HUGE Accusations Against Tomi Lahren Blow Up, But Is Someone Lying?

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Tuesday! Got a lot to cover, let’s gooooo! :)
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Philip DeFranco
I'm genuinely interested in your thoughts on all 3 main stories today. Craziness.
How Strange
AY I sing and I don't suck completely u should watch or not but that would be cool i guess
Poor Barron.
I Couldn't Help It
7:06 is that draco malfoy
I think Shane got upset and was mature and owned up for pointing fingers and Tomi's just being a bitch as usual
zappygun340 !
"I make content I am proud of" S shanes video's EATING LUNCHABLES
Little late on this but it sounds to me after the initial event, Security was kicking all obvious gay couples out just to make sure noone else pulled that stunt. Basically one gay couple ruined it for the rest of them.
Emily C
I believe Shane's story more because he seems more sincere about everything and even admits to jumping the gun AND apologizing while the other girl didn't even acknowledge what happened to Shane, didn't apologize to him, didn't try to figure out what happened, she just became super defensive and declared everyone lying. And even just accepting Shane's tweet, she should have apologized as well and looked into more about what happened rather than talking him like he admitted he was lying or something?
Tori Richards
If someone is running an event where hate crimes occur by there staff than they're supposed to take responsibility. Just like every other situation where an employee acts like a dick and the entire company has to publicly apologize because the company's employees are a direct representation of the company. It does not matter whether or not she knew about it. She should have apologized and said that she was sorry that this happened at and event SHE hosted
Alissa Dem
they just confused shane and his bf for the other two guys, obviously
Wait, she said she never referenced him but she said his name in her post?
Estella Marshall
he deleted it because it went to lawyers. he said it on his podcast that he wasn't allowed to talk about it
Estella Marshall
#teamshane Tomi Lahren is cancee
Mick Dundee
This is how the news needs to be compiled & delivered! 😀
I'm with Shane
Lila Valdez
I love the picture he used for Shane's tweets 😂😂😂
Gay people are so annoying. People don't hate you cuz you're gay they hate you because you're annoying attention whores
I think they were right to kick out those guys kissing because they were making a scene and trying cause trouble. Security was told to kick out to gay guys, they were holding hands and there was a mistake
i don't give two shits what donald trump signs, the keystone pipeline, part of it, is in canada and pretty much the whole country has stated that they don't want it. he can sign all the decrees he likes, half of it ain't gettin built.
You bring joy to the news Philly! Where I usually want to hang myself after a world news update. you make me laugh, thank you !
Robert Pavilonis
You need to talk more slowly and clearly for you to be understood. Otherwise its better that you don't talk at all. It's uncomfortable and boring to listen to you.
Anne Marie
I see... Tomi told security to watch out for the gay couple. Didn't really describe them. Security guard sees Shane and Ryland holding hands and assumes it's the couple that got kicked out. Shane assumes Tomi is behind them and kicked them out for not being straight. He gets mad. Problems start. Conflit. Etcetera, etcetera.

But what I don't understand is why Tomi didn't explain to the guard that he threw out the wrong couple and why, instead of admitting mistake, the security guard lied about them not being on the list. They were obviously on the list. If they weren't, they wouldn't have gotten inside in the first place.
X User
To me the Tomi thing seems to have a pretty obvious answer. After the Kissing incident, security was alerted, and raised extra suspicion that others may be attempting to do the same thing. Shane didn't know the kissing thing happened either, and his show of genuine affection was misread as hostility, and security acted over zealously.
Kori West
Two metrosexual looking gay white guys get kicked out for their political makeout, and later two other white metrosexual looking guy guys show up holding hands and the folks in charge of security assume it's the same guys the kicked out earlier because what are the chances 4 homos show up to a military event and so they get roughed up a little extra to teach what they thought were the first two guys a lesson about sneaking back in.
Agnes Mina
"I'm praying for you", "Namaste", all bs condescension and hypocrisy to virtue signaling to try get the last word in. It should become taboo. Not illegal, just social taboo, because hypocrisy shouldn't be socially condoned the way it is right now. Well ok, it's not condoned per se, just systematically turned a blind eye to
Dee Smith
Story one; misunderstanding along with some grandstanding and it's over.

