Chainsmokers & Halsey - "Closer"


Chainsmokers & Halsey -  "Closer"

Ruslan Sirota - Piano
Chelsea Stevens - Bass
Brijesh Pandya - Drums

Maiani DaSilva - Violin
Rhea Fowler - Violin
Stephanie Matthews - Viola
Artyom Manukian - Cello

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Mixed by:
Yan Perchuk

Eileen Mallard
whenever I need to feel 'calm' and 'breath' I listen to Ruslan Sirota. I love, love, love this arrangement...thanks for sharing your energy and music
Guillaume LANDRÉ
Here, take my subscription ! Great job by the way
♫♪💜🎹Beautiful Instrumental/Piano Cover!
Honeycup Waters
This is lovely. I love the way the piano brings out the melody. Everything about it was fantastic.
Ansa Bhutta
This is so PERFECT!
JB Carbou
Man this is so cool!!
Chad Groepies
Love this arrangement, especially the chord progression just before the chorus!
Kyriakos Zarifis
This is great Ruslan!
Diana Cryder
Oh man. Perfection, Ruslan! Incredibly beautiful.
Adriana Laeber
Muito bom =)
Mark Foster
Keep making music, yes-and I will listen, whatever you do. Hooked. Great band-and I love that the string players are wearing hoodies :)
Mijing Basumatary
Awesome.. I'm really happy to see this .well done 👍👍
Krysta Youngs
This is EPIC!!!! You're so talented. Can we collab?
Greg Ogan
SO DOPE. Love this arrangement
The snare throughout this track is really awesome. Really enjoy the bright sounds being used in this jazzy adaptation, would listen to this> the original I think!
Joann Biehl
Loved this! Great to come home to after a hard day :-)
Man, you should invite some of that pop guys for a session like this one... Maybe they´ll say yes and your vid will have x1000 more views!
Yaaaaaas! This made my day Rus! ssssssiiiiiiiiccckkkk arrangement dude, killer solo
Vagner Roberto Andrade
Nice jam. ❤️
liz bartz
Sublime <3 <3 <3
Der Pianist
Well done Ruslan! Go on! 🎶
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