Joh Drinda
Trump made a mistake: he should have shown his culture at the moment of her arrival... by refusing handshakes.
i don't see a handshake offer from one of them. but Merkel only repeat what publicist/cameraman request. Trump just like "ladies first!"
John Getek
he even said send a good pic back to Germany so all the Germans will be relieved he didn't shake her and and smile like a coward he knows she scum
Sorin Comanescu
When a world leader meets a joker.
Rafał M Dziub
nazi IV reich heil merkel. fucking germans
scorpio woman
drump looks like he is sitting on a toilet
hola amigo
it will bring support for Markel and hate for retarded trumph.
He just did not hear it.
jeffrey thomson
Get the feeling that by the time the German Chancellor left town President Trump now owned the Brandenburg Gate.
Rey Ahm
He is piece of shit and idiot
Maurice Cardinal
Shaking hands with satan. Why bother. She will be gathered up and burned just like Jesus said. The harvest is nigh. At least we have something in common perhaps. Love President Trump. Knows a demon when he's around one.
trump is such an unrespectful person, that's absolutely not a way to act as a president, that's the first signal of the third world war.
Michael Michael O' Sullivan
Merkel has absolutely no sense of humor at all , spending an evening with that miserable c**t must be a depressing to say the least . She didn't get his humor about the wire tapping at all . She's a power hungry lying c**t who i hope will start taking a tumble from political power by Germany voting her and her party out . And when the EU crumbles more and more as it will she will become an unfortunate footnote in history and nothing more . Wish she'd go to her flock in North Africa and / or the Middle East she seems to be more at home with them anyway and they her . Germany if you re-elect her you are totally screwed and are going to also hurt the rest of Europe so please don't
janez janez
is she Hitlers daughter?
ahmed alobaidi
what an idiot
Petroxky N1
what a waste of time for presidents of other countries to come to a reality show
Kumar Rajan
Please Merkel, just die!!!
nvidia geforce
🙋 hail nazi
hail germany
fuck america
nvidia geforce
hail nazi
ilmionome e'nessuno
Fuck off Angela!
JoHn LyTe
That's what you elect your presidents for, to serve the people, not solve other people's problems.
zoran till
that wiretapping thing,Merkel tried so hard not to laugh.😂
W Germany 🇩🇪 such a cultural people. Fck trump and God bless Americans. Love from Albania!
Merkel has to be one of the most dull, poorly humored world leaders of modern times. How she could not have found Trumps quip about wiretapping funny, or even mildly humorous -- enough for a wry small smile -- is beyond me. Also, that bulldog 'I smell sawdust soaked in days old urine' look she always gives, is soooooo cringe worthy.
Please Mr President , stay far away from FOX News . FOX has you seeing things that are not there . You are a better man than they are so tell them to stfu . I care Donald .
Donnerfürst Gaming
All People WHO elected him are idiots Trump dont care about the problems of normal peopleBut it is ok The big USA destroyed By The Own People Your Schools Are a Shit thats The fault of your politicians in a few years Nobody Shake your hands because you are poor losers
Vasile Muresan
Merkel is a real bloody nazi scum!
Ishizuka Hikaru
Why should he want to shake the hand of Merkel. I would rather shake the hand of Hitler then Merkel.
James Toomey
Once again the CNN Trash Media lies their corrupt asses off...!
sun worshiper
Trump is a senile old man..... He does NOT have the capacity to be President! He´s a liar and a cheat and the but of jokes in Europe.... no one takes him seriously....US is going to be ignored as long as he stays President....
guy is a fucking moron,yanks will out him one way or another.
Declining to shake her hand
Spells the end of her reign .
Trumps a genius .
It's time us Europeans became the glue that holds our Russian neighbors and our American cousins together .
It's time for change .
yesi king
He is an embarrassment.
That is one of the many reasons I supported Trump:
Firm! Unshakable. No PC.

Why should he listen to those robot reporters?
He is a person with his own mind to do what is right.
He is the Great President of The United States not a celebrity Why must he pose for those dumb reporters???

Did he owe anyone in the room a living???
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