River Treasure: 2 GoPro's, 2 iPhones, Fishing Tackle and MOAR!

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I had a fantastic day on the river searching for lost valuables. It's a long video, but full of great finds. I also find a beautiful silver ring that I promptly lose. Join me for some fun and adventure.
My gear:
Gear: https://goo.gl/jmpNNn
Olympus TG 4  http://amzn.to/28RCDVy
Cressi Diving Mask  http://amzn.to/299dMfW
Zookki GoPro  http://amzn.to/2eze2oM
Magnets  CMS  http://amzn.to/2ff3N8y

Just to figure that out... Is it a kind of "collecting spot" where all streams goes and "abandon" their carriage? Or is it just a spot where people commonly flip theirs boats up ? I'm astounished about all the food you collect, that's crazy !

I oftenly find unopened beers cans when I fish for trouts... Despite the battle which actually can be kind of a struggle (0.5 liter can on a trout tight line...), it's everytime a nice surprise !

One of my friend although fished a gun one day... Pretty creepy...
Reece Brown
he is descusting
Manuel Vibbert
and I also like this old man cuz he like he liked likes to Adventure
Manuel Vibbert
I like this old man cuz he said that like HTP admitted that he was cheap as a lot of people or not f**** do that so yeah
what is the moar thing?
Stream Lets Plays
Hey I would have a question, Do you lose the things you find? Would be mega coll if you sign up ❤☺️
clash go
eso lo colocan en el wather
treck game player
Meda uma GO pro
Валерия А
Где так каждый раз находят айфоны и камеры ?
Tina-Marie Nguyen
This guy's savage! He be drinking/eating eel slime covered river food for days! 🤘🏻😜
Israel swag Vasquez
Sir one of those phone I think one is mine the green one
The Gaming pro
Camila Sanchez
You are doing great videos !!!
Smoke Wead!
those are lies
Даниил Королев
Cristian Toton
can give me an go pro :'v
TWE 2k17
Madison Dow
he spells more wrong
Caleb Bayon
you should send me all the fishing lures
Juan Carlos Aguayo Fernandez
q río es ese
Marsha Taylor
can you pick up the trash in the water
Can I have one GoPro
Savannah Kirby
I have the same I phone as that green one
Ран Форест ран
Я один нечего не понимаю
Ран Форест ран
Все несут
Ран Форест ран
Что бл*ть
Bridget Newell
omg i cannot believe you ate them!! You, sir, will survive the apocalypse in fine style
Danny Grommes
dirty water
Просто Vadim10
как он находит это все ?
wolf king
u have good eye sight
Кирилл Симоненко
This is fake!
Кирилл Симоненко
это постанова!
Wh1l3y 89
Hey don't listen to them you make really great videos and your doing a favour for animals because your getting stuff out so nothing bad happens
Илья Витебский
Дмитрий Фролов
а где ты
Funtime Foxy Reacts
You spelled more wrong
Foster E
Possible alternate name: "Rare Nest of beers found" in all caps of course
Tyler Kelley
Molly Claire
Anyone reading this please check out my YouTube channel
This is 100% fake, he exactly know where the stuff is, dude why!
Austin Cantu
Omg bro i need your help i dropped my pet goldfish in a river 4 years ago can u find it?
Chrissy Cooper
Was that a gold ring at 2:00?
DJ Krug
Oh my gawd!!! You found a lunch treasure. You're awesome!!!! been fun watching your videos, thanks 😉👍
Gage Cavitt
Hey can you give away iPhones and GoPros if they work and if they don't can I have them????????? Reply please
zero Ekko
Would love to have a go pro
shgaming 2
That buzz bait is destroyed
Gamer 22
Small ok river
hannah brooks
if you are ready this I love your YouTube channel so much and sinse I have bein watching you I have stared going in rivers and findding iPhone's and go pros and returning things.
yours sinserly Hannah Brooks x😆💜
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