Emma Watson on Beauty and the Beast dancing: 'There's some very good knee-slapping'

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Emma Watson stayed late at work on the set of Beauty and the Beast to watch Gaston and LeFou's knee-slapping pub scene, plus why she resisted doing the robot dance with Dan Stevens' Beast.  

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Mutation Ent.
She's so beautiful 😍
Puppy Pals
I have already watch Beauty and the beast movie. Emma Watson so beautiful and her voice is so amazing. I love Emma Watson very much.
Natalie Jofh
i wish all girls were like that so comfortable to be with
Cordez Thurmond
Cordez Thurmond
Calgary Guy
Booorig movie , almost walked out
emma watson's hair could kills me
Zaskia Yuazz
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Jeffery Goodwin
emma tompson was the weird professor in prisnor of Azkaban soooooo
We Love You Emma Watson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gigi Kidwell
Im sorry. She will always be Hermione Granger to me.
flora Kraan
She is so awesome
Julia Cutest kitten
Guys have you know emma watson is hermione granger in harry potter subscribe and like if you agree
Best interview!
I also thought of Sound of Music the time I saw the Belle scene on the hill, haha
Liz Gichora
Very Nice!...💜
Kylie Eats
i totally thought of sound of music when i saw that!!!!
Genesis Guzman
Emma can we be friends
Ariel Hamner
I love Beast he's so handsome
emma Harley quinn lover woodley
my name is Emma and my last name starts with a w how crazy is that 😂😂
Im going to be in a movie and i think i have to talk in a British accent and im in the south part of the united states
Emma Watson is so beautiful
Bae J
she seems so genuinely happy in this interview and usually they're sick of press by now but i love the banter between them bc i imagine that makes the rigorous press tours a lot better
Tommy Berger
No thank you, I'd rather not have my childhood ruined by this.
I love her so much!
Maddie brunt
I can remember Harry Potter and now this 😂😂
Virgo _1415
Whenever Emma said "Dan" I was like, Dan? Daniel Radciffe? Never mind, Dan Stevens, old habits.
I love Emma since she was kid in Harry Potter movie and I Was kid there too and she was my first love. Im serios
girls can game
I saw this and it was awesome
Jaylynn Jimenez
I'm see the movie tonight I can't wait
Marian Ⓥ
1:39 I thought of that & The Sound Of Music 😂
Hermione loves to read books

Belle loves to read books

And both are played by Emma Watson
Coincidence ? I think not
Angeline Widjaja
I love Emma Watson or should i say old Hermione
James Mitchell
This guy likes her so much
Bianca Worsnop
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Chol Strong
She will always be Hermione to me. ❤
George Tarrega
i already watched the movie and it was so freakin good
Luke Hung
U need a Rose to win her heart https://www.wish.com/merchant/lookluke#cid=58d0459d712870506c452249. Beauty oversea
I was so so so happy and excited- when 1. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST REMAKE CAME OUT and 2. When the cast was announced and Emma was BELLE!! I am so excited
Truth And Justice
Idk, there's just something so fake about Emma...
Gene Oro
This is one of the most entertaining interviews ive seen emma in while promoting beauty and the beast so far.the host is good
The flirtation between Emma and the interviewer - they're on FIRE!
Alyssa Varias
She's Awesome
Ella Morse
Emma Watson is the BEST! she did a really good job in Beauty and the Beast, but i still like her more as Hermione.
Ahmed Ibrahim
amazing movie 😘
Chloe R
This world does not deserve Emma Watson
william acini
wow so beautiful lady love her voice so sexly
Andy Froud
We love Emma Watson, she is a real inspiration.
Peggy Knecht
now, i have the image of Dan trying to waltz on stilts. lol
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