Here's Why the Bentley Mulsanne Is Worth $375,000

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The Bentley Mulsanne is one of the most expensive sedans you can buy today -- with a $335,000 base price, and a $375,000 MSRP for this particular model. Here's why it's worth every penny.

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The Name is Brandon
2:17 I thought that car was going to back into the Bentley
Cool Jesus
The 1999 seat alhambra had fold down tables...
Cool Jesus
Everyone can control everyone's window...
Definitely not a family car then...

I white family car**
That’s not a luxury car. It’s a VIP luxury car, to show everyone what a rich asshole you are
Max Gibson
Obliteration Studios
8:15 who is that other guy in the car?
Mirko Perisa
There is to much job back there
doug sounds like he nearly jizzed on the acceleration test lol
my friends bmw 7 series with the awd, had the soft close doors. i found it odd at first. something to get used to lol
never was a huge fan of its facelift, but times change and its growing on me
Wiktor 611
8:20 u can clearly see the cameraman for the first time
nader abdelrahman
Herman Pesina
What would car payments be ?
Just Stuff
8:19 look at bottom right
Numan Gondal
at 8.19 who noticed the face at right
Captain Anonymous
8:22 see the guy on the right?
Mila Wouters
Shit generous play Arab whose receive wait wing creative portion defense support.
Souvik Sarkar
if i am having a drink inside that cup and i am pulling it outside then the drink will fall ...😑😑
Daniel Baldi
fun fact about the engine plate that has the name of the person who built it, the build process actually involves a large team of staff to build so it isnt actually built by just one person. so what they do is they take the names of all the people involved in the engine build process and they pick a random name to go on the number plate of each car.
josh 21
8:20 hahahah that guy face on the right
actually on Bentley website it has MULSANNE max power 505 bhp / 512 PS / 377 kW and Max torque 752 lb-ft / 1020 Nm
anmol singh07
Ik I am late but
When you said Indian market , lemme tell you a fact
Our fucking government puts so much taxes on luxury cars that it's almost double the car price
This Bentley costs almost 740,000$(yes dollar) in india which is 48,100,000 Indian rupees
Indian government sucks
A budget car costs like a luxury car, in india
Lotte Cramer
8:15 Kamera guy face reveal.
Tyrion Lannister
14:45 Perfectly defines a Bentley Continental tbf
Johnie Blaze
I hate the way you can see his tongue when he speaks , you can tell he's a bit retarded, an adult with a child's mind
I'm racist to racist ppl
Lol guess where I live, this car costs 1.2 million usd
Will Barrett
Rather have the maybach
6:33 Doug didn't say anything about the button who closes the trunk, lol
Aswar Kuldeep
That giant waving hand! 😜😁
Кирилл Апанкевич
8:17 guy in the reflection seems pretty interested
Car Spotters
Drive my brand new car company in 14 years
sashvat ganesh
please make a video on the bow m760li
Tanner Legasse
I was really surprised with how many features this car and my 2002 Lexus LS430 Ultra Luxury package (8000 dollars) have in common. Basically everything in the rear actually! The only difference is that I didn't see if those seats were heated, and my Lexus has a cooler in the back as well.
Linus Fornes
8:23 He will hount your dreams...
Will Crone
My dad has a Bentley contenintal gt and my mom has a maserati quattroporte
Polished Steel
I'll Take A Chrysler 300 , And Make Bentley Get Pissed Off .
Polished Steel
I Take A Chrysler 300 , And Make Bentley Get Pissed Off .
Drake Hosking
So if you wanted a car that looked like a rolls... why not just buy a rolls???
he looks so happy lol
Leolo Black
this is a car and know let´s have a sleep :)
8:15 Who dat motherfucker on the right?
He always acts like headlight washers are some kind of high-end luxury quirk, while every car with HID headlamps in Europe needs to have them by law
i have to sell my house to buy that car
This a mulsanne not a mustang
Vlad Lucian
This care is not made for the driver. It's made for the passanger. Because if anyone can pay $375k for a bentley, they're not going to drive themselves.
Nick Leporno
The rims make it look cheap
Nitin Nitin
Iphone x is only 1000 dollars but those 2 tabs cost 11000dollar fk u Bentley
Sarath Chandran
You mentioned that india has rough roads come and see our ways atleast plz visit india
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