A penthouse owned by Trump's trust is on the market for $35 million — here’s a look inside

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A penthouse at Trump Park Avenue owned by the Donald J. Trump Revocable Trust, of which the president is the exclusive beneficiary, just hit the market asking $35 million, according to public records.

Trump transferred the unit, located at 502 Park Avenue, to the trust in January, but he has been trying to sell the unit for quite a while. He first listed it in 2008 for $45 million, then raised the ask to $51 million after a renovation, before dropping it back down to $31 million. He brought it back to the market in 2013 for $45 million, but ultimately took down the listing in March 2016, when it was asking $35 million.


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Damn, that's like a GTA 5 apartment
Daniel Bagang
Cool penthouse, but would I buy it if I had the money?

No. I won't.
Andrew Traylor
the views are terrible who tf would pay 35 million for this?
Random Videos
and den no and den trololol
Adriel Mixon
Did you get this music from the Sims?
Ethan Ryan
It's ok. I'm sure you could find much better for the money.
Mary Whitelaw
Didn't some Chinese lady just buy this?
bret you
check for pee stains before you put down the security deposit
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