iPhone X Underwater Face ID Test!

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Testing out if Face ID works for the iPhone X underwater!
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Josh Is your dad
4:36 now we all know what nadeshot been eatin all thise years lol
It's not water proof
Well, when you sunk into the water. Did the lock ontop of the screen unlock?
Jordan Lin
69 degrees?! In Canada the hottest we can get is 31 degrees!!!!! It’s 8 degrees right now in November!!!!!
the fantastic bean
Its the pressure if the water
True Detective
Who says sex doesn’t sell!? Most views you have ever received #truth
Vee ٓ
Who unlocks their phone underwater?
Nick Crompton's Sister Skylar Crompton
My ad: ayo and teo dance battle with fans 😂😂😂😂😂
It's actually a water resistant test..
Mustafa Aslan
So hopeless, she is holding her breathe only 5seconds 😂😂and how should it work ıf she iş holding her nouse.
Reifer 15
You don't need to swipe, you only need see if the white lock swing open to know if it works under water.
April Flores
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Laylah P
I thought that was the cash me ousside girl in the thumbnail
Laksika Mokmuanglaeng
Sarah Liyana
Who ia way older? Jenna or Justine?
Lesson Farm
you will merry me?
Alexis Mckirchy
It’s not that its not working because it’s underwater it’s because the phone is sensing the water as u because of the heat ( that’s how it’s touch screen) so the phone thinks the whole screen is being touched
Alexa Lopez
hello I love
Alexa Lopez
hola sabes hablar español
Keegan Hribo
Jonathan kirschner
Victor Yankulov
Are you in Italia hotel Victoria
Dutch Emperor
We just wanna see your tits
First turn on the phone what do you think viewers are idiots
Ritesh Khurana
Girls will always be girls.
Сестрёнки Kids
Vijaya Krishna K
Poor security, even Nokia 3310 has more security than this phone
Vijaya Krishna K
Shit phone never works
MJL Aviation
3:50 your just now figuring that out
Jassim Alsubhi
I didn't trust in iPhone coz of last updat i got crazy
Tech Geek
Justine u have big boobs..i’m luving it 😍😍😍
The lock at the top of the screen switches to "unlocked" state when face ID is successful. You don't actually need to swipe up to test whether it would work.
Bintang perdana
Michael Ross
I only came to see Justine ;)
Delta Aqua
She dropped her phone on purpose
What i have to do? To get this ipho from u
Rachael Gilmore
Why not have your face underneath the water and the phone above the surface? -just a thought! That way the water won’t inhibit your ability to swipe
andrea nunes da silva
nao tem o que fazer mesmo
just came to see justine curvy ass but good video though
let's get Jenna to a million she is very adorable.
You know what does swipe under water... Samsung's...
Let's Go
BKAV company in Vietnam has hacked face id on iphone X. They have done successfully on the iphone 10.
Steven Kamerling
like do a bucket full of water, phone on one side you on the other side?
Mazen Makhdoom
مزز الله يقلعهم
I like U
Brandlolcrow 23
She’s covering most of her face so the camera can’t detect most of the face
Newton Debbarma
Nyc vdo
when people don't know how touch screens work... GODDAMMIT THE WATER IS CONDUCTIVE
Shuo Li
iPhone will emit infrared light on people’s face , and use front camera will collect th the infrared pattern on the face. Since walter has a strong absorption on the infrared light, so faceid won’t work. Just my guess.
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