5 Popcorn Life Hacks

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Thomas Brasher
Is that communist popcorn?
MonsterZilla Gaming
poor popcorn in 2 plates but then realized that he's lonely
Three words; Pop-up bowl.
Mf uv
we gonna make this taste much betta opens microwaveable bag up and shoves some cholesterol and diabetes and a pinche of obesity and boom see det boom much tastier popcorn boom
the way he says popcorn is got me clownin;D
Rebecca Lynn
Whats up our body welcum back to malibu party our save tee is laboratory
21 savage 2006
1:24 was luke suffering?
Lรฉa Haddad
0:35 Look how easy it is to open it * struggles to cut into the bag and gets popcorn everywhere *
Every 5th like dies. Here I'll start
Christian Basilio
At 3:35 he slam the microwave door
Fishing Tales21
0:31 "Look how easy it is to open it" struggles
Bram van Abel
He just learned the word "greasy"
Is bacon cheese a spice?
Sulfuric Acid
I wet and made popcorn after watching this
John Uong
0:16 Chips
EmilyIs Random
Pause at 3:05 and put on captions ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Madhuri Keote
you said chips instead of popcorn
Sad Sunflower
I've never seen such full bags of popcorn
Jennifer Carter
3:35 take it easy tiger..
Jennifer Carter
0:19 bag of CHEEEPS...
Orion Keo
"bag of chips"
Jake Longo
what I want to know is after all these food hacks, gadgets, and tips does he eat all of it? I mean. look at how much popcorn he made in this video alone
Austin Dzi
U say easy while u struggle
MaxTragix _

The kul guy who wears a helmet to make popcorn
F Gaming
why u use a helmet for popcorn
am I the only one thinking: 'HE HAD TO EAT ALL THIS POPCORN?!'
Chloey Jarrell
Oh god we got an upgrade
Bill Cosby
Mhamad Midi
0:18 i microwave bag of chips-Taras 2017
0:18 "Bag of Chips"
TheAsianMustache 777
Did he call the popcorn chips?
Beau Morehouse
I love watching this guy he just seems truly sincere.
Santiago Taron
"Put as much butter as you want"
* Puts a small square *
"I've put too much butter in there"
Aaron Brandt
3:34 why did he slam it so hard
The Coastal Man
"A bag of chips" 00:19 and my favorite "stick your hand and get your hand greasy" 00:21
SirXAlot Paws
I love how he says whoa before he even tries the popcorn.
SirXAlot Paws
I love putting captions on videos with people with an accent.
Brownie G
put as much butter you want..........ooh i put to much butter
Nick Velonis
If you're white the only seasoning you need is water
Josiah Blount
you want chip
If your eating popcorn ๐Ÿฟ while watching This video like this comment
The Frรถzenfires
Who's watching this while eating popcorn
Aj Render
Bilal Ayub
Kiwitopia yay
Who else is eating popcorn while watching this xD
Shimmering Reviews Gaming and more!
I tried to do the seasoning hack and my mum didn't let me lol
Salma Deiri
Salma Deiri
Hi luke
vฤƒn anh
This is the image of the Communist Party of Vietnam was 9 million Vietnamese people here
LCodGaming X
who else is watching this while eating popcorn
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