Jaylin Rivera
You look so pritty
Tykeem Gadsden
this is a cool pretty video tbh. I just like how it tells about the ways that you are almost ready to attend prom
Kimberly Diaz
I love your nails♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
Jason Bustillos
😅😅😅 love the end of the video
Alyssa Marie
6 more years till I get to go
Karen Solomon
You look beautiful
Khaim Safanov
l love u
Shayne Silva
if that was my friend getting rejected for prom i would cry
Shayne Silva
mine is in eight years you said it girl! XD im in third grade
Ellie Ramirez
Unai Jok3r
My.prom is in 7 years😂
Hannah Novello
Love ur smile and hair im new but now im gunna watch everyday im hooked
manish mahida
eva you sooooooooo beautiful
Denis Daily
Denis Daily
No stress on prom
Cat Lady
Lol I use the same lips👄👄👄👄
i wish i could go to a boys and girls 's school
Charity Coburn
Can I please have a shoutout
Sugie Msp
My 'Fall Ball' is next week kms
Don't forget no one snatches me! 😀
Misgana's World
is the background music for picking a dress gold by Britt Nicole
Sherri Drageland
You are so beautiful 💕😍💋💝💗💓
Kim Fineran
You are so pretty. I love your vid
Jj's World
I live in germany but i was born in texas i love u
Jenna Derbyshire
mine is in 6 months
Gabrieal Mendiola
9:54-9:56 Eva twerking
Clarissa. Com
why am i watching prom videos when i’m only 12?
Emma Green
YOUR 22 in my year
WhyYouGottaBeSoRude Don'tYouKnowIAmAnAnimeToo
I am gonna look like a shit.
Annette Cooper
I really enjoyed the music through out the video it was LIT
Shaylea Baxter
To the Window to the wall until my shoelace unites and I fall
Meagan sky Garza
My grandfather passed away 2 hours ago please give me a like if you had to deal with the same thing 😭
Dancing Dead spiders
Sorry Eva but I cringed at that makeup look
i love it noor
I love it to
Emma Akins
Tip for prom or any time u want a fancy dress
Skittle Dog
I really like your braces😜
Lps marshmallow Productions 44
I am 23 so I already had my prom jk I am only nine
Annika The Taco
My prom is gunna come 4-7 years for me if a senior or junior asks me to go when I'm a freshman or sophomore.......
fairy tail squad
I'm barely ten lol😂
miyah sartorius
Im in 6th grade and we have a prom this year 🤦🏽‍♀️
Maria S
I loved your video
Stephen Ndovie
h ya
Riley Scruggs
Omg this helped me sooo much!!! And no I am not JUST watching this!!!😹
Ummmh Yeahhh
8:29 it’s also 11:19 when I’m rewatching
Angela 123
Don't spend too much on shoes. wears Valentino shoes
Stranger Shinoa
I wish that they would do a collab like dat...
Moncy9 Aj
god after watching that makeup tutorial i wanna put on makeup but its like 3 in the morning
Ligia Barthelotti
I thought you were 17!?
your so!! cute dont lie ahhhh your the cutest wone in the world .
Purple Owl
( 4:19 plays )

Slowly pulls Swedish Fish out of mouth

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