history of the entire world, i guess

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One of the greatest videos on the Internet IMO
Deplorable Brony
You could make a meme out of this.
14:23 The king who died in the French Revolution was the 16th, not 14th. The 14th was a FAR greater king than him.
Ay Dude
You should make another version without swears so we can watch this in school. Lol
min yoongles
send this to your christian friends
Dreamy Memester
I want want all of you to know I showed this to my history teacher and now they're going to use this forever.
Sol Booth
Bill Wurtz: Thundercat song generator
MeLMeL Animations/Other Stuff
I'm pretty sure this is the best thing I've ever seen on Youtube.
I learned more from this 20 minute video and the internet than I ever learned in school after 5th grade
Charger Barger Geometry Dash
I think i might be early to the meme
Titanium_ Cassowary
Whoops half of Europe just died
Theoretical Physics
here comes a meteor
my head hurts now
"holy shit we just got hit by another ball of flaming rocks"
Jack Spedicey 2
now every kid under the age of 14 worships fidget spinners...

you could make a religion out of this
Chris C
Miguel Morales
History of Polynesia/the Pacific
Sophie E
when your history teacher gets drunk and discovers youtube
Maggie Zoerner
why did I take AP world history this video literally taught me the same thing
Lodin 15
Funny part is... I think anyone could learn more from this than what is usually taught in schools (at least the schools where I'm from), and it's for a pretty simple reason... this is something that keeps people interested and entertained, which makes most people want to pay attention and learn at least a few things from it by watching it once, even if it's not all of it... in school (again, at least the ones from where I come from) you're forced to learn with little to no effort to get you interested on whatever is being studied, in this case history, not to mention, you have to remember everything important about the current subject... so to sum it up, school makes you learn without interesting you on the subject (granted there isn't always a way to get someone interested in something) and you end up remembering little to nothing in the future... but a simple video like this one interests AND entertains you with real facts and teaches you, making things like the formation of land and the Ozone Layer (is that how you call it in English? I know it as "Capa de Ozono" since all I learned about the earth was in spanish...) something you can easily associate with the early part of "Now there's land. Come on animals, let's go on land!" NO "Why?" THE SUN IS A DEADLY LAZER!NOT ANYMORE, NOW THERE'S A BLANKET
Best part is, that's not the only thing this video teaches you, it literally teaches you a summed up version of the history of the world in a fun, entertaining way... In conclusion, It'd be nice if schools took the approach that this video took.

... Wow, looking back at my statement I can see that I was quite redundant at parts... huh... guess that's what happens when you start explaining your opinion after just recently waking up...
Andy AMF
Love it
I learned more in this video then I did in school...
Gooby Pls
Am I the only one that found this video boring?
darth telly
Why didn't you talk about the Greeks being freed from slavery. I think that would be a big deal would it not.
Untied Status Marin Crops
Japan's still addicted to art and created A N I M E
David Hadinger
you didnt really mention terrorism
ok but seriously this should be showed in schools😂😂😂
M Salvador
you got one more subscriber my dude nice vids!!!!!!!!!
Gus Powjdhbff
"I know lets rape Africa"
Jacelyn Suprise
The little rocket was adorable, and this was funny as HELL! xD please more jingles on the next one, or I won't sub. PS you are confusing. especially at the beginning where it was with the Every part.
Austin John Plays
I almost forgot to watch this today.
Ben Holeman x
why does this tie all the events of history together better than history class?
This had to take SO long to make!
Joe Bob
this is going to cram enough knowledge for me to pass my finals
Do you ever read a comment and think "I wish I wrote that"

So you find a new video to copy/paste it into
Richard Zuberecz
3:18 is my favorite scene with the fish gasping while trying to get on land. Absolutely brilliant.
GoingOffTopic IT
Is it still Tonga time?
dank river valley
Kale Erickson
6:14 don't get too sexy
Chance the Best
Mom:go outside its beautiful out there
Me:the sun is a deadly laser
Shailin Lewis
"F*ck you says America, declaring their independence..." literally Hamilton in a sentence (I'm just gonna take my leave now)
Forever Star
are you know, God...
Shailin Lewis
"You could make-"
"No don't...."
ravens are the best
I just took a history final and this actually helped me
Apple Advertising everyone!
Kahlia Renee
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