Here's Why the Bentley Mulsanne Is Worth $375,000

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The Bentley Mulsanne is one of the most expensive sedans you can buy today -- with a $335,000 base price, and a $375,000 MSRP for this particular model. Here's why it's worth every penny.

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this guy is funny I haaa
703 Emanuel
8:14 i can see the camerman xD
Well at least we know Steve brown is black
Rose White
Excuse me saying so but who the heck has time to appreciate super sound when driving in today's traffic?
And bentleys look so cramped in the back.
And I see tall guys getting neck ache from hunching over in the front seats...
The trunk logo/open button and the wipers presenting themselves to be changed, or just to clean the windshield, are on my vw rabbit. Also AC in the glove compartment, all 4 windows have auto up and down, the turn signal will blink 3 times if you gently push it, the seats and outside mirrors are heated and it has 14 air bags and 12 speakers for 14k.
still dont see why it costs more than an average house. prefer the Mercedes s class.
Josh Louis Basalo
suck a dick doug
really cool car. The headlight washers was pretty stupid in my opinion.
Dimitri Thompson
My Audi A6 has a carpeted trunk, not to much of a wow factor for an almost $400k vehicle
Nico Mercado
HOW ABOUT Rolls Royce Phantom?
Wei Wang
for 11 thousand dollars you get mounting plates in exposed plastic?
I call this the rolls royce jr
Nixon X
it sure sounds like 95 Plymouth Voyager minivan
Ugly car
Too small. Too Cramped. You should be able to cross your legs sitting in the rear seat without compressing the passenger in the front seat. A tall person will definitely hit the headliner sitting in the rear seat. This Bentley should make you feel like you are sitting in a living room.
Gabe Vuorenmaa
That car is huge
Price of car like this is relative. If you make lets say $4M+ per year the car only costs around 10% of your annual income..if you make $50K per year it would be like you buying a $5k car...
Nuka Cola
Ian Longfoot
You should have gone for it's bigger brother, Now that car takes it to another level. How do I know this?

I own one ;)
Jack Harvey
what I would do just to drive this...
8;19 the passenger rip
Sean Fyodorovich
That thing is ugly as sin.
Jazzy Goddess
6:53 headlight fluid...
Bastian Nissen Wagner
I like how he sits on the ground and then in the Bentley.
He did another video on the Mercedes Benz S-class where it had literally all of these options for a third of the price for the value of this car.....
mphikeleli cebekhulu
No, no no! S Class is still the best and its cheaper.
Those headlight washers???? How Wile E Coyote! GTFOH lol. Great!
Jeffrey Jensen
Soooo, where do i plug in my laptop?
Levi Dunlop
You are the most annoying person I have ever come across on YouTube
Aaron Lang
My Audi S4 lets you change brightness for the side warning. I think it's a Audi/Bentley thing.
Mathis Pauwels
fate transformation continuing step recently victory symbol
i pressed UNLIKE for Bentley car, not for your video. Your video is cool but the car is a sh.t...
Sounds like a carbon copy of CNET's Brian Cooley.....watched too many episode's of "Check the Tech".
Massa Mware
I sure like your style of reporting if one may call it that! So so stylish!
sidh arth
Maybach s600 is a better deal than this..375k seems to be overpriced for this car even for Bentley standards
John McKenzie
"Twice as much as the average home in the United States"

Doug, you haven't seen the houses in NYC. Some regular houses could run you for twice as much as the cars price. It really depends on the neighborhood.
shu takku
dudes most of the features also got a 7 series bmw
duke brown
My A8L has nearly all the same features for far less money and it is actually fast.
A lot of plastic for the price. A lot of manual things also. Not worth the price.
Plus, these gadgets were available on luxury cars years ago, like the Maybach Marquee.
Giannis Papadimitriou
omg this car is amazing
Gabriel Lundmark
Disappointed in the switches at 9:00. They all move when just one is pressed.
eternal 8
my corolla is better then this shit
Aby Mathew
Does the car cleanse the champagne flute by itself after the billionaire finishes his champagne and put it back to the refrigerator compartment.?
Omar Sakr
Honda has that and everything the ford doesn't KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ashton Howard
If it were up to me, i would buy a rolls Royce
Gerson Santiago
the majority of the features are all available in the Hyundai equus (or soon to be Genesis G90) for less than a third of the price
Car Lover
why is this vidio satisfying?
Smooth Herb
Ha ! I see your cameraman at 8:15 !
Smooth Herb
Nooooooobody drinks with a cup in a beige coloured leather upholstery Bentley
Manual door ?! We aren't cave men

Or are we
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