Top 30 Submissions in MMA History

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A compilation of 30 of the best submissions in MMA and UFC history. Not in any specific order!

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This video includes:
Top 30 Submissions in UFC History
Top 30 Submissions in MMA History
Top 20 Knockouts in UFC History
The Best Submissions in MMA
The Best Submissions in UFC
Top 10 MMA Submissions
Top 20 MMA Submissions
Top 30 MMA Submissions
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Ulitimate Fighting Chamipionship

Filip Zeko
Who are the guys on 4:30
Trump is Number ONE!
Frank mir is by far my favorite MMA fighter.
Abdul Moeed
rousey is beautiful
Anthony Jonas
Did frank break or pop his arm in 1?
xxomega proxx
I'm learning to do a leg lock
Ted Morrison
Excellent video of awesome submissions but why isn't Frank Shamrock here? You can't have a top submissions without the expert! Just to name a few of his highlights, vs Jackson, vs Lober, vs Horn (UFC). vs Pardoe (WEC) and Baloni I mean Baroni (Strikeforce)!!!
Love how he still flips him off after fucking up his arm.
Seeing Mir do that to Nog made me sad, not gonna lie.
Wish we could have seen them both go at it in their prime. Nog had too many miles on him by the time he came to the UFC. Dude is a comeback warrior, but that's a hard way to win and the damage adds up.
Haragei Lucid
new drinking game: drink every time someones shit gets broke in this video
El hater de los 360p
ime akpan
Shinya Aoki!!!
Rock lee
Karo's kimura is mad underrated.
King Lamsal
dherai dherai ramro
javier santillan machucho
Fedor vs. "YHORM THE GIANT" 😄😄
Santiago Lara
4:30 the arm of that dude😮😵
Jay Gamboa
where are Imanari's rolling leg locks? anyways great video guys!
nick diaz gets a generic triangle and gets on the list? and lutter tapped out to elbows not the triangle.
Rhonda was such an insufferable cunt that you forget how beautiful her grappling was.
wan lolipopca
what is submission means? that arms/head lock? looks like theyre tangled to each other
Daniel Tellez
the twister was just beautiful
joey brooks
sub to me ill sub to u
Cristian Mcclintock
Is that gamebred masvidal in the second one ?
Gaven Knapp
number 2 was insane
James Hardj.
that ryo chonan tho
James Hardj.
@ 3:05 God that match brings back memories. That was the first time Royce was forced to withdraw from a tournament.
Robert Cameron
Omg! A UFC compilation video without seizure inducing edits and horrible hard rock songs from the early 2000's, how incredibly boring. One of the best top W/E videos I've seen yet, thank you.
Charlie Husttle
no Diaz gogo.
chris walls
How can he be allowed to spear him onto his head like that?
Gordon Heaney
WTF Can't believe [insert favourite fighter] and [insert second favourite fighter] isn't in this!!!
The guy who flipped of his opponent after the arm broke. What a fucking loser
Kai You
LMFAO, never seen Herb react that way. That dude was like "NOPE"
aoki is a beast. also nick diaz gogoplata should've been here.
1:58 damn lol
Corrie De Beer
watching bitches punch the shit out of each other is weirdly erotic.
2:33 Klitschko cutman right?
Goddamn! Got to like the antics of Aoki what a beast, such a shame we didn´t get to see him much against stiffer competition.
Mohamed Aitmelloul
gogoplata nick diaz vs gomi???
Nathan Villa Dulos
I like d reverse arm lock, twister and double submission😁
Jason Bowman
OMFG, fuck the submissions, that fucking suplex at 2:40 was insane!! I can't believe he even had to submit him after that monster suplex, that motherfucker should have been out cold after getting slammed that hard. I replayed that part like 10 fucking times in a row, and it made me cringe each time I watched it. I used to think that the handful of slams that Rampage Jackson had were the best MMA slams, but that one is easily the craziest slam I've seen in any MMA company. Props to both of those fighters, props to dude for pulling off that suplex and then having the awareness to lock in a submission, and props to homie for taking that slam and not getting completely Knocked the fuck out!
Steve Bullard
All the fuss they make over concussions and head injuries in football and then you have MMA and boxing where the major intent is too knock the opponent out, makes a lot of sense.
Brandon Curtis
RNC's over Ben Saunder's Oma???
Mustafa Tosun
this is not a sport
Leon Der Profi
I love Submission... looks very wonderfull..
Kevin Fritz
that Pride lady at the end sounds dope! Shinyaaaaaa Aoooooooooookiiiiiiiii!!
Nigel Perren
Jurks one cage fight got stopped before he could submit, he got the shit kicked out of him (on video and in front of all his mates) the DVD is seen as more of a comedy that a fight video!! Especially when greaser runs down and starts screaming and banging the ring!! A-haaaaar haaaaarrr haaaaaaaaaarrr!!
Great video but you needed to add Silva's last second submission on Chael Sonnen. That was one of the greatest fights and submissions ever.
laurie mair
That last guys submission was unique!!using his chest!!!!!he held the guys face in place while in mount and smothering him with his chest!!!restricting his breathing 👌first time iv seen that!!!class,
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