If Purple Shep Got a Job - Minecraft

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If Purple Shep Got a Job - Minecraft
Purple Shep can do many things. These things include sticking his head in toasters and... that's pretty much it. How would Purple Shep do if he got a new job. Would he understand what to do? Does he even know what a job is?

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Actors: creeper321448, TheLavadog, Madison_Madison, luigieight, Homie_Pig, Hulkenberg

If you saw Purple Shep at a McDonalds, would you go ahead and order something, or just walk away?

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Nik 777
Uncle failbot is dead? 4:51
Gunner Adam
if donald duck kill herobrine in minecraft
- Unkown
If a vegetable bar was added
Elizabeth Ulloa
do 'if minecraft players didn't have names
Alex Kirwan
Man purple shep is so stupid he proboly has no brain at all
Miner 11
( ͡• ͜ʖ ͡•)
Miner 11
( ͡O ͜ʖ ͡O)
Jesse Dermody
That was very funny
Alice Alice
if jeb hates toilets and notch loves toilets
Donut Burger
Purple Shep Is Awesome!!!
Riftmaster TV
xD "hopscotch is my new favourite calculator."
fire beach plays catland
What if purple Shep and pink sheep had a fight
If pink sheep and puple sheep switched
Anyone saw THE WORLD WOULD END in 1:07?
ivan plush
2:42 lol one expired bottle of milk
king of the galaxy
Exploding tnt make a video where you learn to talk please
this is one of favourites,thx so much for making it TNT!
at 0:54 failboat doesn't even get out of the way.
Diamondstars Aj
If purple shep had his own dimension
Sherianna Sallam
helena sheehy
If purple sheep made a farther storm
helena sheehy
If purple shep was smart
helena sheehy
Wolf wolf wolf wplf
helena sheehy
Purple is my favourite colour so I'm inberidy
mr.entity 303
Purple Shep is funny
Lizziethegamer 1140
Why purple shep kill failboat when he come?
Ender dragon
hello dear!
Lester Santos
this is sooooo funny😂😂😂😂😂😅
Owen Cren
If you can control the nature in minecraft
•Fastos •
Oh oh tos lielos sheep Explorer costumer
Brighton Freeman
Package for James miser
matt wells
Tell purple shep that he is a noob
Ammar M
LOL ITS SO FUNNY AT 2:00 - 3:20 LOL 😂
Ian Mackenzie
sticking toasters in your head is an honorable skill.
Ian Mackenzie
Hopscotch is a frikin CALCULATOR? I know shep is dumb, but REALLY?
Cute Animals
I LOVE Purple Shep! He IS SO FUNNY!!!!!
Kai Senh
TNT I love your vids
If Seth got a job
If there was a unicorn pooping on The entire galaxy! Purple shep cannot imagine that but I can
😂😂😂😂😂 I love this video!!!!
Nicolas Hill
purple shep the bully. (not really)
Julius Scott
DeathSpinopro the destroyer
Dr.Remix Music
I thought it was Wcdonalds
the random tube
if notch got a job
Jasmine Kaylee guimba
PuRplE ShEp I lOve YoUr ViDeoS :3
Chi Guy
I love your videos
cy cy
Adept4 -Animaljam
do the floor is lava challenge
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