Vašek font
is my iphone 5c gree
I lost my iPhone 7+ at Boston in a plastic bag (river)
21 Flash
That is sad
alpha beast
Thats disgusting u eating stuff from the ocean ewww
Marian Gabar
foarte tare
Just me or should there not be an apostrophe in GoPros? It isn't possessive or anything...
Shan Spams
I think I might've died when he goes "That's a niccceeee one "😹
Demolition J
someone didnt know how to use a buzz bait.....
Raptore_23 MultiGaming 21000
Poketuber AndOtherThings
You have a new pair of goggles
Luke TheVlogger
can i please have the gopro please i need one for my youtube channel
Love your videos mate :)
ariel sanchez
dame un se lular de esos yo nesesito
Jannette Treviño
Me imagino que despues de ese trago de Gatorade le dio diarreas, lol.
The Master
You minger
i like you , my ido
Pedro Henrique
You need course to do this.??
kayak and paracord dude
Its the gopro hero 4
kayak and paracord dude
the gopro that you found is mine that has the mono pod if you could please send it to walker finnley at 1110 shangri la cove benton arkansas 72015. PLEASE SEND IT TO ME I REALLY WANT IT BACK.
Yo Aquachigger my dude, someone stole your video. His Youtube name's Dom Tracy
Video title: "FOUND A $100 FIDGET SPINNER IN THE RIVER!"; Starts on 2:10
Source of the news: Scarce
Hey there, Dom Tracy, another youtuber, stole a part of this video(begining) and is pretending its his footage in his latest video. Just letting you know friend.
Duffy Unknown
Hey took me a while to find you but can you but there's this kid taking views from you I know it's a kid but nonetheless can you message me I'll send you the link
Just to let you know, a kid stole this diving video for his channel.
Melissa Bentley
Jenson Fixter
He probs never actually gives them back
Aymaliz Molina
I like this when I here the sound of the river it makes me like I want to do this good job
Cora Cuzumi
soy chilena no entiendo nada de lo que dice pero me gusta este tipo de videos:")
Karen Prais
I luv watching Chigger just for the times when he puts on a girly snorkel and let's us have a view!
Caleb Garley
the go pro that you found was mine my brother lost it if you could love it t okk me thank you
Cathy Benson
hahaha. you look so cute in that princess mask mate. lol
Cathy Benson
hey Chig, I'd like to see you wear that princess mask. lol
jordy Hernandez
deportes extremos
ese video es falso👎
Ashly Romo lee
Grass boy16
He drank that ther could be piss in it
the eel dieded
sharon jeffries
Shave u arms bro
Tyson Graflund
finding nemo try to find p sherman 42 wallaby way sydney mask
i would never eat food that i found but still a cool video i like it
Jordan Stone
The best of luck
Zachary Potter
I really need some of this stuff my family is almost broke
Karen prieto
Every like on this comment means a better life in heaven ( for the eel ) no se ngles solo copie un commentario
Allysen Harten
you found my ring!!!!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sonya T
сейчас читают мой комментарий и не понимают меня😅
Jessica Ulloa
Can I have one GoPro and one phone
Simonec _14
I love watching his video but it makes me cringe when he like tries to talk to us and say hold ur breath
infinite Nba
click bait he spelled more wrong lol!!!
Kenny Ball
River treasure pass right over a ring and didn't even see it he needs to open his eyes
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