half-diminished chord is not christmasy at all. It's used in every manner of song, including Hanukkah songs, but particularly in boatloads of R and B and Phil Spector music having nothing to do with the holiday. Mr. Ragusea, you missed your upper level theory class where borrowed chords were discussed. These are not 'melty' chords, they're borrowed from the parallel minor key. And it's not the same chord in the two tunes! It's F minor in White Christmas, which has three tones in common with Dm7b5 and I forgive you because you're using an iPhone speaker where you can't hear the root. The main point is that the pitch A moves to Ab, and pulls harder back to tonic.
That's not that much of a "christmassy" thing. The Dm7b5 comes from the F melodic minor scale. So it's pretty much the IV chord becoming m6 with the 6th in the bass. This is used in every genre, Creep by Radiohead is a pretty good exemple.
Phanbichdanosaurmythicalbeast etc. etc.
Harry C.
I thought old songs sounded like that because the tape had stretched a bit.
Kyle T
Nothing "special" about that chord. That's beginner's music theory and your a dumbass.
Prince Westerburg
He didn't study music very well; Appoggiaturas to imply passing chords. Look again at that diminished and where it goes. Mozart, Django and Lionel Richie all use it too.
Why not just call that an Fm/D ? The point of that movement is to flatten the third of the 4maj chord (F), and the bass movement down from F to D is walking us back to root in the next measure.
It makes more sense to think of it as a 4m/2 than some sort of 2m7b5.
Sick Rhymes
I'll save you some time if you're curious. The chord is Dm7b5 which is D-F-Ab-C
Genevieve Georgiades
It's August why am I watching this?
Neil Raouf
Instead of seeing it going from Fmaj7 to Dmb5 i see it as Fmaj7 going to Fm6. And Fm6 is the first inversion of the Dmb5.
Or just use a celeste
Curtis Cook
Does he know anything? The fourth of the chord of C would be a sub-dominant not a dominant chord.
K. B.
Actually this chord is a subdominant shifted from major to minor with an added high sixt in the bass. Neither a very 'christmassy' or 'jazzy' invention. Listen to any classical piece of the late romantic era and you will find this chord in a very prominent position, probably even as the second last chord of a plagal cadence right at the end of a piece. Look i.e. at 'Also sprach Zarathustra' by Richard Strauss or a lot of Wagner's Operas like 'Götterdämmerung'. Probably that is how it found a way into popular music as well. This very chord exists since the baroque period to my knowledge.
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