DANGAL - 5 Things Never Happened in Reality

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This time 5ocial brings you some facts regarding fictional story and real life story. Promoted as a biopic of Mahavir Singh Phogat who coached her daughters Geeta Phogat and Babita Phogat to wrestle. It is important to know these hidden facts. 

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Half Girlfriend trailer

Maryem Rashid
at the start of the movie you didn't watch that it's not very real
Ashok R.
And what are we to do with this? Don't exaggerate please!! Yes it's true story but it's just a movie and movies have a script, so it's exciting! Say what you like, DANGAL IS BEST !!!!
That's why it is called a movie, a film ! And film making is an art to give u an experience of the characters, not just show the facts as they are (that job is of a News Channel).
Movies like Sachin or Dhoni made me feel I was watching Star Sports. Both were such a waste movies, although I would be a fan of those sportsmen. On other hand, I was not aware of Geeta Phogat or Mahavir Phogat. Yet I liked the movie Dangal as it projected sportsmanship n dedication in such a nice way. Hats off to the movie !
Prasad Kumar
Fake move fake director
You have to hype it up for sure! In the heros journey, the hero has to face the challenge by themselves
Dangal was inspired by real stort not ditto copy of it

But ms dhoni the name itself indicates its a biopic
kedar jahgirdar
Nice video
Kumar Khot
one more thing which is shown which never happened that is, Phogat family is vegetarian.In the film it was shown that they made chicken and eat it.
In India every hindu wrestler pray to the lord Hanuman (Maruti) when they practice for wrestling. It has been never shown such a incident.
Anyways it was great movie and director, producer has right to showcase what is in there mind.
Arindam das
At first round opposition win against Geeta (3-1)
LOL....dont make this kind of bullshits.
Imtisalfatima6410 Imtisalfatima
Coach to ab nraz hu gya hu ga in sa..........agr wo asa nae tha to.........wase agr wo asa hota b to us ne kya bad m manna tha k m asa nae hu zahir h mukrna hi h.....
Rumi Mollick
ms dhoni mein bhi bohot galat bat dikhaya hai
And another thing is final match was India Vs Russia . But is in the film it is shown as Ind Vs Australia fuck off
سِـوار أَبُو فرِيح
English subtitles pleeeaasssee
real life reel se bahut different hai. kai baar dekh ke hi samajh me aa jata hai ki aisa real me nahi ho sakta.
Well, actually the Dhoni biopic is one of the worst movies I have ever watched.
Akash Adhikari
that's why I dont like this movie.
But where MSD is great
Aanya Tarannum
geeta ne khud kahata k apne papa ko room k andar nahi balki gate k bahar dala tha
Rakesh Bhue
or chicken Mayan ke bat
pahelman hanuman g ka puja kar te muvi me protein k nam par chicken k Lea majbur karna galat he,.
Chameera Supun
Grow up video maker its just a movie. Just watch & enjoy the movie. im not a indian but i loved the movies very much.
Abhijit karkera
No. 4❤
Now I will die in peace
Vanshita Solanki
Whether it never happened in reality but it means even girls can do everything in reality and every time our family is with us
ShubHam Maurice
ye bik gaya hai Bollywood , sale sab milke humko pagal bana rahe hai
jayabal d
so what those scenes make the film superb.
Boss Roses
sorry guys. don't understand indian. can someone translate for me. the points will be enough. pleaseeee
Hemant Singnath
Bhag bc chutiya movie
Sojung Shim
can someone translate, plz?
Ijaz Ali
"That's why they say in the start of movie, some scenes are for drama purposes" so there is nothing wrong with it.
ha chiko
the title in english..
Satnam singh
hahahaha. if dont hav any changes. thn how diractor put sm masala and suspance
Kanwal Gill
many of such coaches are fucking cunts !!! i know 100s of them they are bloody arrogant bastards .
last wali bat ghalt hai...3 rounds main hi jeeta tha geeta ne match real main bhi
amitshukla amit
bakwas news...faltu news channel Khal k baithe hain ...
amitshukla amit
galat...real me o final match dekho....3rd round me hi jita tha
sanch Sanchayan
Amir Khan deliberately played down the character of the coach so that he could appear like a hero. Typical bollywood mentality. Could have been much more nuanced if both the coach and he was portrayed as protagonists. Bollywood always try to downplay Indian villages as if they do not know anything.
nahi 4 th point ghlat hy. geeta na khud bataya ta k usky dadi ko chora nhi gia ta match dakny k lia . check her videos of geeta
Zohaib Naz
tuse jalooooo dangal is best
Anika Islam
dnt compare ms dhoni to dangal..
arvind cena
I would say that dangal is best ever movie of bollywood i just luv this movie and starcast specialy amir khan's acting was adorable i luv u lot amir sir
Navins Awesome and Divine Account
For the love of god why are people disliking this video.
1)The maker of this video never said the movie sucked
2) the video shows five things that never actually occurred in real life.
3)the video also said the movie is awesome.
So why on earth is everyone defending the movie !
This video lives up to the title it had !it tells nothing more,but why are people assuming that it says that the movie is bad ?
varkant vishal dubey
Aamir ko money chahiye....bas ....
The BigBrad
please don't subscribe to this channel
jagjit puri
how can you say that in dangal 5 things never happened in reality
Tariq Memon
to chutiya log movie me or reality me farak Hai jab khud man liya k movie me aese changes hote hain to Gand marwane k lie yeh bakwas ki jai
Amie Amour
hahaha the poor coach
Abhineet Shrivastava
film mein aise changes film ko interesting banati hai
S Sun
Can anybody give it a transtale~~~cannot understand a single word at all TOT
Jasvir Kaur
MS dhoni the untold story is better than dangal
Vincent Singha
Movie silf 3 chej se banta hai Entertainment Entertainment and Entertainment
faarhaann khan
Let me complete the 6th point for u Geeta never wrestled with boys the way the showed in this stupid movie that she used to beat boys etc bull shit story bull shit movies
Chandu Jinnu
without knowing u can't give information like this, infact u should watch the movie again..
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