Lina Charpentier
integrate It actually sounds like strongly grstesquenearby .
Kishori Anna
and yet, none of these is doing anything to Trump's presidency...
Poor Blue, she just wants to help!
Professor Spiritomb
So the title is really Donald Trump, An Email and A Donald Trump
P. Mika
Trevor Noah get over it already!!!!!!!!!!!!
G. Moeller
John Long
I clicked on this just to say F#$K off trevor !!! Non American ass !!!
Lorenzo Kenney
That is like a 3D fidget spinner something to take about
Adrian Rodriguez
Donald Trump is becoming a known child molester n child rapist paying child to make pornigrapgic material with Illuminati and is paying off cops to keep quiet .Some of the other known child molester n child rapist are Prince Williams Conan o'brien George bush the host of tmz n his look alike Hugh Hefner which looks like Donald duck so kids can easily play with him. These men all fight for gay rights n to promoting young teens n children,that its ok to be gay For more information watch- Actor Corey Feldman Exposes Pedophile Hollywood Elite .....
"We got you surrounded!"
"That's what you think!"
"Ay, you're falling to your death!"
"It's not a death if it's suicide."
Rick James
Stephen Brennan
I wish he could be impeached but it would take way too much to make it happen and even if they can impeach him it would not be a wise choice as it would ignite half of america that elected him and most likely would cause chaos.
Barbara Buttram
I have never laughed so much as when I watched Trevor Noah. I used to get him on Hulu, then he was gone. Hulu bring him back!
people...all of this going on and its not even a whole year yet of his presidency. i wish everybody luck in year two ๐Ÿ˜ข
laugh russian
CNN hack yankees brains๐Ÿ˜†... salute from Great Russia๐Ÿ˜‰
Wyatt Moore
Is orangeness genetic the trump family?
Nidhin Naresh
Are all CNN reports old
guglesux faku
funny, everytime i try to load this video it says "no connection tap to retry" but every other video on youtube runs perfectly, even videos from the same channel...
Jordan Hall
July 11th
7 11

Illusion: ignore.
The only idiot is Trevor Noah.
This trainwreck administration and it's tantrum-prone Child in Chief inspired my new song- a political protest song called 'Child in Chief.' If you're looking for an Anti Trump anthem for these crazy times, listen to it on my channel. #resist
Sun Dance
Hillary and her Calvary have the nasty
The life and the means
I think the investigators requested his email and so he decided to release it. To me, I would do the same. Better release it than get caught
Areion Phipps
I know this doesn't really matter, but I HAVE to point this out since I was a huge fan of Blue's Clues when I was, Blue is a GIRL!
Trevor is beautiful, I want to marry him!
its illegal to talk to a Russian now
The Almighty Demoham
Dear god this is enough reason tot impeach him right
You really must be retarded if you think this guy is good, he's another liberal shill... this is where most of you feelers get lost because you believe all this comedy like it's some realistic criticism... you people really are the losers weakening the west... kill yourselves because it's damn clear you won't stand up just like the cucklords in Europe... most of you are incompetent cowards
Stephen R McDonald
Well if STUPIDITY & IGNORANCE were main events in the Olympics..... This entire regime would bring home the GOLD each time!!!! LOL๐Ÿ˜‹
Stephen R McDonald
Trevor, this "SAGA" is a combination of DRAMA mixed with one LIE after another!!!! It NEVER STOPS!!! The entire regime is a JOKE!!! This is too HILARIOUS!!!! LOL!!!๐Ÿ˜‹
Jim bo
why were all you democrats silent when obama and Hillary were supporting and arming ISIS? nice to see you care about politics even if its just a nothing burger. haha.
Jim bo
I'm hungry for another nothing burger. ill take it medium rare with a glass of liberal tears.
Jim bo
trump is literally hitler!! I want him to open the boarders so I can have my face melted in an acid attack, like the new trend in London.
Aaron Carlson
Trevor your a fucking idiot
3:30 Really? The story here is that Trump met with a russian? How about the fact that Hillary had corrupt dealing with the russian government? This whole "russia collusion" is pathetic, who cares how the dirt on Hillary got out, the story here is the freaking dirt that existed in the first place.
anyone noticed the guy at 0:35 was crying? ๐Ÿ˜‚
Beth Bartlett
BOOYA! Can we go to Treasonous Now???
Lia Mimun
Alexander Hamilton?
Brittany Fuller
Blue's sad noises seemed to severely concern my dog.
Screaming at "two-legged brain foreclosure," and totally lost it over "white power walrus." Still DYING.
Master Hoopla
Don Jr. Just fuckin' Reynolds pamphleted himself. Guess this is what happens when you don't watch the play, and when your father seemingly refuses to let you or himself learn American history with how little he knows.
super super
As if the citizens had nothing to do with the elections,
They had allready had their two candidates ,
Have you ever considered it.
super super
Wake up dear english ,american msm,making invented storys ,and nonsense news,,,
ImJustMe 616
Try to spin it all u want truth is if Russia contacted Hillary with the same info she would have wanted to hear that information also. Digging up dirt on your opponent isn't colluding with someone to win a race it's simply digging up dirt idiots
Alek Johnson
This doesn't surprise me because America have interfered with so many other elections but they don't have as big of a hissy for as the left does. Check out this video just check it out only for a few minutes don't worry you can go back to what you've been doing.
Marina Mariela
FREE SEXX...Come in
J. Fabricio Elรญas
Great show!
Cynthia M.
Should I tell Trevor that Rob Goldstone is really Trump's brother?
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