Roadkill vs. Mighty Car Mods! - Roadkill Ep. 60

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Check out the Mighty Car Mods side of the story here:

This is the episode fans of Roadkill and Mighty Car Mods have been demanding for two years! It’s also a bonus episode of Roadkill powered by Dodge—the 13th installment of the 2016 season! David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan finally got together with Marty and Moog of Mighty Car Mods, Australia’s most popular YouTube show for gearheads. The four guys came to an agreement: RK would build the most American car possible for the MCM blokes, and then Marty and Moog would assemble an absurd icon of Mighty Modding for the Roadkill boys. Both teams gave all: Roadkill jammed together a 1969 Chevy Impala stuffed with the supercharged, 489ci big-block Chevy that was formerly in the Crusher Camaro; and Mighty Car Mods hacked the Subarute out of a hapless turbo WRX. There’s no way to imagine the fun that explodes across the language barrier when these four get together for some killer burnouts and mad skids! 
After you watch Roadkill’s side of the story, make sure to see the buildup of the Mighty Car Mods Subarute by watching the episode on the Mighty Car Mods channel of YouTube. Both teams made episodes that went live on Christmas Day in the USA (Boxing Day in Oz) as a thank you to the fans! Roadkill is sponsored by Lincoln Tech, CRC Auto, Optima Batteries, Cooper Tire, Jegs, and Pioneer Car Audio.

To order parts used on this episode go to

JEGS Performance Products Transmission Cooler 18,000 GVW - Part Number: 555-60372
TCI Fast Gate Shifter Universal - Part Number: 890-616541
Mr Gasket Transparent Distributor Cap 1957-74 GM V8, with Window - Part Number: 720-1260 
NGK Spark Plugs Standard Resistor Spark Plug 14mm x 3/4” Reach - Part Number: 739-BCPR7ES 
Trans Dapt Performance Products Engine Stand Bolt Kit Used to Fasten Chevy and Chrysler Engines to Any Engine Stand - Part Number: 969-4895
Weiand Supercharger to Manifold Gasket 6-71 & 8-71 Series Superchargers - Part Number: 925-7077 
Weiand Drive Belt 8mm Pitch - Part Number: 925-7100 
Weiand 8-71 Supercharger Pulley 8mm Pitch Drive - Part Number: 925-7109-50 
Weiand Hi-Performance Carburetor Linkage Kit In-Line Mounted Carburetors - Part Number: 925-7167WND 

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Liam Huber
can I have the 1969 Chevy Impala engine?
Had i known u'd be San Diego, i would have taken off work..i am just down the street from that Tax Payer monolith
Lucky Duck
Oh man, that sound when he gets off the throttle 17:10 🇺🇸🦅
jasos murray
anyone else watching during school?
Can someone help me please I'm new to cars and have a question, will someone tell me if that V8 will fit in my Honda?
Mahoney Fan
Why no more Roadkill updates? Have they moved exclusively to MT on demand?
Nathan Mitchell
wait... i haven't seen any roadkill after this... Where is roadkill?
Michael Meyer
badboy 39
do it
Devon Platipus
do i have to pay to watch road kill now?
D'Arcy Jousset
what the hell does the Red switch do ? aaaaahhhh
Ethan colwell
you guys should do a nascarlo 2.0
miguel coelho
go! go! go!
Ben Johnson
These guys must either be really bad at welding or really insecure Bc they're always saying there weld is shitty😂
Brantson Wilcox
MCM builds an actually attractive and beautifully sounding car. Roadkill builds a giant, ugly, piece of shit.
crit Gamer
You guys should make more of the episodes where someone picks the car and someone else picks the trip
i have a good name the cringed impala
cruzin down the street in my 6-9
Daniel Bargas
Yo where's episode 61?!?!?!?
Ryan Almeida
No new roadkill episode since December ? Cool. 3 episodes not here not to mention episode 60 was uploaded then 58 and 59 were uploaded the next month later
Jose botello
are you guys not doing road kill on youtube anymore?
Kris Lizana
does anyone realize that mcm had 4 extra specialized guys, a lift, more tool options, and a shop to do build a car in? road kill had like always, a parking lot, 2 people total, and a box of what appeared to be borrowed tools. MCM kept with their typical fashion, and road kill stuck with their halfass roadkill work. each side did their thing as agreed and it was an awesome mash up.
Zach Dechazal
Let's go do some skeeds!!
Daniel Pizzoni
hey your videos are wicked
Cobra Shot
Mcm made a way better car 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% better than roadkill
Nuke It
are you selling the 1973 GMC Suburban
RIP roadkill....
what made it great was that it was free, I sound like an A$$hole but i dont need motortrend channel in my life i already have hulu, netflix, and amazon prime, your subscription is not worth theirs. Good luck guys ill just watch the grand tour
Conn Mann
Where is roadkill 61 or 62, it's been months.
Dangerous Ducks
When I'm watching roadkill build their cars I'm like "I can totally do this" hours later in my garage "WHERE THE HELL DOES THIS SHIT GO?"
Where the fuck is is the new episode
verrell anindra
im really enjoyed.. come on do this again with mcm hahaha
Danielle C
Roadkill and MCM do Summernats 2018?
Just Tex
was this the last free episode of roadkill?! What a shame most of us aren't going to see anymore
MCM put in allot more creative effort
Willow Fisher
Incident bread data meter classical than task politician.
Shane Martinson
Jaron Lindow
9:37 Is it supposed to sound like damned souls screaming?
Thedarkslender 818
Is vegimite marmite in the uk?
Squinty Kostiuk
So when's the next roadkill episode coming out lol
WTF is the red button?
road kill
you get more views from youtube dont forget that, or you will loose subscribers and support here and all the revenue that it commands
Jc racing and crawling
where is the next roadkill ep
Robert Akins
yes get together agein awesome show :)
bob fuglsworth
when? when will I get to see a new roadkill?
where is the next episode of roadkill
Xan da man Harman
Si señior every year
ben gerling
When's the new roadkill
Rebei ᄇ
"Those guys in a WRX is the funniest thing I've ever seen!" Um, did you see them in a Prius?
Keep the battles going between MCM's. That was great!
Chase Wilson
You could either pay for motor trend on demand or watch it on youtube
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