It’s Ye Boi Pepe
Nice headphones
Jarek Lachinski
I wish my younger childhood was this imaginative😂
Macauley Reid
I don't like his new intro I like his old one. In his old one he was more excited while doing it
Jacob Fuerst
Ive always wondered how many people can comment the same thing..

Ohh guys did you notice his headphones?!
Jacob Fuerst
Here, we see a wild pewds in its natural habitat, and it is glorious
Epic Gamer
Felt bad for the kid
you a noob
MF Göktuğ
Ananın Amına Atlim Pewdiepew
Christian Valdez
i mean we are playing in hard difficulty
Me- ummmmmmmmmmmm
Meme- now that’s racist
Michael Snyder
Who else caught the anime game in the PS4 menu
Riley and Garret
Headphones fail xD
Anybody else notice that his headphones are apart of the green screen😂😂😂
Julien Oustalniol
6:30 Papa Bless
steve mccaig
did anyone else notice his headphones
Ashly Garcia
11:25 is from ladybug and cat noir right
Kiana Martens
His headphones have me dead 😂😂😂 Blending in like that 👌
Colorful Nightmares
Where can i save the game?
chemical Warfare rose
My guinea pig looks like a s’more and her name is stripe and I love Craig
pøsh Mitchell
Lol wait can someone explain why tweek and Craig broke up :(
Florhidalia Dominguez
When i was this i was eating pie
Dip Tilak
Play power hover
kenneth li
I realised that pewd's headphones were 'invisible' xd
Matthew Bates
uh Felix your head phones are see through
Pär Tiger
i like food. You should buy some. Your awesome if you like this comment. Have a good day!!!!!! : )
Josh Exler
Pewds they said that being black doesn't affect gameplay, just real life
Chris Han
27:38 kyle sounds like butters xD
20:40 damn
7:40 Why the sex noises
Marko Popov
south park is my favorite thing 2 watch
Eriduune Amputa
yaoi smut lemon kuroshitji grelliam 💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦
Sabrina Manzo
Iscrivetevi al canale genni JKV
TR Gaming
Wade fakmen
Alpaca Clar
South Park creators ship Craig and Tweek confirmed
The thing is when he was doing the ending the video you could see on the main ps4 menu there's a anime game
Carlin Rackley
Yeah, I agree, it IS so messed up—why would anyone want to collect yaoi arts of their own son and his boyfriend... but then again, this is South Park, there's going to be a lot of messed up things.
Funny Bunny 23
Am i the only one who noticed Pewds headphones being invisible with the green screen.
Kelby Saum
When a South Park video doesn't get demonitized
Strictly Vibes H
Eugene Yackle anyone? :(
Keegan Knapp
It sounds like he said fractured butthole
Gamers House . check this out subs for more. pewdipie please subscibe hope you will do
The Archer Frog
South Park: The Fractured Butthole!!!
The Archer Frog
I feel as if I’d be the frog nerd....
Pewdiepie I was your 3rd subscriber,I know your channel is going to madly successful before I subscribed,You are awesome
Andrea Dickson
can I have a bro fist
Kampai Gaming Indonesia
I love this gameeee ughhh
ICraftedM 85
Why are his headphones see through?
Seraph Trinity
Am i the only one that realized that "Fractured but whole" said quickly like pewds did
Domenic Choy
I'm P
potato Mine
How do you get backstory but hole in your team I know it's a fart 💨 but how do you get the fart
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