Story two: Barron Trump is a child. SNL writer wrote a joke that fell flat.
Hillary called NAFTA the "gold standard", not the TPP. She supported the TPP.
John McCain is a fat, manipulative, globalist prick. The federal funding stuff are allocations of our tax dollars and federal gov't really shouldn't be using the US citizens' taxes to subsidize other countries' responsibilities, no matter what it's for.

Story three: Trump ran on not blocking the Keystone pipeline so no surprise. Using American companies to produce the steel and other materials is where the jobs are created, long term. Better negotiations and less red-tape means better options for the US workers and US companies that employ them. It's a start. I'm good with that.

Nice video PDF ~ Work with other YouTubers, on all sides of the political aisle, to pressure YouTube and Google to stop their attempts to serve the big corporations' interests instead of the YouTube creators and your audiences. Later!
Stephen Roode
OK so before I start I am gay but I am pretty protective of my sexual orientation because its my private life but in statements like this I will state it to show I am not being bias or whatever. OK so the film was for veterans so already a really somber setting is needed as it is about people's sacrifices. So Shane Dawson and other stereotypical gay guy from Clevver or some shit start making a scene and kissing and are drunk. They are clearly drunk. You are asked to leave for being disrespectful and anyone would in this environment, You then use your sexuality as a springboard and act super faggy and falsify what happened. Thanks Shane Dawson for setting back what was done because you act like a faggot and expect everyone to respect you and your values even though some people may not agree with it.
Isn't Zero Film Production the name of a pr0n studio?
Damo James
Shane is a queen and he had a hissy fit like a drama queen that he is
Shane seems like a whiny cry baby bitch that cried wolf over a false narrative, as most typical leftists do!
hmod gazy
Broh it's misunderstanding
hmod gazy
Broh it's misunderstanding
Maja Boskovic
Since when is Shane gay? He was parading his GF in the past. Was he closeted?
They broke his leg omg!!
I agree, everything we say now someone takes offense to, what happened to "sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me?" Now its sticks stones and WORDS... seriously and they link all millennials together now which is funny because technically I am a Millennial and i'm sorry I don't need a safe space to go hide from someone else's OPINION and neither do my CHILDREN who I hope I have instilled my ethics in. They should understand and know that everyone is entitled to their opinions and that is okay, if we were all the same what a boring world this would be. However getting hurt over some words is odd to say the least (and I am not referring to being bullied there is a huge difference between stating your opinion and BULLYING someone, just so that's clear) Love you all peace out Bitches!!!
christy contois
Shane Dawson's a is a piece of shit
Dominic Sahni
I didn't see a broken leg in the snapchat video that was showed, I saw a pole, but not a leg. Am I just not looking in the right place?
Diego Flores
That was gay! Hah
I Em Hoo I Iz
Looks like an a hole. Probably is.
What kind of garbage human being goes after a child? Well, a liberal, obviously, especially considering that most of them can't help but be pieces of fucking shit.
EaterOf BubCakes
You can make fun of the politicians, but I don't think you should get their children involved
I'm a beautiful bastard 😍🤓
Björn Eggert
They were kicked out (the other two gays) for kissing?
Not just any kissing, the most unromantic, mother kiss there ever was.
Damn Tomi, are you ok? Will you need medical attention?
Jesse Arellano
bitchass faggits have no place at those events!!!!!!! goddam right fuckoff and fuck you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael Young
You are baiting an issue that has no real validity to it, when you are taking into account that it is coming from a Liberally challenged so retard like Shane Dawson who poses like any of the rest of the Rachel Maddow types. They will basically do and say anything as knowing that the weak easy shifting minds like yourselves Philip (though you seem likable enough as a person), but for you to incite this story as something that you need to guess about. Well then I really don't trust your moral brain center much further then your own personal libtard background. The instability of folks who tries to balance their hate against Tomi Lahren who Tomi has actual credibility of reporting on serious issues: with no prior history or need to be a liar, against Shane who only ranges his time in emotional lend feasting. Shane reads like a gay guy who is trying to play the victim card, when he were nothing but an instigator.
Sans Jeux
Leave Tomi alone!
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