WestJet Christmas Miracle: Fort McMurray Strong

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We invited residents of Fort McMurray to a Christmas party where they could take their minds off the stress of the past seven months and (hopefully) create new family memories. Little did we know they’d have as much impact on us as we had on them. See everything that happened at http://fly.ws/ChristmasMiracleHub

Watch Fort McMurray Strong: why we did it

Watch Fort McMurray Strong: behind the scenes

See stories from the families

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Maya Wallach
i cry in every single one of these videos
Eric vom Welkertsborn
Altough I've no access to Westjet's network, I must say, I love this Airline! I don't know any Airline on earth like that.
I am always amazed by Westjet's x-mas miracles! year after year! Sometimes I've got tears in my eyes :D If I could live in Canada, I would love to be employed by Westjet, because I think this is a company you really could identy yourself with.
Asucena Joarder
Why didn't my house burn down. :( I feel sooo bad...
I know that girl with black hair and crying
Casey Bowman
Family albums......................................
Does anyone know who did the choiral version of Silent Night in this video?
West Jet, you make me wish I was a Canadian. You are definitely a high class company. I tip my hat to your entire team.
Roamancing Travel
Beautiful. I so love that you did this for the people in Fort McMurray.
Ann Marie Williams
awesome, with what Fort Mc Murray lost and gained back hope at Christmas through West Jet
Westjest. Amazing. All the best from the uk
Ian Lever
What kind of evil devil could dislike this! I LOVE it.
Colton Designs
WestJet is the nicest airline, ever.
Akeem RW Ross
City needs a redesign... I'm in Edmonton staying in the Ice district downtown...
Susan Southward
Congrats to West Jet. What a wonderful, meaningful way to give back to a community that needs it. O.K. Air Canada, maybe this is a challenge to you to give back as well!
Well done, again, WestJet. Yes, I know it is for pr, but you go over the top and I hope you can keep making miracles for the people that need.
Grise Blacolar
How did they get their own family photos in that drop?
Between 7 Heaven
༺ ♥ ༻
WestJet back at it again with the feels...
landon strauss
Who is singing silent night?
We watch these videos in school
Debbie A Anderson-Vibrational Energy
Thank you Westjet for making community count... your love and kindness just had me in tears... of joy. Many blessings to everyone :)
Mitchel Shepherd
WestJet, you need to open a location in Miami so I can come work for you.
Stefanus Pen
people who dislike never have peace in their heart..
Debbie Gitner
God Bless Fort McMurray and WestJet. Merry Christmas.
Old Fokker
Now That's Canadian for you. Bravo Westjet.
Dennis Anderson
i've never flown with west jet but this makes me want to even more!
thank you for doing this westjet and merry Christmas ❤️
Chun Wu
I've been a shareholder of WestJet ever since I discovered the WestJet Miracle's. Great to be part of a company that is ran well and contributes back to its community! Amazing
1/2 Charity. 1/2 Marketing. Wanna hate it. But got to like it.
Merry Christmas Fort Mcmurray - from your friends next door! (Sask)
I dont think there is a Corner in Canada, that the Fort McMurray fire did not touch..
My cousin had just finished paying off his house in Beacon hill 4 months before the fire took everything from him..

Thank you West Jet, for giving back to the City of Fort Mac..
WestJet.....you do right by all mankind. Fort McMurray Strong.
Casimus Prime
Where can I download that cover of Silent Night? Makes me cry every time I hear it
Amirreza Hashemi
why is this in trending page ??
Nice video, but I can't help but think that so many companies are thankful that there was a large scale tragedy to exploit and make commercials about.
I haven't have the pleasure of flying through Canada but when I do I'll be flying WestJet for sure! Love their commitment to Canada 💖✈️🇨🇦
Tony Strong
Proud of WestJet and my country...a Calgarian
The people of Fort Mac got to see first hand what fossil fuels are doing to our climate. Am i supposed to feel bad for them?
They need to find a industry that is green and sustainable.
Camera panda
I was there we got a ornimante and free plane tickets
scary shark.1 2
Strange how when the boxes came down with the parachute that a lot of the family's got THERE pictures and not anyone else's....
Mhathung odyuo
Can anybody tell me who sang the song silent night in this video
Syrita Emery
I cried tears of joy when Santa dropped those boxes and when the first was opened and there was a photo. a photo of hope and beginning. Canada loves you and stands by you all. May you all have a Wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year. 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦
merry Christmas to all Albertans, Except for Rachel Notley .
I lived in Fort Mac before this happened but we moved this makes me really happy that people are doing very nice things for every one that's there
It's videos like this that restores a bit of my faith in this country. 🇨🇦👍🏻
Spencer Leippi
It's things like this that really cement my preference for WestJet over Air Canada. They just get what makes people happy and do a really good job of that.
Leah Hunter
As someone who went through this through May and June (I live in Fort Mac) I can honestly say this touched my heart. Me and my family were lucky enough to live where the fire barely touched but many of my friends still have no home to go back to. I read a lot of these comments and it's nice to hear that so many people support the rebuild. I am proud to say I'm Canadian. Stay resilient Fort Mac ❤️
David Chapman
What a GREAT and inspiring commitment to Alberta. WestJet has outdone themselves with Christmas cheer. Good on WestJet
Bryan Huang
Great video but sending those packages in mini parachutes reminded me of hunger games ;(
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