Here's Why the Bentley Mulsanne Is Worth $375,000

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The Bentley Mulsanne is one of the most expensive sedans you can buy today -- with a $335,000 base price, and a $375,000 MSRP for this particular model. Here's why it's worth every penny.

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Chris O
For anyone wondering why it costs so much look at 6:45 The engine or the car was "hand built" which is why it costs so much. Autonomous machinery would bring down in price a lot. In reality this car is worth maybe $50k at best and most of the features are pretty useless.
ivan makarov
My Lexus has most of these
Cem Askin
sen adam mısın???
james white
You sound like a teenage girl
james white
Stop saying infotainment
375,000 for this shit? No thanks. Overpriced as fuck... same as any other Bentley/Rolls Royce... - Maybach any day.
The only car that can be put into same category as Maybach is the new Rolls Royce phantom, but then again it's overpriced as well so it all comes down to Maybach.
Franklin Sharp
Its sad to say, Kia and Hundai have most of thies fetures in there High End modles and the Hundai also has a foot rest for the back seat when reclined. Its also sad that Cadillac sucks thies days.
Ooo I ooO
Well my minivan has heated seats. Take that Mulsanne
Terrence Baker
Do you give any car a bad review. You seem amazed all the time. This Bentley do not seem like it's worth 350,000 in my opinion.
edes clan
8 :16 look at the reflection it's funny
Well, my MK2 Ford Escort has manual wind up windows...something that cars of today don't have.
Xxx Vibes
who would buy this car rollys Royce or 7 series better are cheaper
Xxx Vibes
what garbage car 7 series Is way better
Vw and Audi have the wiper service position too
Thicc Papa
this guy looks like gru from despicable me
the price would make more sense if in the end he showed us a $300,000 bar of gold in the trunk thats included.
Sakhile Khulekani Gumede
It does not have headlight driers :)
Space Monkey
of course the trunk has 2 carpet levels. one for kidnapping high-profile people. and the black one for muggles.. duh..
Kyz Smoke
this car reminded me 300 with aftermarket part lol
JT Smith
that mulsanne is sexy
too much dogshit on Paris streets
My Opinion
No civilian car is worth 375 grand
4:44 "incredible" ...touch lights have been a thing since before I was born
i own this car

jk im just kinda roasting myself
Ahmed Abdul-Qader
And I thought that my dad's Jaguar was luxurious
Hunter McCormack
you could get a Lincoln continental for half the price that is way more practical and doesn't look like it got face fucked by a rolls let's all admit this is Bentleys ugliest car
Unbelievably crazy car. So many awesome features. However, I don't think those hinges were actually silver though. More like polished chrome.
Bryan Ramirez
My Nissan Versa takes me places I want to go; why the fuck you want luxury on car get that In the house
Danny Bennet
That car says you have "fuck you money" LOL!!!
Jijo Xavier
that's a nice car
Jo Rode
what type of massage? Shiatzu? or just vibration?
Hamzaa Alsaif
Why does he look like mr bean got fired and got a different job
Matthew Vento
I have been binging on your videos, can you address the constant leak from Jeep Wrangler freedom tops?
Amashikha Dutta
i live in India this car is for me😂 bcaz of the huge suspension lift... though i don't have money to buy a bicycle...bcaz i am 13 years....😂and i am happy with that...not like other fools!
Jaf Huss
This guy really funny :)
Lizandro Rodriguez
its not worth it
i think your idea of "worth it" is insanely over exaggerated. plus im wondering at your awe of bentley plastic as appose to ford (hummer2) plastic in your other video lol traits of a hypocrite and one who is bedazzled by the name brand..

ill buy a house and sell it and still not own this hunk of junk.
a loaded m760i is faster, more efficent, just as luxurious and $200,000 cheaper.
lol I'm currently in Crewe, England... it's shit
Corunga Iulian
5:49 coffee spilled on the floor :D
12:11. 'You thought the steering would be light and COMFORTABLE, but no, it feels heavy" and u approve. UR AN IDIOT!!!! WE LIKE LIGHT AND COMFORTABLE!!!!! Car companies need to start listening to customers not reviewers.
ScrAppY 5966
what does memory button do
Lance Aclan
he cant beat the roll royce,mercedes,maybach
6:49 you're going to need that because bentley ties for 1st place with land rover for most "problems" going wrong, yes high maintenance.
what about the Maybach? and what was that rear memory button for?!!? (i think we know but still) come on Doug!! jk, you're the man. hire me to drive with you!
I'd rather have a fully loaded Mercedes S-Class Maybach. They used good quality materials on this Bentley, but it's just boring and nowhere near as much style as the Maybach.
Mr. Hahn , Retired. LA, CA
I owned a 1972 Rolls Royce. Today's technology is truly amazing. I love my car because​ I'm much older and I understand​ the car.
capitán_ camote_picante
When Bentley made race cars from scrapped war planes..
I still don't understand why the Bentley Mulsanne is worth $375,000...
Binta sow
Mercedes S Class is better
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