Roadkill vs. Mighty Car Mods! - Roadkill Ep. 60

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Check out the Mighty Car Mods side of the story here:

This is the episode fans of Roadkill and Mighty Car Mods have been demanding for two years! It’s also a bonus episode of Roadkill powered by Dodge—the 13th installment of the 2016 season! David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan finally got together with Marty and Moog of Mighty Car Mods, Australia’s most popular YouTube show for gearheads. The four guys came to an agreement: RK would build the most American car possible for the MCM blokes, and then Marty and Moog would assemble an absurd icon of Mighty Modding for the Roadkill boys. Both teams gave all: Roadkill jammed together a 1969 Chevy Impala stuffed with the supercharged, 489ci big-block Chevy that was formerly in the Crusher Camaro; and Mighty Car Mods hacked the Subarute out of a hapless turbo WRX. There’s no way to imagine the fun that explodes across the language barrier when these four get together for some killer burnouts and mad skids! 
After you watch Roadkill’s side of the story, make sure to see the buildup of the Mighty Car Mods Subarute by watching the episode on the Mighty Car Mods channel of YouTube. Both teams made episodes that went live on Christmas Day in the USA (Boxing Day in Oz) as a thank you to the fans! Roadkill is sponsored by Lincoln Tech, CRC Auto, Optima Batteries, Cooper Tire, Jegs, and Pioneer Car Audio.

To order parts used on this episode go to

JEGS Performance Products Transmission Cooler 18,000 GVW - Part Number: 555-60372
TCI Fast Gate Shifter Universal - Part Number: 890-616541
Mr Gasket Transparent Distributor Cap 1957-74 GM V8, with Window - Part Number: 720-1260 
NGK Spark Plugs Standard Resistor Spark Plug 14mm x 3/4” Reach - Part Number: 739-BCPR7ES 
Trans Dapt Performance Products Engine Stand Bolt Kit Used to Fasten Chevy and Chrysler Engines to Any Engine Stand - Part Number: 969-4895
Weiand Supercharger to Manifold Gasket 6-71 & 8-71 Series Superchargers - Part Number: 925-7077 
Weiand Drive Belt 8mm Pitch - Part Number: 925-7100 
Weiand 8-71 Supercharger Pulley 8mm Pitch Drive - Part Number: 925-7109-50 
Weiand Hi-Performance Carburetor Linkage Kit In-Line Mounted Carburetors - Part Number: 925-7167WND 

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Radoslav KLUCAR
I like Roadkill more than Mighty car mods
next time roadkill should go to australia and do the same
That guy In your unit who's from Texas
First impressions of guys from mighty car mods.
.... they're kinda biased little pussies.
.... they actually used ear protection...... amateurs...
Ian Evangelista
whats the red button for???
Bobby Gauthier
Hell ya, this was a fun episode and they should definitely do it again in Australia next!
ryan williams
What is with the blown engine swap I wouldn't swap it for a crusher camaro blown engine ls7 no i would throw a V8 supercharged in a 1964 mustang
Blue Victini
the impala sounds like a monster truck in a car can anyone agree
Dvd Vlogs
Yea plz
Mike bikes
You guys and mighty car mods should have kept the car that each one of you guys built and had a official race.
Need some official Subaru Brat back seats for the Ute!
Denise Mohan
I can't decide Roadkill or Topgear
17:05 that impala set off a car alarm
Randy Mcfarland
Markeg76 Giblett
Again .agian ,agian
Maniscooldude Gaming
this should be on tv
Love this show! I worry about them when they break down on the side of the road...I hope they will be doing this for sometime!!
Gus Brown
What was the red button?
Luc Turcotte
you guys are awesome! Two of my favorite car shows joining forces? What could be better than that!
Sage Sheahan
The sound of that Impala makes me swoon. Its a God of Thunder!
Adam Breckenridge
20:29 is that a Bentley on roadkill wtf?
"A regular thing every year or two." - Needs to happen!
Solaire The SunBro
DO IT AGAIN. I watched the entire video laughing my ass off I need another one!
Patrick Boyle
we need another one
Twin Williams
I have a 1967 Impala it runs and Sat for 10 years​ it needs tires and needs to be cleaned
why tires smocked in accelerate ?
tiger kirk
dont do another episode w these guys , annoying and lame . not very interesting guys . i like the challenge the roadkill guys do just not w these guys
Devaughn Jackson
Yes plz
this is so dope can i come hang with u guys i can do some work .... i totally love this .... can i build cool stuff as my job
Darth Soldier
"this is like a steak covered in Corona"... this is like Mr. Spaghetti getting kinky with his meatballs and marinara sauce
Evan Coleman
Respect given with impala
Llewellyn Griffith
This was totally amazing
That Chevy is badass! All it needs now is a pine tree air freshener and an 8 track player!
I have to say that I admire and respect these guys. There are certain vehicles that I don't like seeing hacked up, but their ingenuity is amazing!
Eli Gonzalez
They should've welded the diff and put some fat slicks in the rear. Then it would really want to kill you!
Big Red
You don't know the things I would do just to have that car for a day. I don't care if it blows up. I would be in heaven.
Buddha Mack
They can come play with some Aussie muscle in Australia. Beef up an old Kingswood or Falcon or something
Adolfo Alba
"It's a pretty heavy nothing.." Lol
Australia has some of the fastest cars in the world!!
Logan W.
25:59 lmao
cole schatzmann
do it again
Sarah Thériault
anyone notice that bentley at 20:30?
the yellow weeb
that poor clutch
edward ford
make it yearly!!!!!
Donovan Bryant
question is what did they do with the small block from the impala
that was awesome
Ian Pokriefka
Can i buy that subi from you guys!!
Eric Schmidt
But what does the red button do??!
Matt Fairfield
i LOVED this episode! Love MCM as much as Roadkill. you can just tell that both groups of dudes were having soooo much fun. And it was sweet to see the Aussies wince at the sound of that BBC with no exhaust hahahahahha so great
Dave Sloan
Great show, great cross over episode. Love that they drove them on the streets.
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