HUGE Accusations Against Tomi Lahren Blow Up, But Is Someone Lying?

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Tuesday! Got a lot to cover, let’s gooooo! :)
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Philip DeFranco
I'm genuinely interested in your thoughts on all 3 main stories today. Craziness.
Courtnee Buttles
You wished for a baby.... And now you have one NINE MONTHS LATER
Ok but why even kick gay people out for kissing? It wasn't obsene, just a peck. But yeah, sure, they love LGBT people.
Emma Spark
I just ducking love Shane
asdf fdsa
faggots lie more than women
grace Taylor
the funny thing is.... Shane is bisexual but not the left. he isnt political in any way.
fuck tomi lahren
William Davis
Didn't know Shane Dawson was gay... maybe because I truly don't give a shit.

I must be quite tolerant
jake patterson
Kicking guys out for kissing seems pretty fucking bigoted to me. Don't understand how showing affection could cause a scene unless your closeted. Let people do them.
Curly Kitten
I used to love Shane. I even met him. Seeing him act a fool....I lost so much respect.
Andriy Ivanovich
Meh I'm over the LGBTI community and I'm gay myself.

I really feel that that alot of gay people make a scene for attention. Probably cause we do feel victimised and we do feel like we're under attack alot...however that had led LGBTI people to see problems when they don't exist and to even make up problems foe public display.

LGBTI people really need to take a chill pill...cause at the end of the day were becoming no better than those we fought against.
Hailey Potter
Okay, i know im a few months late, but i am a huge fan of shane and i know that he hates drama of any kind and he is honest and when he realized that he was calling out someone who he felt may have not been a part of the situation and immediately apologized to Tomi, so even if he was drunk, he was still in the party able to get alcohol and enjoy himself, and he doesnt deserve to have his leg injured because of havin fun with his boyfriend Ryland. This is what is wrong with the world, people still think that certain people aren't people. Gay, bisexual, lesbian, asexual, transgender, THEY ARE ALL PEOPLE! They have blood flowing through their veins, their heart, their brain, they have a face, eyes, nose, mouth, hands, feet, hair. They're people, and people should be treated as people!
I think since shane immediately apologized, and Tomi accepted it, thats the end of it. Not much to discuss about who was right or wrong regarding the two. I dont know much about the event but it seems that Tomi hosted the event (or was at least a major part in creating the event), so since shane got kicked out of it, he tagged Tomi, since it was her event. Thats probably one major reason why he ended up deleting the posts because he probably thought 'wait, is this really Tomi's fault? Or am i projecting anger at the wrong person?' And the other reason he probably deleted it was as he said, he was overwhelmed by the event. He probably realized he was letting anger get the best of him, he was venting it onto social media, making huge accusations towards someone that wasnt even directly involved, plus he was a bit drunk and probably wanted to sober up and calm down before making any more comments about it publicly.
He stated 'i want to make people laugh, this is not what i'm about'. Which i fully believe. Im a fan of Shane, and i know that he doesnt like to start drama, he just likes to make jokes and weird videos and laugh. I think shane handled the situation well in the end. He deleted everything once he realized he might be over exaggerating the situation, told everyone he's sorry and that he needs to take a break to calm down, and then apologized. Tomi's comments bothered me a bit because if i understand correctly, she made into a bit of a left vs right thing??? Idk. I just personally thought that was weird. I may just not understand what she meant though, i'm tired lol. But otherwise i think she did fine. She stated she has nothing against LGBT and that she didnt kick shane out and that she didnt even know about the event that happened, and she accepted shanes apology.
So really, i think everything is fine. We're all human. The security probably over reacted and shane then ended up over reacting a bit too (plus he stated he was drunk so thats not gonna help lol). But in the end, everyone acted civilized and the problem resolved itself.
elizabeth tang
tomi lahren is a lying bitch
Overly Flirtatious
In my opinion, I think thw security guards probably knew about the situation with the two gay men that had kissed in front of Tomi and thought they were the two men and kicked them out. Or, they didn't want the same thing to happen so they decided to to kick them out to prevent the same thing to happen. If that was the case, then that's fucked up because they would have been generalizing the gay community. This story still has me upset to this day, so I am just sharing my thoughts now. Thank you again for the clear and unbiased story Phil.
Yal Rathol
i don't think anyone's job should actively be targeted (unless they violated procedure or something), so i don't agree with people trying to get rich fired.

