AFTERMATH Official Trailer (2017) Аrnold Schwarzenegger Drama Movie HD

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AFTERMATH Official Trailer (2017) Аrnold Schwarzenegger Drama Movie HD
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Bowls Götzke
02:09 ---> guy says: "I am sorry." Schwarzenegger answers: "Alright then" and leaves. Movie's over.
Stavros Hiraeth
lester green
I remember seeing this trailer like early last year
Domestic Cichlid
Classic 2017 flick where someone goes on a crazy rampage until another person says sorry?
Crusty The Wank Sock
No shame in capitalising on a recent tragedy where hundreds of people lost their lives ✌️😃🇺🇸
Hot & Sexy ツ
♥ ♣ ♥ Sexy Sexy Sexy ♥ ♣ ♥
Sergeant Gutter
You know this thumbnail of Arnold is oddly enough resembles goken from street fighter. You put him in goukens outfit give him some prayer beads you got the makings of an epic battle.

Just need to teach Arnold 40 years worth of martial arts and we are good.
Francis Condon
Arnie- I want an apology
Man- This isn't a good time right now
Arnie - I'll be back.
I dropped out of college majoring in air traffic control. Now i don't regret it. Who wants the stress of being responsible for that many lives?
jack bran
Seems like it's a little too similar to the storyline from "Reservation Road."
Lee Blunt
Hello from England fan
Jay A.
Ok, so Arnold is actually going to try acting. Curious.
Mute Game Videos
Craig VanArsdel
for an arnold movie this doesnt look half bad based on this trailer
Jermaine J
Airline was trying to get off easy $75K and $85K for the deaths.
ƹ̵̡ӝ̵̨̄ʒ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ƹ̵̡ӝ̵̨̄ʒ
im gonno jus fuks oll of you bichezzes fukouts shets.
im ganna jus say it ther. thats all.

i mean, his doughter is mixicians?!! dammet story writer fukers.. e mean i lik mixician chicks, but hey jus think abot that shet, Aldong Showartzinger hase mixician girlll?!! jus dmmmet.. i mean, kommonn fukerss !!!
where you fuckouts wonna goes huh?!! in myy dammet EZZ?!! then your willkoomment., tehre youu goo. come in my ESS ! with head. my glory ESS iz watin for all of hollywood shits everytime.. im appreciated.
jason bishop
Rock Fortune Records
Hmm...a Plane crash...and there were dead bodies? I thought they evaporated in a plane crash?

Movie doesn't look too bad
Lou B Jones
I remember this. I think in Eastern Europe this happened in the 1990s.
Finally something I'm interested in.
The problem with an eye for an eye is that everyone ends up blind. This is why Christians have the New Testament.
Billy Mays
This looks hilarious
Gobi Subramaniam
Seriously ... 75K for the pregnant girl and 85K for the mother? Since when life in USA become so cheap?
Not a good choice for an in-flight movie.
Rhink McNeal
When the door opens, Arnold said, ''I'm looking for John Conner and an apology''.
Joe Hollywood
Nobody blames the pilots for not being able to see in front of them at an airport where they landed hundreds if not thousands of times before where they know where all the dangers are and are trained for those situations?
Papa Hola
Why are trailers now days just full of spoilers?
glenn sarconi
dude has enough bribe money to last six life times ..he does not need the money ..time to hang up the acting cape for good....
glenn sarconi
sooo let me get this straight have been in the country my entire life [49 years ] and you still talk like Werner Herzog ??? seems like its gotten worse .whats going on ??
glenn sarconi
looks like an ok movie too bad Arnold is in it .I will avoid it like the plague .
Charles Surber
You been terminated!
Guna Baphie
The Least Action Hero...
Greyjoy cooks
Looking forward to this movie - hey it's Arnold - Legend.
One man's loss of family due to a tragic accident is met with deep grief and a need for answers and possible retribution. A interesting role based on a true story, Arnies choosing thoughtfully lately.

While we have his old pal Mr Willis who chooses to remake a classic film based on a man dealing with the malicious tragic loss of family. Deep grief is quickly overcome by Brucie boy's blood soaked wise cracking rampage like a pissed off Jim Carey at a old SNL rehearsal. Michael Winner is rolling over in his grave........OK maybe abit too harsh, i'll go and watch them both.
Mavis Morely
so what else is left to see?
bet he does not kill the guy in this movie.
I just watched the whole movie.
Chad Thundercock
Arnold stop fucking around with this shit and do Pumping Iron 2: Shredded Seniors
Tushar Sharma
Legend in new mood
Emily Raylene
Seems more like a Liam Neeson role than one for Arnold.
Nice one, glorify a psychopath duh
Rift Gaming9958
That wouldn't happen if they don't get confirmation they circle back around until they get an answer
Damn it, I wanted to watch the trailer only and they played the whole film.
drummerfella 55
'Please excuse my friend.....he's "Dead Tired".
Willie Daniel
Best Body Builder in the world
I will be so disappointed if Arnie doesn't chase the air control man with guns blazing at some point.
Elizabeth Pilpel
Аrnold Schwarzenegger Drama Movie
papa smurf
I hope his character's name is John Aftermath.
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