AFTERMATH Official Trailer (2017) Аrnold Schwarzenegger Drama Movie HD

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AFTERMATH Official Trailer (2017) Аrnold Schwarzenegger Drama Movie HD
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Valerio Zippo
<3 stupendo, quest'uomo mi regala emozioni anche a 70 anni.
jakk tony
After Math, it Science or Social Studies...?
nishand nich
How's the movie
Scott Hedrick
For a change, I'd like to see a completely anti-climatic climax. Arnie asks to come in, he and the other fellow talk, Arnie shows him the picture and asks for an apology, the guy breaks down in tears and apologizes, they hug, and Arnie leaves, nobody dead, a little healing for everyone.
Amey Beast
he remembers me my grandfather
"I just want to look him in the him a photograph of my family......and TERMINATE him!"
willie freeman
no need to see the movie after this trailer moral of the story don't drink coffee
I've never thought I'd ever read the words "Arnold Schwarzenegger Drama Movie" in one sentence.
Ray Carter Lawman
I'd like to see someone mash together the scene at 2:10 with The Terminator killing the first Sarah Connor.
Mr JTR1888
The real event can be found here:
Duncan D McGrath
Sarah Connor needs to apologize.
Romeo Juliet
Jackie chan just wants names, arnold just wants an apology...the legends are making things easier for these guys but these guys still gotta do it the hard way
Just another crappy Arnie movie starring a has been loser.
Dan Faustinos
me too bro.. but this looks like a crap sandwich
Em Hauk
The Governator: Commando 2 Rising.
Natasha Alexander
The Governator has not retired yet!!!!
"No one hassed des one!"
"no one has..." what? I cant understand what the fuck this man is saying ...i'm sure its very dramatic tho
Julie Applegate
A plane did not crash at the Shanksville PA site on 9/11/01. We have been lied to.
There is no punishment severe enough for the kind of negligence that flightoperator commited.
Hulk Smash 24/7
How can a man be in this country for 60 freaking years and still not know how to speak with an American accent? I mean seriously, someone riddle me that..
Chris Stevens
dont need to see the film now its all right there
Ken Peerapairoj
Blame the airport for leaving one person in the control tower
Going straight to DVD in Australia. Like most of Arnie's current films. How the mighty have fallen
Maxine Harper
Arnold: Apologize to me.

Guy: Apology machine broke.

Arnold: Understandable have a nice day.
Mehmet Tahir Çumralı
suçlu kule görevlisi
Mehmet Tahir Çumralı
bu kaza 2002 de oldu..
Mehmet Tahir Çumralı
gerçek hikaye
Nabil Ibrahim
i've seen a documentary movie about the same story .
Sports PCF
You gotta watch an ad before you watch this ad.
Should have taken a CHOPPA...
Just say you're sorry and be done with the crazy.
psychedelic thoughts
knock knaaaack
Tom Olby
Arnold Schwarzenegger is a pure CUCK.
in what world would it make sense to proceeded when you DON'T get confirmation?....It's like driving off in your car without confirm the tires were put back on
YAY! Trailers these days are so long that you basically just watched the movie. LOL
steve mackie
slow and sad. Where in the Hell are the robots!
Arnold - You killed my wife and daughter.
Guy - I know, I apologize, I'm so sorry. Gulp I feel horrible...
Arnold - Apology is irrelevant, I. Am. A Machine!
Jožko Predkožka
I´m the terminator ! Apologize human !
Yalın Dalkılıç
As a pilot, this is one of the most unlikely situation to occur to airliner. Even the way the radio calls are made is not how you use radio in aviation
Wen Qin Lim
If only it wasn't inspired by a true event...
I'll bet bennett from Commando is behind this.
that goofy guy from the superman movie now has issues with the Terminator lol
Rick Terscale
Oh how the mighty have fallen!!!
This movie looks like utter boring crap!!
I mean do they really need to be making movies on this type of subject, something that is a little to close to home for many people who have lost loved ones in plane crashes over the last decade???!!!!
Looks good.
Peter S
They showed the entire movie!!!!!!!!!!
Arnold found the fuken guy!!!
it's based off of the 2002 midair collision over southern Germany.
Brian Novelli
how the fuck is he not able to speak perfect English!!!
I have been renting from red box and found a lot of the movies are from lionsgate and grindstone and oh boy it's like rolling dice to see how shitty it will be odds it being a good movie is low.
Tchort Six Six Six
arnold shanks and kills the bastard in the end. jacobs kid doesnt kill arnold after hes paroled. quite slow film.
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