If Purple Shep Got a Job - Minecraft

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If Purple Shep Got a Job - Minecraft
Purple Shep can do many things. These things include sticking his head in toasters and... that's pretty much it. How would Purple Shep do if he got a new job. Would he understand what to do? Does he even know what a job is?

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Actors: creeper321448, TheLavadog, Madison_Madison, luigieight, Homie_Pig, Hulkenberg

If you saw Purple Shep at a McDonalds, would you go ahead and order something, or just walk away?

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Christian Villarin
Purple shep is so fuckn bullshit stupid
PS films 2
If noch got a job😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅
ShinyNoibatGaming 2553
Markosdat gamer
Anyone notice that the M on the sign thingy used to be a W
Gabriel Blais
SnapChat Lover
If Pink Sheep And Purple Shep Swapped
Ho Do
Pls NoOB lol
Shikshya Patel
if poop tools was added
Ho Do
Purple sep was crazy😎
Zenies Zenies
The real story
Georgeann Oberding
if undertale charictars were in minecraft
Jenni Dusheck
nerdgamr and friends
do a video called if rootbeer was in minecraft
Blobby Blob
I purple shep and herobrine swapped rolls
Veda Ratheesh
Karen Diebel
Hello hello hello hello
Zack Plays
If purple shep took over minecraft
Matthew Reedg
purple shep you are so stupid
SuperJanHegr CZ
if purple ship Looks like Pink ship but He will still purple collor
Bryan Hernandez
If purple Shep took over Minecraft thumbs up if you agree
5:24 Oh golly................................................................oops.
(I'm lazy)
Thecrazygamergirl Lps and more
Press this ➡͡° ͜ʖ ͡°
Chantal Rasmijn
A Fragoso
A Fragoso
My Brother is name Anthony
He work with McDonald's
Beautiful Angel
I cried laughing
Fabiola Macias
If notch turn into a baby💓
If you did if minecraft had phones, in the video, a guy would be fighting a bunch of mobs, then his phone rings, and he's like why do i have this and notch calls and says GUESS WHAT? MINECRAFT HAS PHONES NOW BYEEE. Then he hangs up and the guy gets killed by the mobs
Another good idea would be if minecraft had phones
How about something like this: If Minecraft had war and then players would be on teams on a battlefield. Notch would declare war for no reason at all, just because he wantec ppl to fight
Herobrine Madness
if purple shep had a wife
ILuvKittyCatsMeow #CatsAreAwesome
If Pink Sheep Found Out He Was The Opposite Of Trendy And Was No Longer A Prankster Gangster
Epic Gaming/pokemon
Kesaya Hofland
Omar Foolad
Dorka Natasa Farkas
shep:ahhhh theres a ghost
failbot:no im not dead
435pizza The best pizza
Do if purple sheep had a brother
anas boy
If failboat got a job
Gabe Soto
I'm a noob like you
Dylan D'Souza
If Mastercheif (From Halo) Played Minecraft
Tyson Peterson
Purple Shep is not STUPID
Jason Markovich
I love Purple Shep
Jack Tellner
1:07 /o/ "(The world would end)"
Rowida Ehab
if exploding tnt was a normal guy
Rowida Ehab
if pink sheep was a dentist
Kenny Caseres
Meanie hazel Arnobit
If pink sheep took over minecraft
IcyCasey GT
0:49 the McDonald's toasted I laughing so hard
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