A Russian, an Email and an Idiot: Did Donald Trump Jr. Incriminate Himself?: The Daily Show

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After Donald Trump Jr. releases an email exchange that shows him setting up a meeting with a Kremlin-linked lawyer, Trevor unpacks the first son's possible case of collusion.

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Cynthia M.
Should I tell Trevor that Rob Goldstone is really Trump's brother?
Amanda Lobo
Old Man Malala... I can't xD
Spes Ultima
I didn't realize this show was still on the air. Why is it still on the air. Trevor needs to go back to doing stand-up, he was much, much better at that than he is at hosting a comedy program.
Sean B
Wait...that smoke and fire joke - did he just admit that there was no evidence of Russian collusion, but a lot of resources were devoted to keep looking until they could find SOMETHING?

Wish they spent that much time and effort on Hillary Clinton and all the mysterious deaths...bet it wouldn't have taken a year to find something there
oh shut up you cocky brit frog! I am not a Trump fan. But I dislike the TV people like him. He has no clue about what's going on but he is so assertive!
So this guy thought the best way to get out of Collusion accusations... was to prove collusion accusations
Brandon Xiong
"Two-legged brain foreclosure" 😂😂
The Unholy Smirk
Destroyer Venom
Someone in Russia talked to an American.... oh my goodness lets break the news on cnn and violently share it with everyone. cause they all need to know.... there is suspicious that some Russian is connected to putin and this is also connected with trump. oh no. Over blown retarded liberal Nazi nuts are at it again. They teach the rest of us to vigorously destroy peoples family and peoples ideas we don't agree with. Instead of respect, lets all trash the president and write letters to north korea so they send a nuke and bomb the republicans!!! the pathetic emails collusion rants by liberals are funny also... it goes something like this.... "Hey I got dirt on someone..." O really, I love it." They go to meet and are transparent about it. CNN and MSNBC along with the daily show are all circle jerking in the next room to provide evidence on this. They stage it and write material on it. when they colluded it and masterminded all the craziness... turns out the emails referred only old music that Hillary Clinton listened to when monica and bill were getting sticky with it on in the o office. I guess its better then Obama laughing at Americans getting gang rapped in their neighborhoods and Clinton blood diamond scandle that killed off 1/3 of some African villages back in the day. Funny thing is, that's why I support democrats. they can get away with anything even slavery.
super super
Oliver stones docos are just brilliant and truely eye and mind opening
Fandom Freak
Ani Bananie
Where is the news media right now on the emails from Clintons Huma Abedin talking about giving Dow Chemical some more love. Total hypocrisy
Matt Ragusa
Stupidity is a genetic trait in this family of degenerates.
Trump supporters: Train in martial arts, stock up food, firearms and ammo, water. Be prepared! America is likely going to have another civil war. We will win but need to be prepared.
Glenn Horvath
low rent pageant clowns :)
candy raymond mdunge
Trump just not worth it, it is sad that we vote for a representative just like a lawyer but we can't fire them
Key M.
I so Love your book Trevor Noah!!! Yeahhhhh
Aditya Wath
Trevor is a gangsta
when will Trevor stop talking about shit that he knows nothing about and start talking about the racist leader of his home country South Africa? When will Trevor start talking about the impending white genocide that is happening in South Africa? When will Trevor stop being silent about something that he could prevent, like the impending white genocide in South Africa? When those people start dying it'll be blood on Trevor's hands because he had the opportunity to speak out about the racist leader of his home country but he chose to talk about shit that doesn't even matter about American politics. Stuff that is made up by the liberally biased media and the corrupt Democratic party. Trevor Noah will go down in history as being the person who could have helped stop a massacre but chose to be a propaganda puppet
umar faridy
Don't you dare yell at Blue!
The DNC are no different...they are liars & cheaters too!!! Look what they did to Bernie! Hillary lost because of the DNC not because of Russia or dump Ass trump! Both parties are corporate shills!
mvisiswano matiwane
two-legged brain foreclosure hahahahaha
Andrea Padonou
an idiot is an idiot is an idiot :)
Why do all their faces look so blank? Like their eyes are empty and it makes them look like they have no souls. It creeps me out.
HOW DARE YOU DO THAT TO BLUE??? What did she do to deserve that?!?!?!
dg 4
if a Trump tweets in the forest and there is no internet, is it still a lie?
Mitzy Sandi Vallejo
this moment 0:34, made my day
teresa curran
You can't trust men with weak jaw lines and thin lips, just saying!
Tonto Mills
Tmxney Taylor
Trump can admit that shit and ain't nothing gone be done about so we stuck with his ass
Amanda Bernheisel
Awwwwwww, poor Blue!

And Eric.
Shit like this hasn't happened since the Reyonlds Pamphlet, we see how well that went.
It's not collision. It's conspiracy!!!
I have never really watched The Daily Show. I will now.
Only braindead mentally ill morons would agree with anything Trevor Noah says
Vana Phill
Why did Trevor treat Blue like that? LOL
You're not even American and you're not funny. Every single one of your videos is Anti-Trump. Only braindead morons think this is entertaining.
jaelynn zee
Isn't Trump Jr supposed to be "running the family business" not get involved in politics. Republicans are destroying this nation. Disgusting people who are for party over country.
jaelynn zee
Trump is trying to get impeached. He doesn't want this job and never did. Now he wants out and is just scamming the people. All these "investigations" are probably just a way to scam tax dollars. They do it all the time and no one ever goes to prison for their illegal activities unless you are poor, then you get busted for minor stupid things that shouldn't even be illegal. J-walking for one, on a non-busy street.
AFellow VaultHunter
"This two legged brain foreclosure" 😂
Ashy Larry
I'm sorry i hate trump but Trevor Noah is terrible at comedy.
arthur riley
It is not just Donald jr, Manafort and Kushner also read these emails and knowingly went to these meetings- knowingly conspiring with a foreign government to interfere with US elections. Put them in jail!
Aryan Ghomi
Notice their sources are only CNN and MSNBC, fake news.
CutZy McCall
Little Donny is real slick, pretends to be the "wholesome" one in the family, a "real" man with "traditional family values"/"Super Outdoors Guy/Dedicated To Appearing Manly and seems to have very good Public Relations. He slightly separates himself from his father to give the impression that he's on the outs with Fat Donald. But it's just more fun and games from the Family Brand. Gang of Thrones. Worse: traitors. A patriot does not consort with the enemy against his own government, no matter how much he disagrees with it. How much collusion was there? Only NO qualifies.
Trump Jr's stupidity staggers me
im about 2 sneeze ( he,,,,, he,,,,,, JEWW )
chris long
Hi I'm bill lmao
Ruddy Relent
Libtard Logic:
Talking to russian = Bad
Selling uranium to russian = No big deal...
This is the funniest clip of this show I've seen! Second time watching it and I'm still choking on my laughter
Why shouldn't the full story on Hillary Clinton come out even if is from the Russians.. Any meeting was quite legal between Trump Jr and whoever he chooses. Too bad the meeting did not prove more fruitful. I am sure the Russians have Hillary Clinton's 33,000 lost emails.. I really wish they would share them with us. God bless Russia when they do share them with us.
Lock them up Lock them up.
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