however, the shame and humiliation of having the public turn against her? totally deserved. tank the ratings of any show she's attached to, drop her book sales, drop her number of social media followers, etc. you can do those things without actively targeted retribution. and no, it doesn't feel as good or as just, but it's more ethical than targeted revenge.
Michaela Thatcher
guy: you weren't on the list
HAHA that had me dying 😃 love you Shane your awesome
Katie Snudden
Personally, I think Shane was kicked out for being gay but it may have not been Tomis doing. However, she is notorious for overreacting and putting everyone of a group under an umbrella of negative stereotypes. Shes done it with anyone whos view oppose her or her employers. So she may have told security to throw out anyone else whos gay. Also, i really dont understand her freaking out over two trolls. Come on. If you really disagree with them and what their doing, then don't call attention to it.
I saw Shane. Only reason I clicked XD
Aesthetic Alien
I am on Shane's side even if he over eggasgerated a little bit. Love you
I think that if they're at a private event, not a public place and get asked to leave for whatever reason then they should leave. You may not like it but it is what it is.
Izabella Guelck
HE HAD RECEIPTS, SHE A LIAR. I believe Shane Everytime he is such an honest guy and is not the type to start/ and or make shit up just to start drama .that's not Shane, but believe a lyingscummy politician? no way. Shane has things to back up his story and all I saw from this Tommy person was a accusation of them trying to instigate a situation which ended up not even being them and untrue. who are you gonna believe. cuz I believe Shane.
I'm not sure which is more cancerous. Tomi or fake news.
Dean Dobbs
i got the feeling he's lying his story keeps changing.
Omega Henry
Shane is the kind of person to post before he thinks.
funny how she made it political and was annoyed that the two men were being political by... kissing... childish really
I'm on Shane's side and here's why. Yes Shane did act impulsively but can you blame him? He and his boyfriend were kicked out seemingly for no other reason than they're not straight, and then he was harassed to the point where he had to go to the hospital!! Whoever broke his ankle should be arrested for assault. He didn't know a different gay couple was kicked out prior to this, he just saw security kicking him out when he and his bf were holding hands. I think it was a natural reaction to assume that Tomi had something to do with this because she was the one hosting the event and therefore has the final say in who shows up. However, once Tomi spoke out about not being aware of the incident, Shane apologized very sincerely I might add. He's never really been a person to cause any drama especially political drama, and his intention was never to slander. He realized he was misinformed and apologized for accusing Tomi of kicking them out. And how did Tomi respond? She twists it to fit her conservative agenda and uses this incident to paint all liberals as crybabies and liars. Even though Shane (as far as I've seen) has never labeled himself as one or the other. This was just another propaganda opportunity to her! I think Shane handled the situation pretty well while Tomi was very immature in her response
I don't think anyone is lying. Just confusions and alcohol drunkesness.
How Strange
AY I sing and I don't suck completely u should watch or not but that would be cool i guess
Poor Barron.
I Couldn't Help It
7:06 is that draco malfoy
I think Shane got upset and was mature and owned up for pointing fingers and Tomi's just being a bitch as usual
zappygun340 ·
"I make content I am proud of" S shanes video's EATING LUNCHABLES
Little late on this but it sounds to me after the initial event, Security was kicking all obvious gay couples out just to make sure noone else pulled that stunt. Basically one gay couple ruined it for the rest of them.
Emily C
I believe Shane's story more because he seems more sincere about everything and even admits to jumping the gun AND apologizing while the other girl didn't even acknowledge what happened to Shane, didn't apologize to him, didn't try to figure out what happened, she just became super defensive and declared everyone lying. And even just accepting Shane's tweet, she should have apologized as well and looked into more about what happened rather than talking him like he admitted he was lying or something?
Tori Richards
If someone is running an event where hate crimes occur by there staff than they're supposed to take responsibility. Just like every other situation where an employee acts like a dick and the entire company has to publicly apologize because the company's employees are a direct representation of the company. It does not matter whether or not she knew about it. She should have apologized and said that she was sorry that this happened at and event SHE hosted
Alissa Dem
they just confused shane and his bf for the other two guys, obviously
Wait, she said she never referenced him but she said his name in her post?
Estella Marshall
he deleted it because it went to lawyers. he said it on his podcast that he wasn't allowed to talk about it
Estella Marshall
#teamshane Tomi Lahren is cancee
Mick Dundee
This is how the news needs to be compiled & delivered! 😀
I'm with Shane
Lila Valdez
I love the picture he used for Shane's tweets 😂😂😂
Gay people are so annoying. People don't hate you cuz you're gay they hate you because you're annoying attention whores
I think they were right to kick out those guys kissing because they were making a scene and trying cause trouble. Security was told to kick out to gay guys, they were holding hands and there was a mistake
i don't give two shits what donald trump signs, the keystone pipeline, part of it, is in canada and pretty much the whole country has stated that they don't want it. he can sign all the decrees he likes, half of it ain't gettin built.
You bring joy to the news Philly! Where I usually want to hang myself after a world news update. you make me laugh, thank you !
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